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a novel vlsi processor architecture for supercomputing arraysDesign of the processor element for general purpose massively parallel supercomputing arrays is highly complex and cost ineffective. To overcome this, the architecture and organization of the functional units of the processor element should be such as to suit the diverse computational structures and simplify mapping of complex communication structures of different classes of algorithms. This demands that the computation and communication structures of different class of algorithms be unified. While unifying the different communication structures is a difficult process, analysis of a wide class of algorithms reveals that their computation structures can be expressed in terms of basic IP,IP,OP,CM,R,SM, and MAA operations. The execution of these operations is unified on the PAcube macro-cell array. Based on this PAcube macro-cell array, we present a novel processor element called the GIPOP processor, which has dedicated functional units to perform the above operations. The architecture and organization of these functional units are such to satisfy the two important criteria mentioned above. The structure of the macro-cell and the unification process has led to a very regular and simpler design of the GIPOP processor. The production cost of the GIPOP processor is drastically reduced as it is designed on high performance mask programmable PAcube arrays.
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Conference Paper
Venkateswaran, N.
(Sri Venkateswara Univ. Tirupati, India)
Pattabiraman, S.
(Sri Venkateswara Univ. Tirupati, India)
Devanathan, R.
(Sri Venkateswara Univ. Tirupati, India)
Ahmed, Ashaf
(Sri Venkateswara Univ. Tirupati, India)
Venkataraman, S.
(Sri Venkateswara Univ. Tirupati, India)
Ganesh, N.
(Sri Venkateswara Univ. Tirupati, India)
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September 6, 2013
Publication Date
January 1, 1993
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Publication: New Mexico Univ., The Fifth NASA Symposium on VLSI Design
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Work of the US Gov. Public Use Permitted.

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