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Research and Technology 2004This report selectively summarizes NASA Glenn Research Center's research and technology accomplishments for fiscal year 2004. It comprises 133 short articles submitted by the staff scientists and engineers. The report is organized into three major sections: Programs and Projects, Research and Technology, and Engineering and Technical Services. A table of contents and an author index have been developed to assist readers in finding articles of special interest. This report is not intended to be a comprehensive summary of all the research and technology work done over the past fiscal year. Most of the work is reported in Glenn-published technical reports, journal articles, and presentations prepared by Glenn staff and contractors. In addition, university grants have enabled faculty members and graduate students to engage in sponsored research that is reported at technical meetings or in journal articles. For each article in this report, a Glenn contact person has been identified, and where possible, a reference document is listed so that additional information can be easily obtained. The diversity of topics attests to the breadth of research and technology being pursued and to the skill mix of the staff that makes it possible. For more information, visit Glenn's Web site at This document is available online ( For publicly available reports, visit the Glenn Technical Report Server (
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September 7, 2013
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June 1, 2005
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IDRelationTitle20050215680Analytic SubsidiaryGlenn's Telescience Support Center Provided Around-the-Clock Operations Support for Space Experiments on the International Space Station20050217292Analytic SubsidiaryPrototype Variable-Area Exhaust Nozzle Designed20050217241Analytic SubsidiaryStructural Benchmark Tests of Composite Combustion Chamber Support Completed20050217232Analytic SubsidiaryJournal Bearing Analysis Suite Released for Planetary Gear System Evaluation20050220636Analytic SubsidiaryOzone Exposure System Designed and Used to High-Altitude Airship Materials20050217303Analytic SubsidiaryFundamental Mistuning Model for Probabilistic Analysis Studied Experimentally20050217185Analytic SubsidiaryQuick Access Rocket Exhaust Rig Testing of Coated GRCop-84 Sheets Used to Aid Coating Selection for Reusable Launch Vehicles20050215653Analytic SubsidiaryCapillary Flow Experiments Began on the International Space Station20050217480Analytic SubsidiaryBinary Colloidal Alloy Test-3 (BCAT-3) Tabletop Space Station Experiment Continues20050217460Analytic SubsidiarySmaggIce 2D Version 1.8: Software Toolkit Developed for Aerodynamic Simulation Over Iced Airfoils20050217105Analytic SubsidiaryGlenn Refractory Adhesive for Bonding and Exterior Repair (GRABER) Developed for Repairing Shuttle Damage20050215686Analytic SubsidiaryLow-Speed Active Flow Control Laboratory Developed20050220611Analytic SubsidiaryTheoretical and Experimental Unsteady Aerodynamics Compared for a Linear Oscillating Cascade With a Supersonic Leading-Edge Locus20050217412Analytic SubsidiaryAdaptive Technologies Developed and Demonstrated for Extending the Stable Operating Range of Compressors20050215691Analytic SubsidiaryIntelligent Life-Extending Controls for Aircraft Engines Studied20050217470Analytic SubsidiaryWind-US 1.0 Released by NPARC Alliance20050217247Analytic SubsidiaryStainless-Steel-Foam Structures Evaluated for Fan and Rotor Blades20050217467Analytic SubsidiarySubsonic Scarf Inlets Investigated20050217234Analytic SubsidiaryMicrosystem Cooler Concept Developed and Being Fabricated20050217243Analytic SubsidiaryBenchmark Calibration Tests Completed for Stirling Convertor Heater Head Life