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sixth annual workshop on space operations applications and research (soar 1992), volume 2This document contains papers presented at the Space Operations, Applications, and Research Symposium (SOAR) hosted by the U.S. Air Force (USAF) on 4-6 Aug. 1992. The symposium was cosponsored by the Air Force Material Command and by NASA/JSC. Key technical areas covered during the symposium were robotics and telepresence, automation and intelligent systems, human factors, life sciences, and space maintenance and servicing. The SOAR differed from most other conferences in that it was concerned with Government-sponsored research and development relevant to aerospace operations. Symposium proceedings include papers covering various disciplines presented by experts from NASA, the USAF, universities, and industry.
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Conference Proceedings
Krishen, Kumar
(NASA Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center Houston, TX, United States)
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September 6, 2013
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February 1, 1993
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NAS 1.55:3187-VOL-2
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scheme19940007616Analytic SubsidiaryMidplane temperatures in the solar nebula19940007617Analytic SubsidiaryChondrule formation by clumpy accretion onto the solar nebula19940007618Analytic SubsidiaryInitiating solar system formation through stellar shock waves19940007619Analytic SubsidiaryImpact mineralogy and chemistry of the cretaceous-tertiary boundary at DSDP site 57619940007620Analytic SubsidiaryCollision lifetimes and impact statistics of near-Earth asteroids19940007621Analytic SubsidiaryAge of Popigai impact event using the Ar-40 - Ar-39 method19940007622Analytic SubsidiaryMinor and trace element composition and age of Yukon probable-microtektites19940007701Analytic SubsidiaryGraphite solubility and co-vesiculation in basalt-like melts at one-ATM19940007623Analytic SubsidiaryA structural origin for the cantaloupe terrain of Triton19940007624Analytic SubsidiaryTrace-element abundances in several new ureilites19940007625Analytic SubsidiaryCompositional and textural information from the dual inversion of visible, near and thermal infrared remotely sensed data19940007626Analytic SubsidiaryUnequilibrated, equilibrated, and reduced aggregates in anhydrous interplanetary dust particles19940007627Analytic SubsidiaryCarbon analyses of IDP's sectioned in sulfur and supported on beryllium films19940007628Analytic SubsidiaryModern shelf ice, equatorial Aeolis Quadrangle, Mars19940007629Analytic SubsidiaryMineralogy versus bulk composition of the carbonaceous chondrite clast Kaidun 219940007630Analytic SubsidiaryA structural and petrographic investigation of the pretoria saltpan impact structure19940007631Analytic SubsidiaryGeophysical signature of the Pretoria saltpan impact structure and a possible satellite crater19940007632Analytic SubsidiaryCarbonaceous chondrite clasts in the Kapoeta howardite19940007633Analytic SubsidiaryChondrite thermal histories from Low-CA pyroxene microstructures: Autometamorphism versus prograde metamorphism revisited19940007634Analytic 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Evidence against simple diffusion models19940007654Analytic SubsidiaryA pattern recognition system for locating small volvanoes in Magellan SAR images of Venus19940007655Analytic SubsidiarySources of Na for the Io atmosphere19940007656Analytic SubsidiaryChemical weathering on Mars: Rate of oxidation of iron dissolved in brines19940007657Analytic SubsidiaryVenus mountain-top mineralogy: Misconceptions about pyrite as the high radar-reflecting phase19940007658Analytic SubsidiaryBuoyant subduction on Venus: Implications for subduction around coronae19940007659Analytic SubsidiaryThe origin of Venusian channels: Modelling of thermal erosion by lava19940007660Analytic SubsidiaryVolatiles in fourteen interplanetary dust particles: A comparison with CI and CM chondrites19940007661Analytic