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Twenty-Fourth Lunar and Planetary Science Conference. Part 3: N-ZPapers from the conference are presented, and the topics covered include the following: planetary geology, meteorites, planetary composition, meteoritic composition, planetary craters, lunar craters, meteorite craters, petrology, petrography, volcanology, planetary crusts, geochronology, geomorphism, mineralogy, lithology, planetary atmospheres, impact melts, K-T Boundary Layer, volcanoes, planetary evolution, tectonics, planetary mapping, asteroids, comets, lunar soil, lunar rocks, lunar geology, metamorphism, chemical composition, meteorite craters, planetary mantles, and space exploration.
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Conference Proceedings
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September 6, 2013
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January 1, 1993
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Lunar And Planetary Exploration
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NAS 1.26:193149
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Lunary and Planetary Science Conference(Houston, TX)
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A perspective from the compositional diversity in the very low Ti glasses19940016267Analytic SubsidiaryThe 3-D Moons: The Voyager stereo atlas of the outer solar system19940016399Analytic SubsidiaryElevation and igneous crater modification on Venus: Implications for magmatic volatile content19940016225Analytic SubsidiaryGlobal blackout following the K/T Chicxulub impact: Results of impact and atmospheric modeling19940016200Analytic SubsidiaryThermal and rheological controls on magma migration in dikes: Examples from the east rift zone of Kilauea volcano, Hawaii19940016316Analytic SubsidiaryTwo-polarity magnetization in the Manson impact breccia19940016433Analytic SubsidiaryDiffuse reflectance spectra of orthopyroxene, olivine, and plagioclase as a function of composition and structure19940016233Analytic SubsidiarySome deformation trends and topographic characteristics of tesserae on Venus19940016359Analytic SubsidiaryDistribution and geologic history of materials excavated by the lunar crater Bullialdus19940016322Analytic SubsidiaryThe Sm-Nd systematics of silicate inclusions in iron meteorites: Results from Caddo (IAB)19940016393Analytic SubsidiaryThe formation of FeO-rich pyroxene and enstatite in unequilibrated enstatite chondrites: A petrologic-trace element (SIMS) study19940016395Analytic SubsidiaryA study of carbonates, sulfates, and phosphates using thermal emission spectroscopy19940016188Analytic SubsidiaryVolatility in the lunar crust: Trace element analyses of lunar minerals by PIXE proton microprobe19940016369Analytic SubsidiaryGeology of Galileo Regio quadrangle, Ganymede19940016389Analytic SubsidiaryHigh D/H ratios of water in magmatic amphiboles in Chassigny: Possible constraints on the isotopic composition of magmatic water on Mars19940016398Analytic SubsidiaryVariety in planetary systems19940016360Analytic SubsidiaryCore formation by giant impacts: Conditions for intact melt region formation19940016432Analytic SubsidiaryChemical composition of new Acapulcoites and Lodranites19940016253Analytic SubsidiaryA carbon and nitrogen isotope study of carbonaceous vein material in ureilite meteorites19940016210Analytic SubsidiaryVenus magmatic and tectonic evolution19940016184Analytic SubsidiaryLargest impact features on Venus: Non-preserved or non-recognizable?19940016330Analytic SubsidiaryAre Plinian type eruptions possible on Venus?19940016196Analytic SubsidiarySelf diffusion of alkaline-Earth in Ca-Mg-aluminosilicate melts: Experimental improvements on the determination of the self-diffusion coefficients19940016183Analytic SubsidiaryBeta Regio - Phoebe Regio on Venus: Geologic mapping with the Magellan data19940016430Analytic SubsidiaryComparison of flank modification on Ascraeus and Arsia Montes volcanoes, Mars19940016206Analytic SubsidiaryLamellar olivine in the Divnoe achondrite: Evidence for high-pressure exsolution?19940016198Analytic SubsidiaryStructural evidence for reorientation of Miranda about a paleo-pole19940016413Analytic SubsidiaryFurther carbon isotope measurements of LEW 8851619940016194Analytic