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Lunar and Planetary Science XXXIIIThis CD-ROM publication contains the extended abstracts that were accepted for presentation at the 33rd Lunar and Planetary Science Conference held in Houston, TX, March 11-15, 2002. The papers are presented in PDF format and are indexed by author, keyword, meteorite, program and samples for quick reference.
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Conference Proceedings
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August 20, 2013
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April 1, 2002
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Publication: Lunar and Planetary Science XXXIII
ISSN: 0161-5297
Subject Category
Lunar and Planetary Science and Exploration
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Lunar and Planetary Science XXXIII(Houston, TX)
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Public Use Permitted.

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IDRelationTitle20020046031Analytic SubsidiaryThe NEAR-Shoemaker X-Ray Spectrometer: Latest Results and Future Analysis Plans20020046254Analytic SubsidiaryAge and Origin of the Crustal Dichotomy in Eastern Mars20020045698Analytic SubsidiaryChannelized Lava Flows with Density Changes During Emplacement20020046486Analytic SubsidiaryIsotopic Composition of Barium in Single Presolar Silicon Carbide Grains20020046202Analytic SubsidiaryA Non-Biological Origin for the Nanophase Magnetite Grains in ALH84001: Experimental Results20020045906Analytic SubsidiarySeeking and Identifying Phyllosilicates on Mars - A Simulation Study20020046426Analytic SubsidiaryEffects of Large Impacts on Mars: Implications for River Formation20020045671Analytic SubsidiaryAutomating Operational and Science Analysis Processes with the Autonomous Sciencecraft Constellation20020045565Analytic SubsidiaryRuthenium Isotopic Composition of Terrestrial Materials, Iron Meteorites and Chondrites20020046340Analytic SubsidiaryAmorphous Silicate Smokes as Catalysts for the Production of Complex Organic Species in the Primitive Solar Nebula20020045776Analytic SubsidiarySpinel from Apollo 12 Olivine Mare Basalts: Chemical Systematics of Selected Major, Minor, and Trace Elements20020045779Analytic SubsidiarySpacecraft Tracking with Large Radio Arrays20020046551Analytic SubsidiaryMOLA Topographic Evidence for a Massive Noachian Ocean on Mars20020045793Analytic SubsidiaryGlobal Geometric Properties of Martian Impact Craters20020046065Analytic SubsidiaryModelling Mass Movements for Planetary Studies20020046212Analytic SubsidiaryPhysisorbed Water on Silica at Mars Temperatures20020046067Analytic SubsidiaryImpact Disruption of Three Ordinary Chondrite Meteorites20020046572Analytic SubsidiaryGullies on Mars: Clues to Their Formation Timescale from Possible Analogs from Devon Island, Nunavut, Arctic Canada20020046086Analytic SubsidiaryTES Observations of Chryse and Acidalia Planitiae: Multiple Working Hypotheses for Distributions of Surface Compositions20020046363Analytic SubsidiaryPetrographic Studies of Sulfide Assemblages in the Allende CV3 Carbonaceous Chondrite20020045873Analytic SubsidiaryModeling the Solidification of Magmatic Iron Meteorites Using Experimental Cu Partitioning20020045682Analytic SubsidiaryGusev Crater: A Landing Site for MER A20020046428Analytic SubsidiaryAccess to the Mars Global Surveyor Data Through the Planetary Image Atlas20020046131Analytic SubsidiaryProperties of Suspended Martian Dust Using MGS-TES Data20020046440Analytic SubsidiaryTectonic and Volcanic History of the Nepthys Mons Quadrangle (V54), Venus20020046463Analytic SubsidiaryRecent