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Morphology of large impact craters and basins on Venus: Implications for ring formationA nearly complete examination of the Magellan radar data for the Venusian surface reveals 72 unequivocal peak-ring craters and 4 larger structures that we interpret to be multiringed. This report updates our earlier studies and that of the Magellan team. The general morphology of peak-ring craters, decreasing ring diameter ratio trends with increasing crater diameter, and the general size-morphology progression from complex central-peak crater to peak-ring crater on Venus and the terrestrial planets suggest similar processes of peak-ring formation. Observations are consistent with a model of dynamic collapse, downward and outward, of an unstable central peak to form a ring. We interpret the four larger ringed structures (Klenova, Lise Meitner, Mead, and Isabella) to be morphologically similar to the Orientale Basin on the Moon, and thus, true multiringed basins.
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Conference Paper
Alexopoulos, Jim S. (Washington Univ. Saint Louis, MO, United States)
Mckinnon, William B. (Washington Univ. Saint Louis, MO, United States)
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September 6, 2013
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January 1, 1993
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Publication: Lunar and Planetary Inst., Twenty-fourth Lunar and Planetary Science Conference. Part 1: A-F
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