SubsidiaryTambo Quemado: Extraordinary concentrations of REE and refractory trace elements caused by artificial heating19940016293Analytic SubsidiaryResearch program on the Manson impact structure, Iowa19940016300Analytic SubsidiarySize distributions and aerodynamic equivalence of metal chondrules and silicate chondrules in Acfer 05919940016343Analytic SubsidiaryLarge, ancient, compressional structures on Mars19940016167Analytic SubsidiaryThe Erevan howardite: Petrology of glassy clasts and mineral chemistry19940016234Analytic SubsidiaryStudying Venus using a GIS database19940016241Analytic SubsidiaryKalkkop crater, Eastern Cape: A new impact crater in South Africa19940016423Analytic SubsidiaryThe connection between Venus' free obliquity and its CMB oblateness19940016295Analytic SubsidiaryFE-60 and the evolution of eucrites19940016337Analytic SubsidiaryHydrothermal alteration experiments of olivine with varying Fe contents: An attempt to simulate aqueous alteration of the carbonaceous chondrites19940016285Analytic SubsidiaryBasaltic magmatism on the Moon. 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atmosphere19940016378Analytic SubsidiaryAluminum-26 activities in meteorites19940016306Analytic SubsidiaryMagnesian anorthosites from the western highlands of the Moon: Isotope geochemistry and petrogenesis19940016361Analytic SubsidiaryThe U-Th-Pb, Sm-Nd, and Ar-Ar isotopic systematics of lunar meteorite Yamato-79316919940016375Analytic SubsidiaryComparison of visible and near-infrared reflectance spectra of CM2 carbonaceous chondrites and primitive asteroids19940016238Analytic SubsidiaryRidge belt-related scarps and troughs: Compressional crustal bending on Venus19940016216Analytic SubsidiaryVisible-infrared properties of controlled laboratory soils19940016416Analytic SubsidiaryStable Ni isotopes and Be-10 and Al-26 in metallic spheroids from Meteor Crater, Arizona19940016372Analytic SubsidiaryIMPS albedo and diameter for Asteroid 243 Ida19940016165Analytic SubsidiaryEvaporation in equilibrium, in vacuum, and in hydrogen gas19940016190Analytic SubsidiaryThe Sm-(146,147)-Nd-(142,143) formation interval for the lunar mantle and implications for lunar evolution19940016347Analytic SubsidiaryEvaluation of lunar rocks and soils for resource utilization: Detailed image analysis of raw materials and beneficiated products19940016219Analytic SubsidiaryEruption history of the Tharsis shield volcanoes, Mars19940016268Analytic SubsidiaryIridium in sediments containing large abundances of Australasian microtektites from DSDP hole 758B in the Eastern Indian Ocean and from DSDP hole 769A in the Sulu Sea19940016324Analytic SubsidiaryLinear structures on the small inner satellites of Saturn19940016288Analytic SubsidiaryCombined backscatter Moessbauer spectrometer/x ray fluorescence analyzer (BaMS/XRF) for extraterrestrial surfaces19940016315Analytic SubsidiaryFe/Mn in olivine of carbonaceous meteorites19940016356Analytic SubsidiaryMagellan Mission19940016239Analytic SubsidiarySCR neon and argon in Kapoeta feldspar: Evidence for an active ancient Sun19940016248Analytic SubsidiaryThe Manson impact crater: Estimation of the energy of formation, possible size of the impacting asteroid or comet, and ejecta volume and mass19940016186Analytic SubsidiaryIdentification of an interstellar oxide grain from the Murchison meteorite by ion imaging19940016278Analytic SubsidiaryDiffusive redistribution of water vapor in the solar nebula revisited19940016213Analytic SubsidiaryCompositional diversity of the lunar North Pole: Preliminary analyses of Galileo SSI data19940016214Analytic SubsidiaryOptical effects of space weathering on lunar soils and the role of the finest fraction19940016269Analytic SubsidiaryPressure versus drag effects on crater size19940016424Analytic SubsidiaryTrace element compositions of spinel-rich refractory inclusions from the Murchison meteorite19940016227Analytic SubsidiaryU-Pb isotopic ages and characteristics of ancient (greater than 4.0 Ga) lunar highland rocks19940016333Analytic SubsidiaryDiscovery Venera surface: Atmosphere geochemistry experiments mission concept19940016174Analytic SubsidiaryOn magnetodynamic effects initiated by a high-speed impact of a large cosmic body upon the Earth's surface19940016209Analytic SubsidiarySpectral