Solar Energetic Particles: Updates and Trends20020045685Analytic SubsidiaryNew Evidence Supporting an Ice-covered Lake in Gusev Crater20020046465Analytic SubsidiaryThe Mean Age of Mantle and Crustal Reservoirs for the Planet Mars20020045699Analytic SubsidiaryOrigin of the Polygons and Underground Structures in Western Utopia Planitia on Mars20020046362Analytic SubsidiaryGeometry and Kinematics of Wrinkle Ridges on Lunae and Solis Plana, Mars: Implications for Fault/Fold Growth History20020045785Analytic SubsidiaryObservational Evidence for Very Large-Scale Dust and Gas Transport in Protostellar Nebulae20020045949Analytic SubsidiaryThe Mystery of Io's Warm Polar Regions: Implications for Heat Flow20020045911Analytic SubsidiaryThe Deep Space One Flyby of the Comet Borrelly20020045962Analytic SubsidiaryFission Xenon on Mars20020045892Analytic SubsidiaryUnambiguous Spectral Evidence for High- (and Low-) Calcium Pyroxene in Asteroids and Meteorites20020046192Analytic SubsidiaryDynamics of Possible Late Heavy Bombardment Impactor Populations20020045709Analytic SubsidiaryRock Coatings and Alteration Rinds; How They Might Form on Mars and What They Can Tell Us20020046515Analytic SubsidiaryRock Magnetic and Ferromagnetic Resonance Tests of Biogenic Magnetite in ALH8400120020046286Analytic SubsidiaryUnusual Reactivity of the Martian Soil: Oxygen Release Upon Humidification20020046401Analytic SubsidiaryImpact Crater Size and Evolution: Expectations for Deep Impact20020046222Analytic SubsidiarySOM Classification of Martian TES Data20020046590Analytic SubsidiaryIsotopic Analyses of Sugar Derivatives in Carbonaceous Meteorites20020046163Analytic SubsidiaryA MOLA-controlled RAND-USGS Control Network for Mars20020045782Analytic SubsidiaryA Revision of Mars Seismicity from Surface Faulting20020045758Analytic SubsidiarySurface Composition of Mars: Results from a New Atmospheric Compensation Technique Applied to TES20020045950Analytic SubsidiaryCalculated Water Concentrations on C-Class Asteroids20020045784Analytic SubsidiaryGeology of a Proposed MER Landing Site in Western Melas Chasma20020045573Analytic SubsidiaryAnalysis of Geomorphometric Properties of Martian and Terrestrial Long Lava Flows20020046419Analytic SubsidiaryThe Crustal Thickness of Mars: Accuracy and Resolution20020046275Analytic SubsidiaryThermal Inertia, Albedo, and MOLA-derived Roughness for Terrains in the Terra Meridiani Area, Mars20020046356Analytic SubsidiarySample 67215: An Anomalous Ferroan Anorthosite20020045688Analytic SubsidiaryM-Asteroids: Searching for Weak Silicate Features on Potentially Differentiated Objects20020046269Analytic SubsidiaryStudy of Rocks and Martian Meteorite Using the Brassboard of the Mars Microbeam Raman Spectrometer (MMRS)20020045673Analytic SubsidiaryNear-Earth Asteroid Origin for the Farmington Meteorite20020045932Analytic SubsidiaryIsotopic Constraints on the Origin of Lunar Ferroan Anorthosites20020046524Analytic SubsidiaryAutomating Shape Analysis of Rocks on Mars20020046334Analytic SubsidiaryA Rover's-Eye View in the Thermal Infrared: Spectral Adjacency Effects20020046457Analytic SubsidiaryWater on Mars: Petrographic Evidence20020045701Analytic SubsidiaryThe Lava Lake at Pele: An Analysis of High-Resolution, Multi-Wavelength Galileo Data20020045636Analytic SubsidiaryA New Dynamical Model for the Lunar Late Heavy Bombardment20020046350Analytic SubsidiaryIs Europa's Subsurface Water Ocean Warm?20020046466Analytic SubsidiaryThe Surface of Titan: Arecibo Radar Observations20020046087Analytic SubsidiaryDetectability of Potentially Entrained Microorganisms at the Surface of Europa20020046063Analytic SubsidiaryThe Speciation of Sulfur