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Second LDEF Post-Retrieval Symposium AbstractsThese abstracts from the symposium represent the data analysis of the 57 experiments flown on the LDEF. The experiments include materials, coatings, thermal systems, power and propulsion, science, (cosmic ray, interstellar gas, heavy ions, micrometeoroids, etc.), electronics, optics, and life science.
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Conference Proceedings
Levine, Arlene S. (NASA Langley Research Center Hampton, VA, United States)
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September 6, 2013
Publication Date
June 1, 1992
Subject Category
Lunar and Planetary Science and Exploration
Report/Patent Number
NAS 1.55:10097
Meeting Information
LDEF Post-Retrieval Symposium(San Diego, CA)
Funding Number(s)
PROJECT: RTOP 196-88-00-03
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Work of the US Gov. Public Use Permitted.

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Next generation Long Duration Exposure Facility: Update 199219920018011Analytic SubsidiaryLong-term particle flux variability indicated by comparison of Interplanetary Dust Experiment (IDE) timed impacts for LDEF's first year in orbit with impact data for the entire 5.75-year orbital lifetime19920018048Analytic SubsidiaryEvaluation of long-duration exposure to the natural space environment on the mechanical properties of carbon-reinforced epoxy and polyimide composites19920018083Analytic SubsidiaryNext generation optical instruments and space experiments based on the LDEF thermal control surfaces experiment (S0069)19920018017Analytic SubsidiaryFurther analysis of LDEF FRECOPA micrometeroid remnants19920018052Analytic SubsidiarySpectral infrared hemispherical reflectance measurements for LDEF tray clamps19920018084Analytic SubsidiaryThe Canadian Space Agency, Space Station, Strategic Technologies for Automation and Robotics Program technology development activity in protection of materials from the low Earth orbit space environment19920018076Analytic SubsidiaryStudy of factors determining the radiation sensitivity of quartz crystal oscillators (A0189)19920018041Analytic SubsidiaryOxygen isotopes implanted in the LDEF spacecraft19920018024Analytic SubsidiaryNew meteoroid model predictions for directional impacts on LDEF19920018009Analytic SubsidiaryCharacteristics of hypervelocity impact craters on LDEF experiment S1003 and implications of small particle impacts on reflective surfaces19920018039Analytic SubsidiaryLDEF polymeric materials: 10 months versus 5.8 years of exposure19920017986Analytic SubsidiaryRevised predictions of LDEF exposure to trapped protons19920018033Analytic SubsidiaryLDEF thermal control coatings post-flight analysis19920018012Analytic SubsidiaryElemental analyses of hypervelocity micro-particle impact sites on interplanetary dust experiment sensor surfaces19920018046Analytic SubsidiaryHigh-toughness graphite/epoxy composite material experiment19920018065Analytic SubsidiaryOptical characterization of contaminant film19920018037Analytic SubsidiaryAtomic oxygen effects on LDEF experiment A017119920018003Analytic SubsidiaryDamage areas due to impact craters on LDEF aluminum panels19920018073Analytic SubsidiaryRadiation and temperature effects on LDEF fiber optic cable samples19920018016Analytic SubsidiarySIMS chemical analysis of extended impacts on the leading and trailing edges of LDEF experiment AO187-219920018077Analytic SubsidiaryThe effect of the low Earth orbit environment on space solar cells: Results of the advanced photovoltaic experiment (S0014)19920018021Analytic SubsidiaryOrigin of orbital debris impacts on Long Duration Exposure Facility's (LDEF) trailing surfaces19920018055Analytic SubsidiaryContamination measurements on experiment M000319920018075Analytic SubsidiaryPost-flight analyses of the crystals from the M0003-14 quartz crystal microbalance experiment19920017977Analytic SubsidiaryLDEF microenvironments, observed and predicted19920017976Analytic SubsidiaryAttitude stability of LDEF: Refinement of results from the silver pinhole camera19920018050Analytic SubsidiarySurface analyses of composites exposed to the space environment on LDEF19920018072Analytic SubsidiaryAnalysis of space environment effects on active fiber optic links orbited aboard the LDEF19920018034Analytic SubsidiarySelected results for LDEF thermal control coatings19920018070Analytic SubsidiaryHolographic data storage crystals for the LDEF19920017998Analytic SubsidiaryUltra heavy cosmic ray experiment (A0178)19920018063Analytic SubsidiaryDegradation of electro-optic components aboard