reflectance studies of the Humorum Basin region19940016309Analytic SubsidiaryThe missing impact craters on Venus19940016172Analytic SubsidiaryPetrogenesis of Apollo 12 mare basalts. Part 2: An open system model to explain the pigeonite basalt compositions19940016311Analytic SubsidiaryContributions of the Clementine mission to our understanding of the processes and history of the Moon19940016299Analytic SubsidiaryVenus gravity: New Magellan low altitude data19940016358Analytic SubsidiaryObjective determination of image end-members in spectral mixture analysis19940016364Analytic SubsidiaryIntact capture of hypervelocity particles on Shuttle19940016232Analytic SubsidiaryGeologic mapping of Harmakhis and Reull Valles region, Mars: Evidence for multiple resurfacing and drainage events19940016215Analytic SubsidiaryMinMap: An imaging spectrometer for high resolution compositional mapping of the Moon19940016327Analytic SubsidiaryThe stability of oxyamphiboles: Existence of Ferric-bearing minerals under the reducing conditions on the surface of Venus19940016222Analytic SubsidiaryElevated initial Sr-87/Sr-86 in ordinary chondrite metal19940016370Analytic SubsidiaryReverse polarity magnetized melt rocks from the Chicxulub impact structure, Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico19940016405Analytic SubsidiaryFormation of perched lava ponds on basaltic volcanoes: Interaction between cooling rate and flow geometry allows estimation of lava effusion rates19940016363Analytic SubsidiaryThe parent magma of the Nakhla (SNC) meteorite: Reconciliation of composition estimates from magmatic inclusions and element partitioning19940016266Analytic SubsidiaryGeology of the southern hemisphere of Triton: No polar cap19940016281Analytic SubsidiaryRifting at Devana Chasma, Venus: Structure and estimation of the effective thickness of the elastic lithosphere19940016199Analytic SubsidiaryFormation and evolution of radial fracture systems on Venus19940016415Analytic SubsidiaryConvex set and linear mixing model19940016275Analytic SubsidiaryMars: New evidence for origin of some Valles Marineris layered deposits19940016368Analytic SubsidiaryMeasurements of the dielectric properties of simulated comet material as part of the KOSI 10 experiment19940016383Analytic SubsidiaryLimits on differentiation of melt sheets from basin-scale lunar impacts19940016231Analytic SubsidiaryElemental depletions in Antarctic micrometeorites and Arctic cosmic spherules: Comparison and relationships19940016276Analytic SubsidiaryPost-metamorphic brecciation in type 3 ordinary chondrites19940016173Analytic SubsidiaryThe coherent backscattering opposition effect19940016223Analytic SubsidiaryCrater destruction on the Venusian highlands by tectonic processes19940016272Analytic SubsidiaryFurther analyses of Rio Cuarto impact glass19940016170Analytic SubsidiaryIgneous rock from Severnyi Kolchim (H3) chondrite: Nebular origin19940016426Analytic SubsidiaryAge and thermochronology of K-feldspars from the Manson Impact Structure19940016289Analytic SubsidiaryThe roughness of the Martian surface: A scale dependent model19940016247Analytic SubsidiaryChronology, eruption duration, and atmospheric contribution of Apollinaris Patera, Mars19940016202Analytic SubsidiaryMixing of a chemically buoyant layer at the top of a thermally convecting fluid: Implications for mantle dynamics with application to Venus19940016384Analytic SubsidiaryConsortium study of lunar meteorites Yamato-793169 and Asuka-881757: Geochemical evidence of mutual similarity, and dissimilarity versus other mare basalts19940016287Analytic SubsidiaryOrthopyroxenes as recorders of diogenite petrogenesis: Trace element systematics19940016340Analytic SubsidiaryA new Antarctic meteorite with chromite, orthopyroxene and metal with reference to a formation model of S asteroids19940016317Analytic SubsidiaryMultielement analysis of interplanetary dust particles using TOF-SIMS19940016365Analytic SubsidiaryPhotogeological analysis of Europan tectonic features19940016428Analytic SubsidiaryLewis Cliff 87057: A new metal-rich E3 chondrite with similarities to Mt. Egerton, Shallowater and Happy Canyon19940016224Analytic SubsidiaryLow-energy ion implantation: Large mass fractionation of argon19940016302Analytic SubsidiaryResponse of the