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Motion Parameters Determination of the SC and Phobos in the Project Phobos-GruntThe SC "Phobos-Grunt" flight is planned to 2009 in Russia with the purpose to deliver to the Earth the soil samples of the Mars satellite Phobos. The mission will pass under the following scheme [1-4]: the SC flight from the Earth to the Mars, the SC transit on the Mars satellite orbit, the motion round the Mars on the observation orbit and on the quasi-synchronous one [5], landing on Phobos, taking of a ground and start in the direction to the Earth. The implementation of complicated dynamical operations in the Phobos vicinity is foreseen by the project. The SC will be in a disturbance sphere of gravitational fields from the Sun, the Mars and the Phobos. The SC orbit determination is carried out on a totality of trajectory measurements executed from ground tracking stations and measurements of autonomous systems onboard space vehicle relatively the Phobos. As ground measurements the radio engineering measurements of range and range rate are used. There are possible as onboard optical observations of the Phobos by a television system and ranges from the SC up to the Phobos surface by laser locator. As soon as the Phobos orbit accuracy is insufficient for a solution of a problem of landing its orbit determination will be carried out together with determination of the SC orbit. Therefore the algorithms for joint improving of initial conditions of the SC and the Phobos are necessary to determine parameters of the SC relative the Phobos motion within a single dynamical motion model. After putting on the martial satellite orbit, on the Phobos observation orbit, on the quasi-synchronous orbit in the Phobos vicinity the equipment guidance and the following process of the SC orbit determination relatively Phobos requires a priori knowledge of the Phobos orbit parameters with sufficiently high precision. These parameters should be obtained beforehand using both all modern observations and historical ones.
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Conference Paper
Akim, E. L.
(Academy of Sciences (USSR) Moscow, Russian Federation)
Stepanyants, V. A.
(Academy of Sciences (USSR) Moscow, Russian Federation)
Tuchin, A. G.
(Academy of Sciences (USSR) Moscow, Russian Federation)
Shishov, V. A.
(Academy of Sciences (USSR) Moscow, Russian Federation)
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August 24, 2013
Publication Date
September 24, 2007
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Publication: Proceedings of the 20th International Symposium on Space Flight Dynamics
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Spacecraft Design, Testing And Performance
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