Assessment20050216446Analytic SubsidiaryMolecular Rayleigh Scattering Techniques Developed for Measuring Gas Flow Velocity, Density, Temperature, and Turbulence20050215693Analytic SubsidiaryInnovative Adaptive Control Method Demonstrated for Active Suppression of Instabilities in Engine Combustors20050217255Analytic SubsidiaryLife Predicted in a Probabilistic Design Space for Brittle Materials With Transient Loads20050217027Analytic SubsidiarySonoluminescence: A Galaxy of Nanostars Created in a Beaker20050217468Analytic SubsidiaryPiloted Flight Simulator Developed for Icing Effects Training20050217163Analytic SubsidiaryFlexible Metallic Overwrap Concept Developed for On-Orbit Repair of Space Shuttle Orbiter Leading Edges20050217257Analytic SubsidiaryFuel-Cell-Powered Electric Motor Drive Analyzed for a Large Airplane20050217395Analytic SubsidiaryPower Requirements Determined for High-Power-Density Electric Motors for Electric Aircraft Propulsion20050217475Analytic SubsidiaryNew Species of Fire Discovered: Fingering Flamelets Form a Dynamic Population20050217397Analytic SubsidiaryTurbofan Noise Reduction Associated With Increased Bypass Nozzle Flow20050216445Analytic SubsidiaryNondestructive Evaluation Tests Performed on Space Shuttle Leading- Edge Materials Subjected to Impact20050217246Analytic SubsidiaryIntegrity of Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) Chemically Welded Joints Examined20050215694Analytic SubsidiaryDiscrete Event Supervisory Control Applied to Propulsion Systems20050217296Analytic SubsidiaryDesign Sensitivity for a Subsonic Aircraft Predicted by Neural Network and Regression Models20050217028Analytic SubsidiaryProcess Developed for Fabricating Engineered Pore Structures for High- Fuel-Utilization Solid Oxide Fuel Cells20050217250Analytic SubsidiaryLiquid-Hydrogen-Cooled 450-hp Electric Motor Test Stand Being Developed20050217173Analytic SubsidiaryStructures Self-Assembled Through Directional Solidification20050217168Analytic SubsidiaryMechanically Strong, Lightweight Porous Materials Developed (X-Aerogels)20050220613Analytic SubsidiaryModel-Based, Multiscale Self-Tuning Controller Developed for Active Combustion Control20050215683Analytic SubsidiaryFlight Hardware Fabricated for Combustion Science in Space20050217220Analytic SubsidiaryStirling Power Convertors Demonstrated in Extended Operation20050217253Analytic SubsidiaryBrayton-Cycle Power-Conversion Unit Tested With Ion Thruster20050217183Analytic SubsidiaryFull-Scale GRCop-84 Combustion Chamber Liner Preform Fabricated Successfully20050217207Analytic SubsidiaryGround-Laboratory to In-Space Effective Atomic-Oxygen Fluence Determined for DC 93-500 Silicone20050217245Analytic SubsidiaryTitanium Aluminide Scramjet Inlet Flap Subelement Benchmark Tested20050217192Analytic SubsidiaryVery Tough, Erosion-Resistant Turbine Airfoil Thermal Barrier Coatings Developed20050217398Analytic SubsidiarySpur Gear Wear Investigated in Support of Space Shuttle Return-To-Flight Efforts20050217256Analytic SubsidiaryHigh-Temperature (1000 F) Magnetic Thrust Bearing Test Rig Completed and Operational20050217411Analytic SubsidiaryEmissions Measured in the Exhaust of a CFM-56 Engine on a DC-820050217394Analytic SubsidiaryAdvanced Ceramic Wafer Seals Demonstrated at 2000 deg. F20050217165Analytic SubsidiaryMechanical and Electrical Properties of a Polyimide Film Significantly Enhanced by the Addition of Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes20050217101Analytic SubsidiaryAs-Fabricated Reinforced Carbon/Carbon Characterized20050217169Analytic SubsidiaryHigh-Temperature Piezoelectric Ceramic Developed20050217176Analytic SubsidiaryProton-Exchange-Membrane Fuel Cell Powerplants Developed and Tested for Exploration Missions20050217472Analytic SubsidiaryPressure Control for Low Earth Orbit Investigated20050217175Analytic SubsidiaryPotential