topography and gravity field on Venus to mantle upwelling beneath a chemical boundary layer19940016246Analytic SubsidiaryPreliminary results from Mariner 10: High resolution images of the Moon19940016181Analytic SubsidiaryGeologic mapping of Northern Atla Regio on Venus: Preliminary data19940016382Analytic SubsidiaryDiffusion-controlled magnesium isotopic fractionation of a single crystal forsterite evaporated from the solid state19940016438Analytic SubsidiaryPossible flexural signatures around Olympus and Ascraeus Montes, Mars19940016435Analytic SubsidiaryK, U, and Th behavior in Martian environmental conditions19940016277Analytic SubsidiaryCathodoluminescence observations of in situ aqueous destruction of chondrules in the Murchison CM chondrite19940016249Analytic SubsidiaryComparative hypsometric analysis of both Earth and Venus topographic distributions19940016261Analytic SubsidiaryMagellan at Venus: Summary of science findings19940016280Analytic SubsidiaryMagnetic properties and Moessbauer analyses of glass from the K-T boundary, Beloc, Haiti19940016176Analytic SubsidiaryEffects of hydrodynamics and thermal radiation in the atmosphere after comet impacts19940016259Analytic SubsidiaryVenus pancake dome formation: Morphologic effects of a cooling-induced variable viscosity during emplacement19940016420Analytic SubsidiaryConsortium reports on lunar meteorites Yamato 793169 and Asuka 881757, a new type of mare basalt19940016298Analytic SubsidiaryScattering by Venus' surface19940016341Analytic SubsidiaryExtensional history of Mars' Tharsis Region19940016436Analytic SubsidiaryOn dust emissions from the jovian system19940016212Analytic SubsidiaryWavelength dependence of limb-darkening of Mars from visible and near-IR telescopic spectral imaging19940016252Analytic SubsidiaryNamed Venusian craters19940016292Analytic SubsidiaryClementine: An inexpensive mission to the Moon and Geographos19940016437Analytic SubsidiaryWrinkle ridges, reverse faulting, and the depth penetration of lithospheric stress in lunae planum, Mars19940016211Analytic SubsidiaryPost-igneous redistribution of components in eucrites19940016250Analytic SubsidiaryDerivation of the midinfrared (5.0-25.0 micron) optical constants of hydrous carbonate and sulfate19940016387Analytic SubsidiaryMultiplicity of chondrule heating events and the coarsening of chondrule textures19940016191Analytic SubsidiaryGoniospectrometric properties of a white standard19940016394Analytic SubsidiaryGeology and radiophysical properties of the Venera and Vega landing sites19940016422Analytic SubsidiaryMicrometeorite pre-solar diamonds from Greenland cryoconite?19940016396Analytic SubsidiaryWeathering features and secondary minerals in Antarctic Shergottites ALHA77005 and LEW8851619940016240Analytic SubsidiaryCosmogenic-radionuclide profiles in Knyahinya: New measurements and models19940016323Analytic SubsidiaryParga and Hecate Chasmata, Venus: Structure, volcanism and models of formation19940016229Analytic SubsidiaryU-Pb isotopic systematics of ferroan anorthosite 6002519940016411Analytic SubsidiaryLREE variability in CM matrices: Another look at meteorite compaction ages19940016386Analytic SubsidiaryAGB stars as a source of short-lived radioactive nuclei in the solar nebula19940016434Analytic SubsidiaryMineralogy of dark clasts in primitive versus differentiated meteorites19940016332Analytic SubsidiaryDetermining the composition of olivine on asteroidal surfaces19940016346Analytic SubsidiarySparking young minds with Moon rocks and meteorites19940016177Analytic SubsidiaryThe High Resolution Stereo Camera (HRSC) for the Lunar Scout 1 Mission19940016274Analytic SubsidiaryStrength and deformation properties of basaltic lava flows on planetary surfaces19940016328Analytic SubsidiaryParabolic features and the erosion rate on Venus19940016220Analytic SubsidiaryGeology of Biblis Patera, Ulysses Patera, and Jovis Tholus, Mars19940016326Analytic SubsidiaryThe role of CO2 in weathering reactions and the presence of S2 on Venus: Implications for the pyrite stability field19940016313Analytic SubsidiaryGeology and deposits of the Serenitatis basin19940016355Analytic SubsidiaryCometary interplanetary dust particles? An update on carbon in anhydrous IDPS19940016245Analytic SubsidiarySubduction on the margins of coronae