in an Ocean on Europa20020046525Analytic SubsidiaryNear-Infrared Spectroscopy of Himalia An Irregular Jovian Satellite20020046084Analytic SubsidiaryHydrothermal Origin for Carbonate Globules in ALH84001 by Analogy with Similar Carbonates from Spitsbergen (Norway)20020045960Analytic SubsidiaryCircumstellar Oxide Grains in Ordinary Chondrites and Their Origin20020046038Analytic SubsidiaryMeteoritic and Asteroidal Constraints on the Identification and Collisional Evolution of Asteroid Families20020046289Analytic SubsidiaryCosmogenic Nuclides in Metal and Stone Separates of an Antarctic L5/LL5 Chondrite Shower with a Large Pre-Atmospheric Size: QUE 9020120020045838Analytic SubsidiarySystematics of Vanadium in Olivine from Planetary Basalts20020046144Analytic SubsidiaryProduction of High Molecular Weight Organic Compounds on the Surfaces of Amorphous Iron Silicate Catalysts: Implications for Organic Synthesis in the Solar Nebula20020045971Analytic SubsidiaryChemical Signatures of Interstellar Dusts Preserved in Primitive Chondrites and Inner Planets of the Solar System20020046332Analytic SubsidiaryComparison of the Complex Organic Functionality of the Tagish Lake and Murchison Meteorites20020045857Analytic SubsidiaryNano-Diamonds in Interplanetary Dust Particles (IDPs), Micrometeorites, and Meteorites20020045875Analytic SubsidiaryHigh-Resolution Views of Io's Emakong Patera: Latest Galileo Imaging Results20020046567Analytic SubsidiaryCan Tectonic and Fluvial Structures be Used to Date a Planetary Surface?20020045874Analytic SubsidiaryBilanga: A Unique Diogenite20020045732Analytic SubsidiaryComparative Planetology of the Highly Siderophile Elements: Implications for the Accretion of the Terrestrial Planets20020045931Analytic SubsidiaryLithologies of the Apollo 12 Regolith20020046491Analytic SubsidiaryThe Compton-Belkovich Region of the Moon: Remotely Sensed Observations and Lunar Sample Association20020046509Analytic SubsidiaryMicrobial Weathering of Olivine20020046337Analytic SubsidiaryComparative Investigation of the Geological Histories Among Alba Patera and Syria Planum, Mars20020046409Analytic SubsidiaryUltraviolet Surface Properties of the Icy Galilean Satellites from Phase Curve Analysis20020045702Analytic SubsidiaryHiRISE: The High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment for Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter20020046311Analytic SubsidiaryTransmission Electron Microscopy of an In Situ Presolar Silicon Carbide Grain20020046420Analytic SubsidiaryBuried Impact Basins as Constraints on the Thickness of Ridged Plains and Northern Lowland Plains on Mars20020046009Analytic SubsidiaryCarbonate Globules in Columbia River Basalt The Search for Life in Terrestrial Subsurface Environments as Possible Martian Analogs20020045900Analytic SubsidiaryStratigraphies of Apollo and Luna Highland Landing Sites and Provenances of Materials from the Perspective of Basin Impact Ejecta Modeling20020046046Analytic SubsidiaryRipples and Dunes in the Syrtis Major Region of Mars, as Revealed in MOC Images20020046418Analytic SubsidiaryFluvial Degradation of the Highlands: The Terra Tyrrhena Region of Mars20020045579Analytic SubsidiaryAn Expanded Chesapeake Bay Impact Structure, Eastern Virginia: New Corehole and Geophysical Data20020046197Analytic SubsidiaryHyperion's Dark Material: Rotational Variation20020046180Analytic SubsidiaryDevelopment of a Charged Particle Detector for Windborne Martian Dust20020046170Analytic SubsidiaryPlate Tectonism on Early Mars: Diverse Geological and Geophysical Evidence20020046438Analytic SubsidiaryImpact-induced Hydrothermal Systems and Mineral Deposition on