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Spacecraft Environmental Interactions Technology, 1983State of the art of environment interactions dealing with low-Earth-orbit plasmas; high-voltage systems; spacecraft charging; materials effects; and direction of future programs are contained in over 50 papers.
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Conference Proceedings
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September 5, 2013
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March 1, 1985
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NAS 1.55:2359
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conductivity19850014171Analytic SubsidiaryAverage and worst-case specifications of precipitating auroral electron environment19850014161Analytic SubsidiarySuprathermal plasma observed on STS-3 Mission by plasma diagnostics package19850014167Analytic SubsidiaryElectron beam charging of Space Shuttle thermal protection system tiles19850014192Analytic SubsidiaryAnomalously high potentials observed on ISEE19850014182Analytic SubsidiarySurface interactions and high-voltage current collection19850014186Analytic SubsidiaryNASCAP simulation of PIX 2 experiments19850014210Analytic SubsidiaryPreliminary investigation of the electrodynamics of a conducting tether19850014200Analytic SubsidiaryMass spectra of neutral particles released during electrical breakdown of thin polymer films19850014209Analytic SubsidiaryPreliminary assessment of power-generating tethers in space and of propulsion for their orbit maintenance19850014180Analytic SubsidiaryCalculation of secondary-electron escape currents from inclined-spacecraft surfaces in a magnetic field19850014191Analytic SubsidiaryEMI characteristics of a potential control system19850014168Analytic SubsidiarySpacecraft-environment interaction: The environmental plasma aspect19850014205Analytic SubsidiaryA simple model of electron beam initiated dielectric breakdown19850014178Analytic SubsidiarySheath ionization model of beam emissions from large spacecraft19850014176Analytic SubsidiaryPolar orbit electrostatic charging of objects in shuttle wake19850014212Analytic SubsidiaryArgon ion pollution of the magnetosphere19850014162Analytic SubsidiaryVehicle charging on STS-3 Mission19850014172Analytic SubsidiaryPolar plasmas as observed by Dynamics Explorers 1 and 219850014198Analytic SubsidiaryDischarge pulse phenomenology19850014196Analytic SubsidiaryDevelopment of a continuous broad-energy-spectrum electron source19850014163Analytic SubsidiaryElectron and ion density depletions measured in the STS-3 orbiter wake19850014202Analytic SubsidiaryKapton charging characteristics: Effects of material thickness and electron-energy distribution19850014208Analytic SubsidiarySpace test program of high-voltage solar array-space plasma interactions19850014193Analytic SubsidiaryGalileo internal electrostatic discharge program19850014203Analytic SubsidiaryElectrical conduction in polymer dielectrics19850014197Analytic SubsidiaryAutomatic charge control system for satellites19850014185Analytic SubsidiaryRam-wake effects on plasma current collection of the PIX 2 Langmuir probe19850014179Analytic SubsidiaryInteractions between large space power systems and low-Earth-orbit plasmas19850014170Analytic SubsidiaryCharging of DMSP/F6 spacecraft in aurora on 10 January 198319850014174Analytic SubsidiaryElectric field effects on ion currents in satellite wakes19850014195Analytic SubsidiaryLaboratory studies of spacecraft response to transient discharge pulses19850014165Analytic SubsidiaryMeasured electron contribution to Shuttle plasma environment: Abbreviated update19850014183Analytic SubsidiaryThe PIX-2 experiment: An overview19850014207Analytic SubsidiaryInteractions measurement payload for Shuttle19850014189Analytic SubsidiaryDesign guidelines for assessing and controlling spacecraft charging effects19850014173Analytic SubsidiaryAuroral-polar cap environment and its impact on spacecraft plasma interactions19850014190Analytic SubsidiaryAerospace spacecraft-charging guidelines document19850014199Analytic SubsidiaryDischarge characteristics of dielectric materials examined in mono-, dual-, and spectral energy electron charging environments19850014175Analytic SubsidiaryThree-dimensional calculation of shuttle charging in polar orbit19850014166Analytic SubsidiaryLaboratory studies of Kapton degradation in an oxygen ion beam19850014188Analytic SubsidiaryDischarges on a negatively biased solar cell array in a charged-particle environment19850014164Analytic SubsidiaryShuttle electrical environment19850014187Analytic SubsidiaryAn investigation of arc discharging on negatively biased dielectric conductor samples in a plasma