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aerodynamic design of axial-flow compressorsAn overview of 'Aerodynamic systems design of axial flow compressors' is presented. Numerous chapters cover topics such as compressor design, potential and viscous flow in two dimensional cascades, compressor stall and blade vibration, and compressor flow theory. Theoretical aspects of flow are also covered.

This work is based substantially on a three-volume Confidential Research Memorandum f h t issued by the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics in 1956 and declassified in .1958 for release to the general public. The material, which was of a fundamental character, has been updated for the present edition in the light of subsequent developments in the field and has been carefully reexamined for current validity by members of the staff of the NASA Lewis Research Center, Cleveland, Ohio. It is now published for the first time in a single volume to meet continuing demand for the information and to make it readily available in convenient form to the engineering community both within and outside the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.
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Special Publication (SP)
Irving A Johnson
(Lewis Research Center Cleveland, OH, United States)
Robert O Bullock
(Lewis Research Center Cleveland, OH, United States)
Date Acquired
August 2, 2013
Publication Date
January 1, 1965
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Work of the US Gov. Public Use Permitted.
Axial flow compressor
Systems design

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