SubsidiaryAn ancient inner lake in Maadim Vallis19940007662Analytic SubsidiarySpatial variation in the seasonal south polar cap of Mars as observed by Mariner 719940007663Analytic SubsidiaryThe giant impact produced a precipitated Moon19940007664Analytic SubsidiaryGeology and surface characteristics of Bell Regio, Venus19940007665Analytic SubsidiaryLava flows on Venus: Analysis of motion and cooling19940007666Analytic SubsidiaryStratigraphy and sedimentology of the K/T boundary deposit in Haiti19940007667Analytic SubsidiaryGalileo/NIMS near-infrared thermal imagery of the surface of Venus19940007668Analytic SubsidiaryPreliminary report of lunar observations by the Near-Infrared Mapping Spectrometer (NIMS) during the second Galileo Earth-Moon encounter19940007669Analytic SubsidiaryDistribution of vanadium and melting of opaque assemblages in Efremovka CAI's19940007670Analytic SubsidiaryMetal-rich meteorites from the aubrite parent body19940007671Analytic SubsidiaryWhy convective heat transport in the solar nebula was inefficient19940007672Analytic SubsidiaryFault geometries and extension in the Valles Marineris, Mars19940007673Analytic SubsidiaryA two-stage (turbulent-drainage) mechanism for the emplacement of impact crater outflows on Venus19940007674Analytic SubsidiaryOxygen isotopes as tracers of tektite source rocks: An example from the Ivory Coast tektites and Lake Bosumtwi Crater19940007675Analytic SubsidiaryCratering on Gaspra19940007676Analytic SubsidiaryBasal scarp, paleoglacier, and fissure flows of Elysium Mons, Mars19940007677Analytic SubsidiaryShock induced reaction in Chicxulub target materials (CaSO4 and SiO2) and their relation to extinctions19940007678Analytic SubsidiaryLEW88516 and SNC meteorites19940007679Analytic SubsidiaryThe Th and U abundances in chondritic meteorites19940007680Analytic SubsidiaryLunar Scout Two spacecraft gravity experiment19940007681Analytic SubsidiaryMission to the Moon: An ESA study on future exploration19940007682Analytic SubsidiaryFractal dimensions of rampart impact craters on Mars19940007683Analytic SubsidiaryA simple model of clastic sediments on Mars19940007684Analytic SubsidiaryThermal-infrared emission spectroscopy of natural surfaces: Application to coated surfaces19940007685Analytic SubsidiaryCollisions of small Spacewatch asteroids with the Earth19940007686Analytic SubsidiaryDifferential scaling: Implications for central structures in large lunar craters19940007687Analytic SubsidiaryImpact comminution of glasses: Implications for lunar regolith evolution19940007688Analytic SubsidiaryMicrotektite-like glass spherules in Late Devonian (367 MA) shales19940007689Analytic SubsidiaryKT boundary impact glasses from the Gulf of Mexico region19940007690Analytic SubsidiaryFirst results of the seven-color asteroid survey19940007691Analytic SubsidiarySimulation of possible regolith optical alteration effects on carbonaceous chondrite meteorites19940007692Analytic SubsidiarySpectral mixing models of S-Type asteroids19940007693Analytic SubsidiaryRemote sensing x ray fluorescence spectrometry for future lunar exploration missions19940007694Analytic SubsidiaryCarbon and nitrogen in Type 2 supernova diamonds19940007695Analytic SubsidiaryMeasurement of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAHs) in interplanetary dust particles19940007696Analytic SubsidiaryMars: The initial emplacement of ground ice in response to the thermal evolution of its early crust19940007697Analytic SubsidiaryThe role of the geothermal gradient in the emplacement and replenishment of ground ice on Mars19940007698Analytic SubsidiaryThe thermodynamic case for a water-rich Mars19940007699Analytic SubsidiaryOlivine-rich asteroids, pallasitic olivine and olivine-metal mixtures: Comparisons of reflectance spectra19940007700Analytic SubsidiaryRemanent magnetism of HED meteorites: Implications for their evolution and ancient magnetic fields19940007544Analytic SubsidiaryMoessbauer spectroscopy of the SNC meteorite Zagami19940007776Analytic SubsidiaryMorphotectonics of Venus19940007777Analytic SubsidiaryTransmantle flux tectonics19940007778Analytic