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First LDEF Post-Retrieval Symposium abstractsThe LDE facility was designed to better understand the environments of space and the effects of prolonged exposure in these environments on future spacecraft. The symposium abstracts presented here are organized according to the symposium agenda into five sessions. The first session provides an overview of the LDEF, the experiments, the mission, and the natural and induced environments the spacecraft and experiments encountered during the mission. The second session presents results to date from studies to better define the environments of near-Earth space. The third session addresses studies of the effects of the space environments on spacecraft materials. The fourth session addresses studies of the effects of the space environments on spacecraft systems. And the fifth session addresses other subjects such as results of the LDEF life science and crystal growth experiments.
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Conference Proceedings
Levine, Arlene S.
(NASA Langley Research Center Hampton, VA, United States)
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September 6, 2013
Publication Date
June 1, 1991
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NAS 1.55:10072
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PROJECT: RTOP 196-88-00-03
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coverglass analysis, an overview19910015666Analytic SubsidiaryThe ionizing radiation environment of LDEF prerecovery predictions19910015739Analytic SubsidiaryEffects of LDEF flight exposure on selected polymer matrix resin composite materials19910015665Analytic SubsidiaryOrganic contamination of LDEF19910015664Analytic SubsidiaryLDEF contaminants analysis data19910015762Analytic SubsidiaryExposure to space radiation of high-performance infrared multilayer filters19910015661Analytic SubsidiaryUse of the Long Duration Exposure Facility's thermal measurement system for the verification of thermal models19910015706Analytic SubsidiaryPreliminary investigation of thin film polymers exposed to low Earth orbit19910015734Analytic SubsidiarySurvey of results from the Boeing modules on the M0003 experiment on LDEF19910015753Analytic SubsidiaryLong Duration Exposure Facility: Transverse flat plate heat pipe19910015749Analytic SubsidiaryLong Duration Exposure Facility (LDEF) 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models19910015730Analytic SubsidiaryThermal-vacuum effects on polymer matrix composite materials19910015680Analytic SubsidiaryThe LDEF ultra heavy cosmic ray experiment19910015723Analytic SubsidiarySpacecraft thermal control coatings (AO 138-6)19910015685Analytic SubsidiaryStudy of meteoroid impact craters on various materials (AO 138-1). Attempt at dust debris collection with stacked detectors (AO 138-2)19910015784Analytic SubsidiarySurvival of epiphytic bacteria from seed stored on the Long Duration Exposure Facility (LDEF)19910015725Analytic SubsidiaryResults of examination of the A-276 white and Z-306 black thermal control paint discs flown on LDEF19910015740Analytic SubsidiaryEffect of space environment on composite materials and thermal coatings (AO 138-9)19910015694Analytic SubsidiaryLDEF impact craters formed by carbon-rich impactors19910015722Analytic SubsidiaryUnusual materials effects observed on the thermal control surfaces experiment (S0069)19910015761Analytic SubsidiaryRuled and holographic gratings experiment (AO 138-5)19910015752Analytic SubsidiaryResults from the cascaded variable conductance heatpipe experiment on LDEF19910015735Analytic SubsidiaryExperiment M0003-10: Advanced composites19910015744Analytic SubsidiarySpace aging of solid rocket materials19910015747Analytic SubsidiaryAdvanced Photovoltaic Experiment, S0014: Preliminary Flight Results and Post-Flight Findings19910015660Analytic SubsidiaryLDEF space environments overview19910015750Analytic SubsidiaryLDEF SP-HVDE (space plasma-high voltage drainage experiment) post-flight data on spacecraft leakage current and discharge19910015703Analytic SubsidiaryMeasurement of the O18 to O16 isotope ratio for characterizing oxide surface layers on LDEF samples19910015728Analytic SubsidiaryCondition of chromic acid anodized aluminum clamps flown19910015764Analytic SubsidiaryTransmittance measurements of ultra violet and visible wavelength interference filters flown aboard LDEF19910015671Analytic SubsidiaryInduced radioactivity in LDEF components19910015763Analytic SubsidiaryPassive exposure of Earth radiation budget experiment components LDEF experiment AO-147: Post-flight examinations and tests19910015701Analytic SubsidiaryThe Interstellar Gas Experiment (IGE)19910015668Analytic SubsidiaryThe interactions of atmospheric cosmogenic radionuclides with spacecraft surfaces19910015669Analytic SubsidiarySurface activation of Concorde by Be-719910015674Analytic SubsidiaryGamma ray spectrometry of LDEF samples at SRS19910015707Analytic SubsidiaryStudy of balloon and thermal control material degradation aboard LDEF19910015767Analytic SubsidiaryPreliminary analysis of WL experiment number 701: Space environment effects on operating fiber optic systems19910015748Analytic SubsidiaryDurability evaluation of photovoltaic blanket materials exposed on LDEF tray S100319910015708Analytic SubsidiaryThe influence of flowing afterglow exposure on the degradation of various polymeric materials19910015690Analytic SubsidiaryParticulate impacts on the UHCRE cosmic ray experiment teflon covers: The ESA programme19910015718Analytic SubsidiaryResults of examination of silvered Teflon from the Long Duration Exposure Facility19910015662Analytic SubsidiaryMeasured space environmental effects to LDEF during retrieval19910015714Analytic SubsidiaryPreliminary results for LDEF/HEPP thermal control samples19910015768Analytic SubsidiaryStudy of factors determining the radiation sensitivity of quartz crystal oscillators (AO189)19910015663Analytic SubsidiaryMigration and generation of contaminants from launch through recovery: LDEF case history19910015782Analytic SubsidiaryFirst biological and dosimetric results of the free flyer biostack experiment AO015 on LDEF19910015751Analytic SubsidiaryLong Duration Exposure Facility (LDEF) low-temperature Heat Pipe Experiment Package (HEPP)19910015766Analytic SubsidiaryLDEF fiber optic exposure experiment19910015695Analytic SubsidiaryIDE spatio-temporal impact fluxes and high time-resolution studies of multi-impact events and long-lived debris clouds19910015716Analytic SubsidiaryVUV-induced degradation of FEP Teflon aboard LDEF19910015692Analytic SubsidiarySIMS analysis of extended impact features on LDEF experiment19910015731Analytic SubsidiaryAtomic oxygen erosion of polymer matrix composites19910015691Analytic SubsidiaryPreliminary results from the chemistry of micrometeoroid experiment (AO 187-1)19910015769Analytic SubsidiaryEffects of space environment on space-based radar phased-array antenna: Status and preliminary observations19910015693Analytic SubsidiaryIon microprobe elemental analyses of impact features on interplanetary dust experiment sensor surfaces19910015688Analytic SubsidiaryFoil perforation particulate impact records on LDEF MAP AO023: Incident mass distributions19910015729Analytic SubsidiaryPatterns of discoloration and oxidation by direct and scattered fluxes, especially oxygen on silicon19910015765Analytic SubsidiarySpace environmental effects on coated optics19910015726Analytic SubsidiaryIon beam textured and coated surfaces experiment (IBEX)19910015682Analytic SubsidiaryHeavy ion measurement on LDEF19910015711Analytic SubsidiaryInteractions of atomic oxygen with material surfaces in low Earth orbit: Preliminary results from experiment A011419910015699Analytic SubsidiaryM and D SIG progress report: Laboratory simulations of LDEF impact features19910015732Analytic SubsidiaryLong Duration Exposure Facility experiment M0003 deintegration/findings and impacts19910015771Analytic SubsidiaryLDEF electronic systems: Successes, failures, and lessonsN91-24973 through N91-25098Analytic Subsidiary
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