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Nineteenth International Laser Radar ConferenceThis publication contains extended abstracts of papers presented at the Nineteenth International Laser Radar Conference, held at Annapolis, Maryland, July 6-10, 1998; 260 papers were presented in both oral and poster sessions. The topics of the conference sessions were Aerosol Clouds, Multiple Scattering; Tropospheric Profiling, Stratospheric/Mesospheric Profiling; Wind Profiling; New Lidar Technology and Techniques; Lidar Applications, Including Altimetry and Marine; Space and Future Lidar; and Lidar Commercialization/Eye Safety. This conference reflects the breadth of research activities being conducted in the lidar field. These abstracts address subjects from lidar-based atmospheric investigations, development of new lasers and lidar system technology, and current and future space-based lidar systems.
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Conference Proceedings
Upendra N. Singh
(Langley Research Center Hampton, Virginia, United States)
Syed Ismail
(Langley Research Center Hampton, Virginia, United States)
Geary K. Schwemmer
(Goddard Space Flight Center Greenbelt, Maryland, United States)
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September 6, 2013
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July 1, 1998
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Instrumentation And Photography
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NAS 1.55:207671/PT2
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nineteenth International Laser Radar Conference(Annapolis, MD)
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PROJECT: RTOP 258-70-21-08
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