SubsidiaryAssimilation in lunar basalts and volcanic glasses: Implications for a heterogenous mantle source region19940007779Analytic SubsidiaryMeasuring and distinguishing compositional and maturity properties of lunar soils by remote VIS-NIR spectroscopy19940007780Analytic SubsidiaryDiamond thermoluminescence properties of different chondrites19940007781Analytic SubsidiaryThe unusual metallic particles in Krymka LL3.0 chondrite19940007782Analytic SubsidiaryOn possibility of diamond formations in radiation process19940007783Analytic SubsidiaryThe carbon isotopic composition of Novo Urei diamonds19940007784Analytic SubsidiaryThe fractionation of noble gases in diamonds of CV3 Efremovka chondrite19940007785Analytic SubsidiaryCronstedtite and iron sulfide mineralogy of CM-type carbonaceous chondrites from cryogenic Moessbauer spectra19940007786Analytic SubsidiaryNMR spectroscopy of experimentally shocked single crystal quartz: A reexamination of the NMR shock barometer19940007787Analytic SubsidiaryOrganic matter on the early surface of Mars: An assessment of the contribution by interplanetary dust19940007788Analytic SubsidiaryTrace element content of chondritic cosmic dust: Volatile enrichments, thermal alterations, and the possibility of contamination19940007789Analytic SubsidiaryDepletions of sulfur and/or zinc in IDPs: Are they reliable indicators of atmospheric entry heating?19940007790Analytic SubsidiaryNew low-Ni (igneous?) particles among the C and C? types of cosmic dust19940007791Analytic SubsidiaryMass and spatial distribution of carbonaceous component in Comet Halley19940007792Analytic SubsidiaryPrimitive SNC parent magmas and crystallization: Low PH2O experiments19940007793Analytic SubsidiaryPhase transitions and 2D spherical convection in a large icy satellite19940007794Analytic SubsidiaryDo large impact basins in the southern hemisphere of Mars control the distribution of polar structures and deposits?19940007795Analytic SubsidiaryFree-air and Bouguer gravity anomalies and the Martian crustal dichotomy19940007796Analytic SubsidiaryNew Mars free-air and Bouguer gravity: Correlation with topography, geology and large impact basins19940007082Analytic SubsidiaryToxicity study of dimethylethoxysilane (DMSES), the waterproofing agent for the Orbiter heat protective system19940007060Analytic SubsidiaryCriteria for assessing problem solving and decision making in complex environments19940007075Analytic SubsidiaryStrategies and methodologies to develop techniques for computer-assisted analysis of gas phase formation during altitude decompression19940007702Analytic SubsidiaryCrystal-chemistry and partitioning of REE in whitlockite19940007703Analytic SubsidiaryPower-law confusion: You say incremental, I say differential19940007704Analytic SubsidiaryThe experimental production of matrix lumps within chondrules: Evidence of post-formational processes19940007705Analytic SubsidiaryFlash melting of chondrule precursors in excess of 1600 C. Series 1: Type 2 (B1) chondrule composition experiments19940007706Analytic SubsidiaryModelling hypervelocity impacts into aluminum structures based on LDEF data19940007707Analytic SubsidiaryUsing lunar sounder imagery to distinguish surface from subsurface reflectors in lunar highlands areas19940007708Analytic SubsidiaryGeologic history of central Chryse Planitia and the Viking 1 landing site, Mars19940007709Analytic SubsidiaryMacroscopic electric charge separation during hypervelocity impacts: Potential implications for planetary paleomagnetism19940007710Analytic SubsidiaryRhenium-osmium isotope systematics of Group 2A and Group 4A iron meteorites19940007711Analytic SubsidiarySeparation of spallation and terrestrial C-14 in chondrites19940007712Analytic SubsidiaryNear-infrared spectra of the Martian surface: Reading between the lines19940007713Analytic SubsidiaryGeomorphology of Triton's polar materials19940007714Analytic SubsidiaryPorosity and the ecology of icy satellites19940007715Analytic SubsidiaryTectonics on Triton19940007716Analytic SubsidiaryPost-impact alteration of the Manson impact structure19940007717Analytic SubsidiaryModel