on Venus: Evidence from radiothermal emissivity measurements19940016187Analytic SubsidiaryFragments of ancient lunar crust: Ferroan noritic anorthosites from the descartes region of the Moon19940016331Analytic SubsidiaryImplantation of nitrogen: Effects of hydrogen and implantation energy19940016403Analytic SubsidiaryMultispectral studies of selected crater- and basin-filling lunar Maria from Galileo Earth-Moon encounter 119940016244Analytic SubsidiaryWavelength dispersive analysis with the synchrotron x ray fluorescence microprobe19940016180Analytic SubsidiaryHelium in interplanetary dust particles19940016207Analytic SubsidiaryOpaque-rich lithology in the Divnoe achondrite: Petrology and origin19940016283Analytic SubsidiaryMolecular equilibria and condensation sequences in carbon rich gases19940016335Analytic SubsidiaryMicroanalysis of iron oxidation state in iron oxides using X Ray Absorption Near Edge Structure (XANES)19940016339Analytic SubsidiaryTi-bearing oxide minerals in lunar meteorite Y793169 with the VLT affinity19940016379Analytic SubsidiaryRare Earth elements in individual minerals in Shergottites19940016425Analytic SubsidiaryInter- and intra-crystalline oxygen isotope distribution of fassaites in Allende CAI19940016236Analytic SubsidiaryImpact disturbance of the Venus atmosphere19940016381Analytic SubsidiaryRhenium-osmium isotope systematics of ordinary chondrites and iron meteorites19940016410Analytic SubsidiaryMorphologic classes of impact basins on Venus19940016350Analytic SubsidiaryThe sand bag model of the dispersion of the cosmic body in the atmosphere19940016221Analytic SubsidiaryGravity investigation of the Manson impact structure, Iowa19940016402Analytic SubsidiaryA long-term change of the AR/KR/XE fractionation in the solar corpuscular radiation19940016270Analytic SubsidiarySearching for ancient Venus19940016296Analytic SubsidiaryGeoid, topography, and convection-driven crustal deformation on Venus19940016329Analytic SubsidiaryTriton's cratering record and its time of capture19940016407Analytic SubsidiaryCERN-derived analysis of lunar radiation backgrounds19940016392Analytic SubsidiaryCoagulation of grains in static and collapsing protostellar clouds19940016429Analytic SubsidiaryChemical zoning and diffusion of Ca, Al, Mn, and Cr in olivine of springwater pallasite19940016409Analytic SubsidiaryCharacterization of the Marquez Dome buried impact crater using gravity and magnetic data19940016284Analytic SubsidiaryChicxulub impact basin: Gravity characteristics and implications for basin morphology and deep structure19940016201Analytic SubsidiaryConstraints on the rate of discharge and duration of the Mangala Valles flood19940016319Analytic SubsidiaryExpectations for the Martian core magnetic field19940016349Analytic SubsidiaryThe Mg-suite and the highland crust: An unsolved enigma19940016421Analytic SubsidiaryPreliminary AEM study of the microstructure and composition of metal particles in ordinary chondrites19940016391Analytic SubsidiaryA fresh look at crater scaling laws for normal and oblique hypervelocity impacts19940016290Analytic SubsidiaryChronology of lunar granite 12033,576: Resetting of Rb-Sr and K-Ca isochrons19940016251Analytic SubsidiaryEuhedral metallic-Fe-Ni grains in extraterrestrial samples19940016235Analytic SubsidiaryOxygen isotopic relationships between the LEW85332 carbonaceous chondrite and CR chondrites19940016168Analytic SubsidiaryThe Koshak section: Evidence for element fractionation and an oxidation event at the K/T boundary19940016310Analytic SubsidiaryDelimitation of terrestrial impact craters by way of pseudotachylytic rock distribution19940016256Analytic SubsidiaryAsteroid collisions: Target size effects and resultant velocity distributions19940016336Analytic SubsidiarySPH modelling of energy partitioning during impacts on Venus19940016353Analytic SubsidiaryOrigin of the Vredefort structure, South Africa: Impact model19940016320Analytic SubsidiaryVolatile loss from accreting icy protoplanets19940016264Analytic SubsidiaryLocal topography of Mars and its relationship to surface weathering processes19940016204Analytic SubsidiaryFirst discovery of the organic materials in deep-sea iron cosmic spherule19940016325Analytic SubsidiaryThe age of the Pretoria Saltpan impact crater, South