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Finding accurate frontiers: A knowledge-intensive approach to relational learningAn approach to analytic learning is described that searches for accurate entailments of a Horn Clause domain theory. A hill-climbing search, guided by an information based evaluation function, is performed by applying a set of operators that derive frontiers from domain theories. The analytic learning system is one component of a multi-strategy relational learning system. We compare the accuracy of concepts learned with this analytic strategy to concepts learned with an analytic strategy that operationalizes the domain theory.
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Conference Paper
Pazzani, Michael
(California Univ. Irvine, CA, United States)
Brunk, Clifford
(California Univ. Irvine, CA, United States)
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September 6, 2013
Publication Date
January 1, 1994
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Publication: NASA. Johnson Space Center, The Seventh Annual Workshop on Space Operations Applications and Research (SOAR 1993), Volume 1
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Behavioral Sciences
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