Mars20020046553Analytic SubsidiaryProbing Mars Crustal Magnetic Field and Ionosphere with the MGS Electron Reflectometer20020046226Analytic SubsidiaryCRISM: Compact Reconnaissance Imaging Spectrometer for Mars on the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter20020046518Analytic SubsidiaryNucleon-Alpha Particle Disequilibrium and Short-Lived r-Process Radioactivities20020045989Analytic SubsidiaryGalileo SSI Observations of Io During Orbits C30 I3320020046436Analytic SubsidiaryRelationships Among Chondrite Groups as Inferred from Presolar-Grain Abundances20020046210Analytic SubsidiaryHeat Flow, Thermal Conductivity, and the Plausibility of the White Mars Hypothesis20020046588Analytic SubsidiaryStructure of the Dichotomy Boundary at 50-90E Revealed by Geologic Mapping and Gravity and Magnetic Data20020046575Analytic SubsidiaryNight Time Observations of Io's Thermal Output from the Galileo Near Infrared Mapping Spectrometer20020045568Analytic SubsidiaryIron Isotopic Diagnostics of Presolar Supernova Grains20020045794Analytic SubsidiaryK. E. Little and the Texas STARBASE Experience20020045620Analytic SubsidiaryCarbonate Melt Rocks from the Haughton Impact Structure, Devon Island, Nunavut, Canada20020045791Analytic SubsidiaryNickel and Cobalt Partitioning Between Spinel and Basaltic Melt: Applications to Planetary Basalt Suites20020045907Analytic SubsidiaryRecent Results from Galileo PPR at Io: Orbits I31 and I3220020046483Analytic SubsidiaryDifferential Scanning Calorimetry of Phyllosilicate Minerals at Reduced Pressures: A Mineral Database for the Thermal Evolved Gas Analyzer (TEGA)20020046479Analytic SubsidiaryThe SNOOPY Contradistinctive Copper Experiment: Calibration Results20020045852Analytic SubsidiaryThe Garnet to Majorite Transformation in Mafic Compositions20020045622Analytic SubsidiaryThermal Modification of Silicate Materials on Flash-heated Sulfide IDPs: The First Clues for Chemically Controlled, Early Silicate Mineral Evolution20020046214Analytic SubsidiarySulfur Isotope Composition of Putative Primary Troilite in Chondrules20020045878Analytic SubsidiaryDouble Beta Decay of Tellurium-130: Current Status20020045815Analytic SubsidiaryChlorine/Bromine Ratios in Fracture-filling Aqueous Alteration Products in Nakhla Olivine20020046535Analytic SubsidiaryNanodiamond in Colloidal Suspension: Electrophoresis; Other Observations20020046059Analytic SubsidiaryUsing Mars's Sulfur Cycle to Constrain the Duration and Timing of Fluvial Processes20020046011Analytic SubsidiaryCorrelation of Geophysical and Geological Datasets for Mars20020046353Analytic SubsidiarySize Distribution of Fe0 Globules in Lunar Agglutinitic Glass20020046054Analytic SubsidiaryShape, Topography and Roughness of 433 Eros20020045921Analytic SubsidiaryCool Bottom Processing on the AGB and Presolar Grain Compositions20020045903Analytic SubsidiarySolar-Wind Conditions During the Initial Phase of the Genesis Mission20020046102Analytic SubsidiaryHeterogeneity and O-16-Enrichments in Oxygen Isotope Ratios of Olivine from Chondrules in the Mokoia CV3 Chondrite20020045924Analytic SubsidiaryHeterogeneous Distribution of Carbonaceous Material in Murchison Matrix: In Situ Observations Using Energy Filtered Transmission Electron Microscopy20020046288Analytic SubsidiaryEvolving Flow-Field Centers in Oblique Impacts20020046162Analytic SubsidiaryElemental Composition Results for the NEAR-Shoemaker Gamma-Ray Spectrometer20020046552Analytic SubsidiaryCharacterization of MER Landing Sites Using MOC and MOLA20020045977Analytic SubsidiaryCrystallization Experiments of the Martian Meteorite QUE94201: Additional Constraints on Its Formation Condition20020045686Analytic