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Visualization of In-Flight Flow Phenomena Using Infrared ThermographyInfrared thermography was used to obtain data on the state of the boundary layer of a natural laminar flow airfoil in supersonic flight. In addition to the laminar-to-turbulent transition boundary, the infrared camera was able to detect shock waves and present a time dependent view of the flow field. A time dependent heat transfer code was developed to predict temperature distributions on the test subject and any necessary surface treatment. A commercially available infrared camera was adapted for airborne use in this application. Readily available infrared technology has the capability to provide detailed visualization of various flow phenomena in subsonic to hypersonic flight regimes.
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Acquisition Source
Armstrong Flight Research Center
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Preprint (Draft being sent to journal)
Banks, D. W.
(NASA Dryden Flight Research Center Edwards, CA United States)
vanDam, C. P.
(California Univ. Davis, CA United States)
Shiu, H. J.
(California Univ. Davis, CA United States)
Miller, G. M.
(PVP Advanced EO Systems Orange, CA United States)
Date Acquired
September 7, 2013
Publication Date
July 1, 2000
Subject Category
Fluid Mechanics And Thermodynamics
Report/Patent Number
NAS 1.15:209027
Meeting Information
Meeting: International Symposium on Flow Visualization
Location: Edinburgh
Country: Solomon Islands
Start Date: August 22, 2000
End Date: August 25, 2000
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PROJECT: RTOP 529-35-14
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