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TOVS Pathfinder Path A: A Boon for ClimatologistsIs it cooler than normal or warmer? Are we having an El Nino or La Nina? Haw intense is it, and how is it affecting the atmosphere? These are sorts of questions that climate studies hope to answer. Reaching further into the past than the short memory of the atmosphere and projecting far into the past than the future, climate studies examine trends and changes that take place over decades. Looking at this length of time is necessary to monitor and understand climate variability and to determine if significant trends exist - global warming seasons of increased flooding, a coming drought. For climatologists, these, studies must have good data sets. Ideally, data would be collected continuously over a period of decades without any major changes to the instrumentation us for collection, which would introduce incongruities and make trends hard to follow. Also, the data should be in the form of time and space-averaged measurements or estimates convenient for climate studies.
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August 20, 2013
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July 1, 2002
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Publication: 1999 NCCS Highlights
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Environment Pollution
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