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The Standardization of In-space and Surface Docking Systems The International Docking System Standard (IDSS) was developed and establish to aid on-orbit crew rescue and joint operations between different spacecraft. For the International Space Station (ISS), the IDSS has successfully enabled Global interoperability for Commercial Crew and it is now being extended to the Artemis campaign. Similarly, as more companies, agencies, and nations announce their intentions to explore and occupy Low Earth Orbit (LEO) and Cis-Lunar space, including the Lunar surface, it is a natural supposition that new, vehicle interface standards will be required to support the build-up of infrastructure for campaign-based exploration or permanent occupation by national and multi-national Agencies, Industries, and Companies.

A surface version of the IDSS, a.k.a. IDSS-Surface (IDSS-S), is under consideration at the NASA Johnson Space Center (JSC) by the docking discipline leads responsible for the leadership of technical development and negotiation of the original IDSS over a decade ago. The IDSS-S, like its predecessor, will ultimately detail the physical geometric mating interface and design load requirements to ensure physical interoperability and to support a broad set of design reference missions which, if accommodated, increases the probability of successful Lunar surface docking between different modules enabling the accessibility and inclusivity required for multi-national, sustainable Lunar exploration.
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Johnson Space Center
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Conference Paper
James L Lewis
(Johnson Space Center Houston, Texas, United States)
Stanley R Donahoe
(Johnson Space Center Houston, Texas, United States)
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March 7, 2022
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September 15, 2022
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Publication: Journal of Space Safety Engineering
Publisher: Elsevier Ltd.
Volume: 9
Issue: 3
ISSN: 2468-8975
e-ISSN: 2468-8967
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Mechanical Engineering
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Meeting: 46th Aerospace Mechanisms Symposium
Location: Virtual
Country: US
Start Date: May 11, 2022
End Date: May 13, 2022
Sponsors: Mechanisms Education Association
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WBS: 981698.
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