SubsidiarySampling the Roughness of a Self-Affine Surface Using Laser Altimeter Pulse-Width Statistics20020045777Analytic SubsidiaryWhat is the Earth Made Of?20020046569Analytic SubsidiaryA Combined Laser Ablation-Resonance Ionization Mass Spectrometer for Planetary Surface Geochronology20020046315Analytic SubsidiaryIsotopic Study of Silicon Carbide in Semarkona20020046161Analytic SubsidiaryNon-Ohmic Discharge Characteristics of JSC Mars-1 Martian Regolith Simulant20020045689Analytic SubsidiaryPetrography and Stable Isotopic Trend Associated with Mammoth Hotspring Travertine, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming20020046317Analytic SubsidiaryOrigin of Water on Mars20020045555Analytic SubsidiaryVenus: Dating Post-Regional-Plains Formations Through Analysis of Preservation of Crater-Associated Radar-Dark Deposits20020046073Analytic SubsidiaryRevised Calculations of the Production Rates for Co Isotopes in Meteorites Using New Cross Sections for Neutron-induced Reactions20020045617Analytic SubsidiaryImpulse Magnetic Fields Generated by Electrostatic Discharges in Protoplanetary Nebulae20020046423Analytic SubsidiarySpace Science Field Workshops for K-12 Teacher-Scientist Teams20020046306Analytic SubsidiaryElectron-Induced Luminescence and X-Ray Spectrometer (ELXS) System for Life Detection20020045763Analytic SubsidiaryApollo 14 Impact Glasses and Clementine Data: Implications for Regional Geology20020046130Analytic SubsidiaryTidal Dissipation in Mercury20020045867Analytic SubsidiaryPetrology of Antarctic Eucrites PCA 91078 and PCA 9124520020045649Analytic SubsidiaryDar Al Gani 872: Yet Another Eucrite, Yet Another Lesson to Learn?20020046169Analytic SubsidiarySources of Near Side Lunar Magnetic Anomalies20020046544Analytic SubsidiaryPlaty Hematite and Metamorphism on Mars20020045952Analytic SubsidiaryA Radiation Safety Analysis for Lunar Lava Tubes20020046336Analytic SubsidiaryThe Near-Nucleus Environment of 19P/Borrelly During the Deep Space One Encounter20020046008Analytic SubsidiaryPhobos Near-IR Photometry20020046135Analytic SubsidiaryForsterite from Chondrules in the Mokoia (CV3) Chondrite: Cathodoluminescence, Chemistry and Oxygen Isotopes20020046561Analytic SubsidiaryTwo New Evolved Gabbroic Samples from Apollo 1620020045595Analytic SubsidiaryUnique Carbonates in Martian Meteorite Allan Hills 8400120020046092Analytic SubsidiaryVolcanic Evolution and Erosion at Tyrrhena and Hadriaca Paterae, Mars20020045958Analytic SubsidiaryMars Atmospheric Oxidant Sensor (MAOS): An In-Situ Heterogeneous Chemistry Analysis20020045697Analytic SubsidiaryEastern Basin Terrane and South Pole-Aitken Basin Ejecta: Mid-Level Crust?20020045876Analytic SubsidiaryThe NEAR-Shoemaker XGRS Experiment: An End of Mission Overview20020046204Analytic SubsidiaryOxidized Volcanic Materials as a Potential Explanation for Gray Hematite Regions on Mars20020046513Analytic SubsidiaryClues on Titan's Internal Structure from Cassini-Huygens Mission20020046057Analytic SubsidiaryReflectance Spectra of Titan Tholins at Cryogenic Temperatures20020046012Analytic SubsidiaryX-Ray Diffraction Study of L2005 AG17 (IDPs) by Using SR20020045871Analytic SubsidiaryGeometric Comparisons of Selected Small Topographically Fresh Volcanoes in the Borealis and Elysium Planitia Volcanic Fields, Mars: Implications for Eruptive Styles20020046215Analytic SubsidiaryThe Geology of Comet 19/P Borrelly20020046205Analytic SubsidiaryA Detailed Compositional Investigation of the Potentially Hazardous Asteroid 1998 ST2720020046232Analytic SubsidiaryInvestigating the Use of Aerogel Collectors for the SCIM Martian-Dust Sample Return20020046330Analytic SubsidiarySpectral