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Integrated Turbine Tip Clearance and Gas Turbine Engine SimulationGas turbine compressor and turbine blade tip clearance (i.e., the radial distance between the blade tip of an axial compressor or turbine and the containment structure) is a major contributing factor to gas path sealing, and can significantly affect engine efficiency and operational temperature. This paper details the creation of a generic but realistic high pressure turbine tip clearance model that may be used to facilitate active tip clearance control system research. This model uses a first principles approach to approximate thermal and mechanical deformations of the turbine system, taking into account the rotor, shroud, and blade tip components. Validation of the tip clearance model shows that the results are realistic and reflect values found in literature. In addition, this model has been integrated with a gas turbine engine simulation, creating a platform to explore engine performance as tip clearance is adjusted. Results from the integrated model explore the effects of tip clearance on engine operation and highlight advantages of tip clearance management.
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Conference Paper
Chapman, Jeffryes W,
(Vantage Partners, LLC Brook Park, OH, United States)
Kratz, Jonathan
(NASA Glenn Research Center Cleveland, OH United States)
Guo, Ten-Huei
(NASA Glenn Research Center Cleveland, OH United States)
Litt, Jonathan
(NASA Glenn Research Center Cleveland, OH United States)
Date Acquired
January 27, 2017
Publication Date
July 25, 2016
Subject Category
Computer Programming And Software
Aircraft Propulsion And Power
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Meeting Information
Meeting: AIAA/SAE/ASEE Joint Propulsion Conference
Location: Salt Lake City, UT
Country: United States
Start Date: July 25, 2016
End Date: July 27, 2016
Sponsors: American Inst. of Aeronautics and Astronautics
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WBS: WBS 081876.
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Public Use Permitted.
gas path dynamics
system modeling
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