of optical scatter from microimpacts on the Hubble Telescope19940007718Analytic SubsidiaryVolcanism in southern Guinevere Planitia, Venus: Regional volcanic history and morphology of volcanic domes19940007719Analytic SubsidiaryAnomalous REE patterns in unequilibrated enstatite chondrites: Evidence and implications19940007720Analytic SubsidiaryComparison of the distribution of large magmatic centers on Earth, Venus, and Mars19940007721Analytic SubsidiaryThe Magellan volcanic and magmatic feature catalog19940007722Analytic SubsidiarySynthesis of global thematic mapping, Venus: Geologic correlations/questions for the Magellan gravity mission19940007723Analytic SubsidiaryLarge volcanoes on Venus: Examples of geologic and structural characteristics from different classes19940007724Analytic SubsidiaryRegional mantle upwelling on Venus: The Beta-Atla-Themis anomaly and correlation with global tectonic patterns19940007725Analytic SubsidiaryThe granulite suite: Impact melts and metamorphic breccias of the early lunar crust19940007726Analytic SubsidiaryGalileo EM-2 contributions to the lunar control network19940007727Analytic SubsidiaryIron and nickel isotopic mass fractionation in deep-sea spherules19940007728Analytic SubsidiaryTrace element distributions in primitive achondrites19940007729Analytic SubsidiaryDeviations from the straight line: Bumps (and grinds) in the collisionally evolved size distribution of asteroids19940007730Analytic SubsidiarySmall volcanoes in Tempe Terra, Mars: Their detailed morphometry and inferred geologic significance19940007731Analytic SubsidiaryShallow crustal discontinuities and graben and scarp formation in the Tharsis region of Mars19940007732Analytic SubsidiaryCharacteristics of arachnoids from Magellan data19940007733Analytic SubsidiaryA method to determine asteroid poles19940007734Analytic SubsidiaryCathodoluminescence properties of components in enstatite chondrites19940007735Analytic SubsidiaryClassification of Martian deltas19940007736Analytic SubsidiaryThe Fe/Mn constraint on precursors of basaltic achondrites19940007737Analytic SubsidiaryCompositional heterogeneity within a dumbbell-shaped Apollo 15 green glass: Evidence for simultaneous eruption of different magmas19940007738Analytic SubsidiaryOxidation state of the Earth's upper mantle during the last 3800 million years: Implications for the origin of life19940007739Analytic SubsidiarySoret diffusion: A possible cause of compositional heterogeneity within tektites19940007740Analytic SubsidiaryIsotopic and trace element characteristics of an unusual refractory inclusion from Essebi19940007741Analytic SubsidiaryDisk-resolved spectral characteristics of Saturn's medium-sized satellites19940007742Analytic SubsidiaryThe correlation of alkalis and aluminum during high-temperature volatilization of albite and nepheline19940007743Analytic SubsidiaryA CM chondrite cluster and CM streams19940007744Analytic SubsidiaryRelation between ages and elevations of Martian channels19940007745Analytic SubsidiaryDoes the thermal wind exist near the Earth's core boundary?19940007746Analytic SubsidiaryMagnetic fields and nonuniform structures of the Moon19940007747Analytic SubsidiaryPolarity reversals and tilt of the Earth's magnetic dipole19940007748Analytic SubsidiaryAre cosmic rays effective for ionization of the solar nebula?19940007749Analytic SubsidiaryOn the unique structure of the magnetic fields of Uranus and Neptune19940007750Analytic SubsidiaryPrecession of Uranus and Neptune and their magnetic field19940007751Analytic SubsidiaryDust in the Martian atmosphere: Polarimetric sensing19940007752Analytic SubsidiaryDevelopment of a molecular beam technique to study early solar system silicon reactions19940007753Analytic SubsidiaryOn high-temperature formation of iron-rich olivine in the early solar system19940007754Analytic SubsidiaryRecondensation of chondritic material in the early solar system: Results of thermodynamic simulation19940007755Analytic SubsidiaryAnalytic expression for epithermal neutron spectra amplitudes as a function of water content19940007756Analytic SubsidiaryNoble gas evidence