Differences Between Palagonite Tuffs Formed in Sub-Glacial Versus Liquid Water Environments: Relevance to Mars20020046550Analytic SubsidiaryMorphology of Fresh Outflow Channel Deposits on Mars20020046244Analytic SubsidiarySmall Shield Volcanoes on Mars: Global Geometric Properties and Model Implications for Regional Variations in Eruptive Styles20020045625Analytic SubsidiaryGlobal Mineral Distributions on Mars20020046326Analytic SubsidiaryRadar Observations of Mars, 2001 Opposition20020046485Analytic SubsidiaryGeologist's Field Assistant: Developing Image and Spectral Analyses Algorithms for Remote Science Exploration20020045710Analytic SubsidiaryScattering Properties of Planetary Regolith Analogs20020046381Analytic SubsidiaryMeteorite Identification: A Partnership Opportunity20020045895Analytic SubsidiarySpectral Measurements of Meteorite Powders: Implications for 433 Eros20020046371Analytic SubsidiaryAnalysis of Mars Orbiter Camera Stereo Pairs20020046208Analytic SubsidiaryHydrogen-Deuterium Exchange of Meteoritic Dicarboxylic Acids During Aqueous Extraction20020045835Analytic SubsidiaryNew Data and Search Features in the NASA ADS Abstract Service20020045919Analytic SubsidiaryLaboratory Studies of the Opposition Effect: Measurements of Well-sorted Particles Smaller and Larger than the Incident Wavelength20020045589Analytic SubsidiaryMOLA Constraints on Lava Flow Rheologies20020046335Analytic SubsidiaryTaking Another Look at the 3-Micron Absorption Band on Asteroids20020046248Analytic SubsidiarySample Collection for Investigation of Mars (SCIM): An Early Mars Sample Return Mission Through the Mars Scout Program20020045602Analytic SubsidiaryThe Recent Mars Global Warming (MGW) and/or South Pole Advance (SPA) Hypothesis: Global Geological Evidence and Reasons Why Gullies Could Still be Forming Today20020045904Analytic SubsidiaryMagnetic Properties of Lunar Geologic Terranes: New Statistical Results20020046273Analytic SubsidiaryExperimental Reproduction of Type 1B Chondrules20020046459Analytic SubsidiaryThe Origin of Elevated Th in the Eratosthenian Lava Flows in the Procellarum KREEP Terrane20020046352Analytic SubsidiaryWhat Whole Rock Samples of Portales Valley Can and Cannot Tell Us20020045951Analytic SubsidiaryA Global Map of Thermal Inertia from Mars Global Surveyor Mapping-Mission Data20020045590Analytic SubsidiaryMagnetite in Desert Varnish and Applications to Rock Varnish on Mars20020045980Analytic SubsidiaryGalileo SSI and Cassini ISS Observations of Io's Pele Hotspot: Temperatures, Areas, and Variation with Time20020046500Analytic SubsidiaryFormation of Siderite in Lunar Regolith Particles During Irradiation for Instrumental Neutron Activation Analysis20020046526Analytic SubsidiaryAnnealing of Pre-Cometary Silicate Grains in Solar Nebula Shocks20020046577Analytic SubsidiaryTwo Mars Years of Clouds Detected by the Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter20020046328Analytic SubsidiaryCr Isotopes in Allende Ca-Al-rich Inclusions20020045588Analytic SubsidiaryThe Mars Express/NASA Project at JPL20020045930Analytic SubsidiaryANTS: Exploring the Solar System with an Autonomous Nanotechnology Swarm20020046450Analytic SubsidiaryMagnetic Spectra of Earth and Mars20020046339Analytic SubsidiaryDetermination of Ice Crust Thickness from Flanking Cracks Along Ridges on Europa20020046549Analytic SubsidiaryArecibo Radar Observations of Near-Earth Asteroids: A Study in Heterogeneity20020046499Analytic SubsidiaryFe Isotopic Composition of Presolar SiC Mainstream Grains20020046375Analytic SubsidiaryRadar Discovery and Characterization of Binary Near-Earth Asteroids20020045762Analytic SubsidiaryThe Luna 20 