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Active Flow Control (AFC) and Insect Accretion and Mitigation (IAM) System Design and Integration on the Boeing 757 ecoDemonstratorThis paper presents a systems overview of how the Boeing and NASA team designed, analyzed, fabricated, and integrated the Active Flow Control (AFC) technology and Insect Accretion Mitigation (IAM) systems on the Boeing 757 ecoDemonstrator. The NASA Environmentally Responsible Aviation (ERA) project partnered with Boeing to demonstrate these two technology systems on a specially outfitted Boeing 757 ecoDemonstrator during the spring of 2015. The AFC system demonstrated attenuation of flow separation on a highly deflected rudder and increased the side force generated. This AFC system may enable a smaller vertical tail to provide the control authority needed in the event of an engine failure during takeoff while still operating in a conventional manner over the rest of the flight envelope. The AFC system consisted of ducting to obtain air from the Auxiliary Power Unit (APU), a control valve to modulate the system mass flow, a heat exchanger to lower the APU air temperature, and additional ducting to deliver the air to the AFC actuators located on the vertical tail. The IAM system demonstrated how to mitigate insect residue adhesion on a wing's leading edge. Something as small as insect residue on a leading edge can cause turbulent wedges that interrupt laminar flow, resulting in an increase in drag and fuel use. The IAM system consisted of NASA developed Engineered Surfaces (ES) which were thin aluminum sheet substrate panels with coatings applied to the exterior. These ES were installed on slats 8 and 9 on the right wing of the 757 ecoDemonstrator. They were designed to support panel removal and installation in one crew shift. Each slat accommodated 4 panels. Both the AFC and IAM flight test were the culmination of several years of development and produced valuable data for the advancement of modern aircraft designs.
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Conference Paper
Alexander, Michael G. (NASA Langley Research Center Hampton, VA, United States)
Harris, F. Keith (NASA Langley Research Center Hampton, VA, United States)
Spoor, Marc A. (Boeing Commercial Airplane Co. Seattle, WA, United States)
Boyland, Susannah R. (Boeing Commercial Airplane Co. Seattle, WA, United States)
Farrell, Thomas E. (Boeing Commercial Airplane Co. Seattle, WA, United States)
Raines, David M. (Boeing Defense and Space Group Huntsville, AL, United States)
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August 3, 2016
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June 13, 2016
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Aircraft Stability and Control
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AIAA Paper 2016-3746
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AIAA Aviation and Aeronautics Forum and Exposition (AIAA Aviation 2016)(Washington, DC)
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WBS: WBS 338881.
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