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delay analysis of combinations of pass transistors and classical logic gatesCombinations of pass transistors and logic gates driving nonlinear capacitive loads are analyzed for the presence of characteristics that will permit easier and more accurate digital logic simulation. Accurate time delay models are developed by studying the nature of the response of simplified circuit models to variations of input waveform rise and fall times and output loading. The nonlinear effects of the CMOS logic devices are minimized to permit easier interpretation of the influence of nonlinear capacitive loads. The performance of a CMOS inverter with a complex nonlinear load consisting of a pass transistor that separates a range of capacitances is compared to the same inverter circuit with a linear capacitive load to develop an understanding of the unique requirements of modeling a nonlinear system. Several methods of modeling the delay of CMOS circuits are reviewed, and a multi-parameter linear model is described. General guidelines for designing CMOS circuits with complex load circuits are developed, emphasizing that the circuit output rise delays and fall delays must be separately analyzed.
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Conference Paper
Gibson, Jonathan S.
(Hewlett-Packard Co. Corvallis, OR, United States)
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September 6, 2013
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January 1, 1993
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Publication: New Mexico Univ., The Fifth NASA Symposium on VLSI Design
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