High-Temperature Shape-Memory-Alloy Actuator Material Identified20050217161Analytic SubsidiaryNonhumidified High-Temperature Membranes Developed for Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells20050217205Analytic SubsidiaryStirling Convertor System Dynamic Model Developed20050217179Analytic SubsidiaryProcessing of Ni30Pt20Ti50 High-Temperature Shape-Memory Alloy Into Thin Rod Demonstrated20050217404Analytic SubsidiarySoftware Developed for Analyzing High- Speed Rolling-Element Bearings20050217178Analytic SubsidiaryLithium-Ion Batteries Being Evaluated for Low-Earth-Orbit Applications20050217201Analytic SubsidiaryAdvanced Controller Developed for the Free-Piston Stirling Convertor20050217194Analytic SubsidiaryStrong, Tough Glass Composites Developed for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Seals20050217020Analytic SubsidiaryOptical Tweezers and Optical Trapping Improved for Future Automated Micromanipulation and Characterization20050217204Analytic SubsidiaryClosed-Cycle Engine Program Used to Study Brayton Power Conversion20050217197Analytic SubsidiaryPermeability of Candidate Stirling Heater Head Materials Measured20050217393Analytic SubsidiaryOxide Ceramic Films Grown on 60 Nitinol for NASA and Department of Defense Applications20050217223Analytic SubsidiaryConcept Developed for an Implanted Stimulated Muscle-Powered Piezoelectric Generator20050217198Analytic SubsidiarySiC/SiC Ceramic Matrix Composites Developed for High-Temperature Space Transportation Applications20050217299Analytic SubsidiarySystem Developed for Real-Time Blade-Flutter Monitoring in the Wind Tunnel20050220617Analytic SubsidiaryHybrid Power Management Program Evaluated Ultracapacitors for the Next Generation Launch Transportation Project20050217208Analytic SubsidiaryReliability of the SRG110 Stirling Convertor Quantified20050215651Analytic SubsidiaryMilestones Achieved for the Fluids and Combustion Facility20050215692Analytic SubsidiaryEnhanced Bank of Kalman Filters Developed and Demonstrated for In-Flight Aircraft Engine Sensor Fault Diagnostics20050217252Analytic SubsidiaryTribological Behavior of Nano-Onions in Krytox 143AB Evaluated20050217200Analytic SubsidiaryTesting Done for Lorentz Force Accelerators and Electrodeless Propulsion Technology Development20050217405Analytic SubsidiaryPrimal and Dual Integrated Force Methods Used for Stochastic Analysis20050217222Analytic SubsidiaryHigh-Temperature Proton-Conducting Ceramics Developed20050217474Analytic SubsidiaryObject-Oriented Version of Glenn-HT Code Released: Glenn-HT200020050217254Analytic SubsidiaryLiquid-Hydrogen-Cooled 450-hp Electric Motor Test Stand Being Developed20050217301Analytic SubsidiaryFlutter Stability Verified for the Trailing Edge Blowing Fan20050217476Analytic SubsidiarySoldering Tested in Reduced Gravity20050217267Analytic SubsidiaryG2 Flywheel Module Operated at 41,000 rpm20050216394Analytic SubsidiaryControl Algorithms and Simulated Environment Developed and Tested for Multiagent Robotics for Autonomous Inspection of Propulsion Systems20050217188Analytic SubsidiaryIntegrated Power and Attitude Control System Demonstrated With Flywheels G2 and D120050217402Analytic SubsidiaryNESTEM Probabilistic Analysis Used to Study Mistuned Bladed Disks and Blisks With Aerodynamic and Structural Coupling20050217113Analytic SubsidiaryFollowup to Columbia Investigation: Reinforced Carbon/Carbon From the Breach Location in the Wing Leading Edge Studied20050217221Analytic SubsidiaryVacuum Ultraviolet Radiation Effects on DC93-500 Silicone Film Studied20050220616Analytic SubsidiaryTwo-Phase Flow Technology Developed and Demonstrated for the Vision for Exploration20050217469Analytic SubsidiaryParametric Inlet Tested in Glenn's 10- by 10-Foot Supersonic Wind Tunnel20050217298Analytic SubsidiaryDamage-Tolerant, Affordable Composite Engine Cases Designed