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Amplitude Scaling of Active Separation ControlThree existing and two new excitation magnitude scaling options for active separation control at Reynolds numbers below one Million. The physical background for the scaling options was discussed and their relevance was evaluated using two different sets of experimental data. For F+ approx. 1, 2D excitation: a) The traditional VR and C(mu) - do not scale the data. b) Only the Re*C(mu) is valid. This conclusion is also limited for positive lift increment.. For F+ > 10, 3D excitation, the Re corrected C(mu), the St corrected velocity ratio and the vorticity flux coefficient, all scale the amplitudes equally well. Therefore, the Reynolds weighted C(mu) is the preferred choice, relevant to both excitation modes. Incidence also considered, using Ue from local Cp.
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Conference Paper
Stalnov, Oksana
(Tel-Aviv Univ. Israel)
Seifert, Avraham
(Tel-Aviv Univ. Israel)
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August 24, 2013
Publication Date
February 1, 2010
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Publication: Minnowbrook VI: 2009 Workshop on Flow Physics and Control for Internal and External Aerodynamics
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