of an aqueous reservoir near the surface of Mars more recently than 1.3 Ga19940007757Analytic SubsidiaryExploration planning in the context of human exploration and development of the Moon19940007758Analytic SubsidiaryPrimordial lightning: Evidence preserved in chondrites19940007759Analytic SubsidiaryMicro-zoning in minerals of a Landes silicate inclusion19940007760Analytic SubsidiarySolar wind-induced secondary ions and their relation to lunar surface composition19940007761Analytic SubsidiaryA new carbon-rich phase (COPS) in Antarctic micrometeorites19940007762Analytic SubsidiaryAutomatic definition of spectral units in the equatorial regions of Mars19940007763Analytic SubsidiaryComposition of the Martian aerosols through near-IR spectroscopy19940007764Analytic SubsidiaryGiant radiating dyke swarms on Earth and Venus19940007765Analytic SubsidiaryRe-Os dating of 3AB iron meteorites19940007766Analytic SubsidiaryModelling of dispersal and deposition of impact glass spherules from the Cretaceous-Tertiary boundary deposit19940007767Analytic SubsidiaryThe Xe-Q in lodranites and a hint for Xe-L. FRO90011 another lodranite?19940007768Analytic SubsidiaryOn the origin of (4)He and (40)Ar in natural gold19940007769Analytic SubsidiaryProjectile-target mixing in melted ejecta formed during a hypervelocity impact cratering event19940007770Analytic SubsidiaryMoessbauer spectrometer for mineralogical analysis of the Mars surface: Moessbauer source considerations19940007771Analytic SubsidiaryVulcanian explosive eruptions: A mechanism for localised pyroclast dispersal on Venus19940007772Analytic SubsidiaryChondrites, S asteroids, and space weathering: Thumping noises from the coffin?19940007773Analytic SubsidiaryA comparison of the visible and near infrared reflectance of hydrovolcanic palagonite tuffs and Martian weathered soils19940007774Analytic SubsidiaryThe rate of chemical weathering of pyrite on the surface of Venus19940007775Analytic SubsidiaryTerrestrial case studies of ilmenite exploration and lunar implications19940007107Analytic SubsidiaryRobotic servicing on Earth orbiting satellites19940007076Analytic SubsidiaryEvaluation of medical treatments to increase survival of ebullism in guinea pigs19940007071Analytic SubsidiaryArterial gas emboli in altitude-induced decompression sickness19940007073Analytic SubsidiaryA mechanism for the reduction in risk of decompression sickness in microgravity environment19940007061Analytic SubsidiaryMonitoring cognitive function and need with the automated neuropsychological assessment metrics in Decompression Sickness (DCS) research19940007068Analytic SubsidiaryUse of ultrasound in altitude decompression modeling19940007079Analytic SubsidiaryUpdate on the incidence and treatment of space motion sickness19940007088Analytic SubsidiaryLongitudinal study of astronaut health: Mortality in the years 1959-199119940007092Analytic SubsidiaryCrew chief19940007094Analytic SubsidiaryOn-orbit refueling19940007070Analytic SubsidiaryJoint pain and Doppler-detectable bubbles in altitude (Hypobaric) decompression19940007084Analytic SubsidiaryFive biomedical experiments flown in an Earth orbiting laboratory: Lessons learned from developing these experiments on the first international microgravity mission from concept to landing19940007106Analytic SubsidiarySpace Station maintenance studies using plaid graphics19940007078Analytic SubsidiaryPromethazine and its use as a treatment for space motion sickness19940007100Analytic SubsidiaryMore sense for less cents: Cost effective servicing of remote sensing satellites19940007099Analytic SubsidiaryOn-orbit servicing for USAF space missions: A phased development approach19940007089Analytic SubsidiaryOperational radiological support for the US manned space program19940007101Analytic SubsidiaryAssured Mission Support Space Architecture (AMSSA) study19940007080Analytic SubsidiaryBaseline characteristics of different strata of astronaut corps19940007069Analytic SubsidiaryHypobaric decompression prebreathe requirements and breathing environment19940007087Analytic SubsidiaryRadiation considerations for interplanetary missions