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Electric Aircraft Cooling with Bio-Inspired Exergy ManagementFuture air vehicles will increasingly incorporate electrical powertrains that require very tight system-level integration of power, propulsion, thermal, fault protection, and airframe technologies. This chapter provides an overview of a new category of thermal energy conversion technology and describes the development of the resulting Thermal Recovery Exergy Efficient System, TREES. TREES can be used to enable a fully solid-state integrated thermal and fault management electric aircraft protection system, while synergistically managing and recycling both the low-grade waste heat from electrical components and the high-grade waste heat from engine components. This is achieved with exergy amplification of the powertrain waste heat, a new class of fast flight-weight breakers, a new class of long variable-conductance heat pipes with multiple switchable condensers, a new class of turbofan-integrated heat exchangers, and a gradient-based powertrain system optimizer. This approach is like the human body’s thermal management system in which the heart, arteries, and veins are analogous to the turbofan, acoustic tubes, and heat pipes proposed herein.
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Book Chapter
Rodger W Dyson
(Glenn Research Center Cleveland, Ohio, United States)
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July 24, 2020
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November 27, 2020
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Publication: Biomimicry in Aerospace
Publisher: Elsevier
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Aircraft Propulsion And Power
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WBS: 081876.
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