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Interactions of atomic oxygen with material surfaces in low Earth orbit: Preliminary results from experiment A0114The University of Alabama at Huntsville atomic oxygen experiment consisted of two trays of 64 one inch diameter solid samples. One tray was placed on the leading edge and one on the trailing edge of the spacecraft. Half of each sample was covered to provide a control. Thus it was intended that the effects of atomic oxygen and solar ultraviolet radiation on the surface properties of each material could be distinguised from each other and from the effects of aging. Sixteen of the samples were placed on a thermally isolated plate of highly polished aluminum, while the main plate was coated with the thermal control coating S13-GLO. Though the experiment was entirely passive, it was hoped that the effects of thermal activation might be observed, if present. The plates were expected to stabilize at temperatures differing by 20 to 30 C. The experiment also carried a device to measure the spacecraft altitude and several oxygen atom reflectometers which have not been analyzed to date. The samples included thin films of metals Os, Ir, Pt, Ni, W, Mo, and Al coated onto fused silica optical flats; metal carbides (WC, SiC), solid carbons of various types, eight polymers and some other coatings of various types.
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Conference Paper
Gregory, John C.
(Alabama Univ. Huntsville., United States)
Christl, L.
(Alabama Univ. Huntsville., United States)
Raikar, G. N.
(Alabama Univ. Huntsville., United States)
Weimer, J. J.
(Alabama Univ. Huntsville., United States)
Wiser, R.
(Alabama Univ. Huntsville., United States)
Peters, P. N.
(NASA Marshall Space Flight Center Huntsville, AL, United States)
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September 6, 2013
Publication Date
June 1, 1991
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Publication: NASA, Langley Research Center, First LDEF Post-Retrieval Symposium Abstracts
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Inorganic And Physical Chemistry
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