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X-57 Mod II Avionics Power AnalysisThe X-57 Mod II Avionics Power Analysis was developed to provide the design requirements for the X-57 Avionics Power System. In the Mod II configuration, the two stock Tecnam P2006T Rotax engines are replaced with two electric motors. A high voltage traction battery (460 VDC nominal) supplies power for the motors. The Mod II avionics power design uses the stock Tecnam avionics power architecture as a baseline. The stock Tecnam power system utilizes three 12 VDC power sources, a battery and two alternators, to provided redundant avionics power. This redundancy was preserved in the X-57 avionics power architecture. A block diagram of the X-57 avionics system can be found in the “Mod II Architecture” worksheet of this documents. Since the X-57 electric motors do not have alternators or generators, two 13.8V DC Converters were added to replace the stock Tecnam alternators. Input power to these DC Converters is provide by the high voltage traction battery. The Tecnam stock lead acid battery was replaced with a Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery. The Mod II Avionics Power Analysis provided the power requirements for the two 13.8V DC converters and the Lithium Iron Phosphate battery. Power requirement estimates for each subsystem used in this analysis were provided by manufacturer specifications, measured in the laboratory or provided by the subsystem design
engineer. Typical power requirements and maximum power requirements were provided for each subsystem.

The Mod II Avionics Power Systems consists of seven 13.8 VDC buses, two 28 VDC Buses and two 23 VDC buses.

The avionics power requirements for Mod III configuration are the same as Mod II. The Mod III configuration replaces the stock Tecnam wing with a carbon fiber wing that is optimized for cruise conditions. The motors are located on the wingtips. The Mod IV Avionics Power Analysis is a separate analysis and is document number ANLYS-CEPT-032.
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