Africa19940016314Analytic SubsidiaryEarth-based measurement of lunar topography using delayed radar interferometry19940016279Analytic SubsidiaryLunar basalt meteorite EET 87521: Petrology of the clast population19940016412Analytic SubsidiaryThe carbon components in SNC meteorites of feldspathic harzburgite composition19940016205Analytic SubsidiaryC/O atomic ratios in micrometer-size crushed grains from Antarctic micrometeorites and two carbonaceous meteorites19940016362Analytic SubsidiaryComplex ridged terrain-related ridge belts on Venus: Global distribution and classification19940016427Analytic SubsidiarySpectral analysis of chemisorbed CO2 on Mars analog materials19940016257Analytic SubsidiaryDetectability of crystalline ferric and ferrous minerals on Mars19940016242Analytic SubsidiaryMicrometeorite dynamic pyrometamorphism: Nonstoichiometric clinoenstatite (CLEN)19940016263Analytic SubsidiaryVenus' impact-crater database: Update to approximately 98 percent of the planet's surface19940016373Analytic SubsidiaryAre the C delta light nitrogen and noble gases located in the same carrier?19940016380Analytic SubsidiaryOrigin of high-Ti lunar ultramafic glasses19940016228Analytic SubsidiaryU-Pb provenance ages of shocked zircons from the K-T boundary, Raton Basin, Colorado19940016366Analytic SubsidiaryIs there uniformitarian or catastrophic tectonics on Venus?19940016260Analytic SubsidiaryThermal infrared remote sensing and Kirchhoff's law: 1. Laboratory measurements19940016385Analytic SubsidiaryMagnetic record in chondrite meteorites19940016334Analytic SubsidiaryThe x ray microprobe determination of chromium oxidation state in olivine from lunar basalt and kimberlitic diamonds19940016192Analytic SubsidiaryCharacterization of Minnesota lunar simulant for plant growth19940016273Analytic SubsidiaryC2, CN and dust in Comet Wilson (1987VII)19940016262Analytic SubsidiaryPreliminary estimation of tagamite cooling conditions (Puchezh-Katunki Astrobleme, Russia)19940016226Analytic SubsidiarySchools of the Pacific rainfall climate experiment19940016318Analytic SubsidiaryMagnetically controlled solar nebula19940016417Analytic SubsidiaryGeometrical analysis of the microcraters found on LDEF samples19940016304Analytic SubsidiaryChronology and genesis of high-Ti mare volcanism: Melting of cogenetic depleted and enriched reservoirs19940016388Analytic SubsidiaryEquilibrium and fractional crystallization of a primitive Shergottite composition19940016297Analytic SubsidiaryPetrography and origin of refractory inclusions from the Murray and Murchison C2 chondrites19940016303Analytic SubsidiaryPrimary differentiation in the early Earth: Nd and Sr isotopic evidence from diamondiferous eclogites for both old depleted and old enriched mantle, Yakutia, Siberia19940016230Analytic SubsidiaryThermal conductivity measurements of particulate materials under Martian conditions19940016352Analytic SubsidiaryOriginal size of the Vredefort structure, South Africa19940016271Analytic SubsidiaryImpactor control of central peak and peak-ring formation19940016193Analytic SubsidiaryDynamics of large scale impacts on Venus and Earth19940016307Analytic SubsidiaryDifferentiation of magma oceans and the thickness of the depleted layer on Venus19940016431Analytic SubsidiaryNumerical simulation of lava flows: Applications to the terrestrial planets19940016169Analytic SubsidiaryCarbonaceous xenoliths from the Erevan howardite19940016282Analytic SubsidiaryVolcanic rises on Venus: Geology, formation, and sequence of evolution19940016166Analytic SubsidiaryREE and other trace lithophiles in MAC88177, LEW88280 and LEW8876319940016178Analytic SubsidiaryCore formation in the Moon: The mystery of the excess depletion of Mo, W and P19940016401Analytic SubsidiaryDegradation sequence of young lunar craters from orbital infrared survey19940016400Analytic SubsidiaryLarge floor-fractured craters and isostatic crater modification: Implications for lithospheric thickness on Venus19940016217Analytic SubsidiaryA comparison of calculated and measured rheological properties of crystallising lavas in the field and in the laboratory19940016408Analytic SubsidiaryMultivariate statistical analysis: Principles and applications to coorbital streams of meteorite falls
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