Regolith20020045845Analytic SubsidiaryFulgurites: A Look at Transient High Temperature Processes in Silicates20020046467Analytic SubsidiaryAn Experimental Study of Eu/Gd Partitioning Between a Shergottite Melt and Pigeonite: Implications for the Oxygen Fugacity of the Martian Interior20020046068Analytic SubsidiaryA Raman Spectroscopic Study of Samples from the May 2001 FIDO Test Site20020046425Analytic SubsidiaryFabrication of Genesis Sample Simulants Using Plasma Source Ion Implantation (PSII)20020046504Analytic SubsidiaryMarsoweb: A Collaborative Web Facility for Mars Landing Site and Global Data Studies20020045902Analytic SubsidiaryExposure and Terrestrial Histories of Dhofar 019 Martian Meteorite20020045818Analytic SubsidiaryLunar Topography and Basins Mapped Using a Clementine Stereo Digital Elevation Model20020046464Analytic SubsidiaryHypervelocity Microparticle Impact Studies: Simulating Cosmic Dust Impacts on the Dustbuster20020046357Analytic SubsidiaryA New Determination of Io's Heat Flow Using Diurnal Heat Balance Constraints20020046424Analytic SubsidiarySpatially Resolved Analysis of Amines Using a Fluorescence Molecular Probe: Molecular Analysis of IDPs20020046487Analytic SubsidiaryProgress in the Use of Rapid Molecular Techniques to Detect Life Forms in Soil: Implications for Interplanetary Astrobiology Missions20020046242Analytic SubsidiaryAsteroid Radar Astronomy at the Dawn of the New Millennium20020045908Analytic SubsidiaryUsing EventScope with Mars Mission Data to Create Geoscience Curricula20020046116Analytic SubsidiaryCrater Deposits in 2003 MER Landing Sites20020046331Analytic SubsidiaryMOLA Topography and Morphometry of Rampart and Pedestal Craters, Mars20020046545Analytic SubsidiaryNanometer-Scale Measurements of Ferrous-Ferric Ratios in Chondritic Cronstedtite20020046172Analytic SubsidiarySimulations of Moon-Forming Impacts20020046346Analytic SubsidiaryHydrovolcanic Landforms in Acidalia and Cydonia: Pan-Spectral Analysis with MGS MOC, MOLA, and TES20020046557Analytic SubsidiaryLunar Love Numbers and the Deep Lunar Interior20020045842Analytic SubsidiaryCleaning and Cleanliness Verification Techniques for Mars Returned Sample Handling20020046453Analytic SubsidiaryVenus Nomenclature 2001: Introduction of the New Names, Changes to the Earlier Approved Names, and Improvements at the Website20020045881Analytic SubsidiaryShocked Plagioclase Signatures in Thermal Emission Spectrometer Data of Mars20020046277Analytic SubsidiaryThe Fate of Water in Noachian and Hesparian Volcanic Plumes on Mars20020046203Analytic SubsidiaryShield Fields Within the Nemesis Tessera Quadrangle, Venus20020046279Analytic SubsidiaryRecycled Chondroids in LEW86018: A Petrographic Study of Chondrule Precursors20020046319Analytic SubsidiaryGalileo's Last Fly-Bys of Io: NIMS Observations of Loki, Tupan, and Emakong Calderas20020045581Analytic SubsidiaryBacterial Silicification and Its Relevance in Astrobiological Research20020045946Analytic SubsidiaryMOLA Topographic Constraints on Lava Tube Effusion Rates for Alba Patera, Mars20020046058Analytic SubsidiaryA Comprehensive Study of Pristine, Fine-grained, Spinel-rich Inclusions from the Leoville and Efremovka CV3 Chondrites20020046520Analytic SubsidiaryThe Lunar Phase Curve in the Near Ultraviolet20020045707Analytic SubsidiaryA Spectral, Chemical and Mineralogical Study of Mars Analogue Rocks20020046451Analytic SubsidiaryRotational Dynamics and Time-variable Gravity of Mars and Implications for Volatile Cycling and Atmospheric Structure20020045880Analytic SubsidiaryThe Chronology and Petrogenesis of the Mare Basalt Clast from Lunar Meteorite Dhofar 287: Rb-Sr and Sm- Nd Isotopic