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SXRF determination of trace elements in chondrule rims in the unequilibrated CO3 chondrite, ALH A77307The concentrations of Ni, Cu, Zn, Ga, Ge, and Se in five chondrule rims in the CO3 chondrite ALH A77307 (3.0) using the synchrotron x-ray fluorescence (SXRF) microprobe at Brookhaven National Laboratory were determined. The data show that the trace element chemistry of rims on different chondrules is remarkably similar, consistent with data obtained for the major elements by electron microprobe. These results support the idea that rims are not genetically related to individual chondrules, but all sampled the same reservoir of homogeneously mixed dust. Of the trace elements analyzed Zn and Ga show depletions relative to CI chondrite values, but in comparison with bulk CO chondrites all the elements are enriched by approximately 1.5 to 3.5 x CO. The high concentrations of the highly volatile elements Se and Ga and moderately volatile Zn (1.5 to 2 x CO) in rims show that matrix is the major reservoir of volatile elements in ALH A77307.
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Conference Paper
Brearley, Adrian J.
(New Mexico Univ. Albuquerque, NM, United States)
Bajt, Sasa
(Brookhaven National Lab. Upton, NY., United States)
Sutton, Steve R.
(Brookhaven National Lab. Upton, NY., United States)
Papike, J. J.
(New Mexico Univ. Albuquerque, NM, United States)
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September 6, 2013
Publication Date
January 1, 1993
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Publication: Lunar and Planetary Inst., Twenty-fourth Lunar and Planetary Science Conference. Part 1: A-F
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