LDEF19920018078Analytic SubsidiaryLEO effects on candidate solar cell cover materials19920018018Analytic SubsidiaryPredicted and observed directional dependence of meteoroid/debris impacts on LDEF thermal blankets19920018047Analytic SubsidiarySpace environmental effects on LDEF composites: Leading graphite/epoxy panel, selected trailing edge specimens19920018032Analytic SubsidiaryThermal control paints on LDEF: Results of sub-experiment 802-1819920018045Analytic SubsidiaryLDEF results for polymer matrix composite experiment AO 18019920018054Analytic SubsidiaryContamination on LDEF sources: Distribution and history19920017985Analytic SubsidiaryInduced activation study of LDEF19920017980Analytic SubsidiaryStatus of LDEF ionizing radiation measurements and analysis19920017983Analytic SubsidiaryA photon-phreak digs the LDEF happening19920017979Analytic SubsidiaryEnviroNET: An on-line environment data base for LDEF data19920018060Analytic SubsidiaryOverview of the systems special investigation19920018062Analytic SubsidiaryMechanisms flown on LDEF19920018022Analytic SubsidiaryModelling the near-Earth space environment using LDEF data19920018007Analytic SubsidiaryHypervelocity impact facility for simulating materials exposure to impact by space debris19920017991Analytic SubsidiaryLight-heavy ion measurements in CR-39 located on the Earth side of LDEF19920017995Analytic SubsidiaryCriticality of Be-7 concentration in LDEF19920017982Analytic SubsidiaryRadioactivities induced in some LDEF samples19920017988Analytic SubsidiaryLDEF: Dosimetric measurement results (AO 138-7 experiment)19920018036Analytic SubsidiaryAtomic oxygen effects on thermal control and mirror coatings: Evaluation of experiment A003419920018014Analytic SubsidiaryCompositional analysis of projectile residues on LDEF instrument AO187-119920018020Analytic SubsidiaryAsteroidal versus cometary meteoroid impacts on the Long Duration Exposure Facility (LDEF)19920018029Analytic SubsidiaryLDEF materials data analysis: Representative examples19920018061Analytic SubsidiaryNew results from FRECOPA analysis19920018086Analytic SubsidiaryFuture radiation measurements in low Earth orbit19920018027Analytic SubsidiaryDatabases for LDEF results19920018035Analytic SubsidiaryFlouorescence measurements of the thermal control coatings on LDEF experiments S0069 and A011419920017997Analytic SubsidiaryHeavy Ions In Space (HIIS) experiment19920018040Analytic SubsidiaryThe viscoelastic characterization of polymer materials exposed to the low-Earth orbit environment19920018023Analytic SubsidiaryThe interstellar gas experiment: Analysis in progress19920018049Analytic SubsidiaryEffects of the low Earth orbit space environment on the surface chemistry of Kapton polyimide film: An XPS study19920017990Analytic SubsidiaryCharge, energy, and LET spectra measurements of charged particles in P0006 experiment of LDEF19920018019Analytic SubsidiaryObservation of fullerenes (C60-C70) associated with LDEF crater number 3119920017992Analytic SubsidiaryThree-dimensional shielding effects on charged particle fluences measured in the P0006 experiment in LDEF19920018079Analytic SubsidiaryFinal results of the Space Exposed Experiment Developed for Students (SEEDS) P-0004-219920018058Analytic SubsidiaryAngular distributions of 5eV atomic oxygen scattered from solid surfaces on the LDEF satellite19920018031Analytic SubsidiaryThermal Control Surfaces Experiment (TCSE) materials analysis19920017978Analytic SubsidiaryA generalized approach to the thermal analysis of the Long Duration Exposure Facility's flight experiments19920017984Analytic SubsidiaryCollection, analysis, and archival of LDEF activation data19920018006Analytic SubsidiaryLDEF's map experiment foil perforations yield hypervelocity impact penetration parameters19920017981Analytic SubsidiarySensitivity of LDEF foil analyses using ultra-low background germanium versus large NaI(T1) multidimensional spectrometers19920018059Analytic SubsidiaryInteraction of atomic oxygen with thin film and bulk copper: An XPS, AES, XRD, and profilometer study19920018056Analytic SubsidiaryEvaluation of seals, lubricants, and adhesives used on LDEF19920018015Analytic SubsidiaryInterplanetary meteoroid debris in LDEF metal craters19920018008Analytic SubsidiaryMeteoroid and debris special investigation group; status of 3-D crater analysis from binocular imagery19920017994Analytic SubsidiaryRadiation model predictions and validation using LDEF data19920017996Analytic SubsidiaryCosmogenic radioisotopes on LDEF surfaces19920017989Analytic SubsidiaryAbsorbed dose measurements and predictions on LDEFN92-27219 through N92-27329Analytic Subsidiary