and Fabricated20050217294Analytic SubsidiarySwitched-Reluctance Cryogenic Motor Tested and Upgraded20050217477Analytic SubsidiaryFlow-Boiling Critical Heat Flux Experiments Performed in Reduced Gravity20050217193Analytic SubsidiaryLow-Thermal-Conductivity Pyrochlore Oxide Materials Developed for Advanced Thermal Barrier Coatings20050217095Analytic SubsidiaryForward Technology Solar Cell Experiment (FTSCE) for MISSE-5 Verified and Readied for Flight on STS-11420050217189Analytic SubsidiaryThermodynamics of Volatile Species in the Silicon-Oxygen-Hydrogen System Studied20050220618Analytic SubsidiarySystem Developed for Bulk Flow Imaging of a Two-Phase Fluid in a Cylindrical Couette20050217026Analytic SubsidiaryHigh-Temperature, Thin-Film Ceramic Thermocouples Developed20050217166Analytic SubsidiaryNovel Elastomeric Membranes Developed for Polymer Electrolytes in Lithium Batteries20050220619Analytic SubsidiaryAcoustic Liquid Manipulation Used to Enhance Electrochemical Processes20050217199Analytic SubsidiaryLithium-Ion Cell Charge-Control Unit Developed20050217478Analytic SubsidiaryCondensing Heat Exchanger Concept Developed for Space Systems20050217239Analytic SubsidiaryReliability of Electronics for Cryogenic Space Applications Being Assessed20050217196Analytic SubsidiaryCooled Ceramic Matrix Composite Propulsion Structures Demonstrated20050217167Analytic SubsidiaryHigh-Temperature Polymer Composites Tested for Hypersonic Rocket Combustor Backup Structure20050217019Analytic SubsidiaryAbility of Impedance-Based Health Monitoring To Detect Structural Damage of Propulsion System Components Assessed20050217195Analytic SubsidiaryProcess Developed for Generating Ceramic Interconnects With Low Sintering Temperatures for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells20050217235Analytic SubsidiaryConductive Composites Made Less Expensively20050216444Analytic SubsidiaryQuantum Sensing and Communications Being Developed for Nanotechnology20050220614Analytic SubsidiaryAdvanced Vibration Analysis Tool Developed for Robust Engine Rotor Designs20050217210Analytic SubsidiaryWork Began on Contracts for Radioisotope Power Conversion Technology Research and Development20050217399Analytic SubsidiaryNational Combustion Code Used To Study the Hydrogen Injector Design for Gas Turbines20050217403Analytic SubsidiaryHigh-Temperature Knitted Spring Tubes Improved for Structural Seal Applications20050217182Analytic SubsidiaryCandidate Materials Evaluated for a High-Temperature Stirling Convertor Heater Head20050217160Analytic SubsidiaryProperties of PMR Polyimides Improved by Preparation of Polyhedral Oligomeric Silsesquioxane (POSS) Nanocomposites20050217096Analytic SubsidiaryNanorod Material Developed for Use as an Optical Sensor Platform20050217295Analytic SubsidiaryAnalytical Micromechanics Modeling Technique Developed for Ceramic Matrix Composites Analysis20050215648Analytic SubsidiaryFundamental Research Applied To Enable Hardware Performance in Microgravity20050217023Analytic SubsidiaryNew Deep Reactive Ion Etching Process Developed for the Microfabrication of Silicon Carbide20050217171Analytic SubsidiaryEffects of High-Temperature Exposures on the Fatigue Life of Disk Superalloys Examined20050217408Analytic SubsidiaryTransferable Calibration Standard Developed for Quantitative Raman Scattering Diagnostics in High-Pressure Flames20050215642Analytic SubsidiaryProbabilistic Analysis Techniques Applied to Complex Spacecraft Power System Modeling20050217471Analytic SubsidiaryDirectional Attenuation of Jet Noise With Eccentric Coannular Nozzle Investigated20050217396Analytic SubsidiaryBenchmark Problems Used to Assess Computational Aeroacoustics Codes20050217473Analytic SubsidiarySynthetic Vortex Generator Jets Used to Control Separation on Low-Pressure Turbine Airfoils
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