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Use of a Frequency Divider to Evaluate an SOI NAND Gate Device, Type CHT-7400, for Wide Temperature ApplicationsFrequency dividers constitute essential elements in designing phase-locked loop circuits and microwave systems. In addition, they are used in providing required clocking signals to microprocessors and can be utilized as digital counters. In some applications, particularly space missions, electronics are often exposed to extreme temperature conditions. Therefore, it is required that circuits designed for such applications incorporate electronic parts and devices that can tolerate and operate efficiently in harsh temperature environments. While present electronic circuits employ COTS (commercial-off- the-shelf) parts that necessitate and are supported with some form of thermal control systems to maintain adequate temperature for proper operation, it is highly desirable and beneficial if the thermal conditioning elements are eliminated. Amongst these benefits are: simpler system design, reduced weight and size, improved reliability, simpler maintenance, and reduced cost. Devices based on silicon-on-insulator (SOI) technology, which utilizes the addition of an insulation layer in the device structure to reduce leakage currents and to minimize parasitic junctions, are well suited for high temperatures due to reduced internal heating as compared to the conventional silicon devices, and less power consumption. In addition, SOI electronic integrated circuits display good tolerance to radiation by virtue of introducing barriers or lengthening the path for penetrating particles and/or providing a region for trapping incident ionization. The benefits of these parts make them suitable for use in deep space and planetary exploration missions where extreme temperatures and radiation are encountered. Although designed for high temperatures, very little data exist on the operation of SOI devices and circuits at cryogenic temperatures. In this work, the performance of a divide-by-two frequency divider circuit built using COTS SOI logic gates was evaluated over a wide temperature range and thermal cycling to determine suitability for use in space exploration missions and terrestrial fields under extreme temperature conditions.
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Patterson, Richard L.
(NASA Glenn Research Center Cleveland, OH, United States)
Hammoud, Ahmad
(ASRC Aerospace Corp. Cleveland, OH, United States)
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August 27, 2013
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March 1, 2010
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Electronics And Electrical Engineering
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WBS: WBS 724297.
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