Studies20020045696Analytic SubsidiaryLithologic Diversity in Lunar Regolith: Lessons for Future Lunar Exploration Strategies with Application to South Pole-Aitken Basin20020046297Analytic SubsidiaryThe True Color of Yogi: An Accurate Method for Removing Diffuse Illumination from Multispectral Images of Mars20020046531Analytic SubsidiaryStars and Planets: A New Set of Middle School Activities20020045729Analytic SubsidiaryPetrology of the Cumulate Eucrite Serra de Magi20020046209Analytic SubsidiaryExploration of the Mars Radiation Environment Using MARIE20020046125Analytic SubsidiaryOrigins of Small Volcanic Cones on Mars20020046484Analytic SubsidiaryA Vision for the MRO/HiRISE Operations Center: Getting the Data to the People20020046564Analytic SubsidiaryI-Xe Dating: Comparison of I-Xe and Pb-Pb Ages of Richardton Chondrules and Separated Mineral Phases20020046100Analytic SubsidiaryRedistribution of Core-forming Melt During Shear Deformation of Partially Molten Peridotite20020045683Analytic SubsidiaryStrategy for the In Situ Search of Evaporite and Carbonate Deposits in Gusev Crater Within the 2003 MER A Landing Ellipse20020046432Analytic SubsidiaryTectonic Evolution of the Eastern Hemisphere of Mars20020045553Analytic SubsidiaryStratigraphy and Stress History Recorded by a Complex Volcano-Tectonic Feature in the Nemesis Tessera Quadrangle, Venus20020046074Analytic SubsidiaryMineralogical Characterization of Vigarano Matrix: HRTEM and EFTEM Observations20020045854Analytic SubsidiaryLinking Ordinary and Enstatite Chondrites: Experimental Deformation Results Under Very Reducing Conditions20020046040Analytic SubsidiaryLarge Ripples on Earth and Mars20020045893Analytic SubsidiaryTrace-Element Analyses of Carbonate Minerals in the Gunflint Banded Iron Formation20020045624Analytic SubsidiaryTHEMIS Surface-Atmosphere Separation Strategy and Preliminary Results20020046179Analytic SubsidiaryX-Ray Microprobe Measurements of the Chemical Compositions of ALH84001 Carbonate Globules20020046227Analytic SubsidiaryInvestigating the Phyllosilicate Mineralogy of Low Albedo Asteroids20020045738Analytic SubsidiaryFractionation of B and Li in the Solar Nebula or in Chondrules: Insight from Chondrule Formation Experiments20020045693Analytic SubsidiaryMapping Acid Sulfate Alteration of Basaltic Andesite with Thermal Infrared Data20020046287Analytic SubsidiaryDiurnal Albedo Variations of the Martian North Polar Water Ice Cap20020046435Analytic SubsidiaryInvestigating the Origin of Th in Mare Basalts of the Western Procellarum Region20020045831Analytic SubsidiaryErrors in Viking Lander Atmospheric Profiles Discovered Using MOLA Topography20020046216Analytic SubsidiaryInsights into the Earliest History of Mars: A New Synthesis20020045556Analytic SubsidiaryPetrology and Geochemistry of Paired Brachinites EET 99402 and EET 9940720020046460Analytic SubsidiaryA Combined Remote LIBS and Raman Spectroscopic Study of Minerals20020046415Analytic SubsidiaryMOLA 1064nm Radiometry Measurements: Status and Prospects in Extended Mission20020045910Analytic SubsidiaryRaman Spectroscopic Characterization of Phyllosilicates20020046342Analytic SubsidiaryThe Opposition Effect: Laboratory Studies Compared to Theoretical Models20020046108Analytic SubsidiaryMobile Element Reservoir Mass Balance on Mars: New SIMS and EMP Data from Lonar and Mistastin Craters20020046532Analytic SubsidiaryAirborne Geomagnetic Investigations at the Haughton Impact Structure, Devon Island, Nunavut, Canada: New Results20020046344Analytic SubsidiaryRe-Os Isotope Systematics in Lunar Soils and Breccias20020045783Analytic SubsidiaryDownselection of Landing Sites for the Mars Exploration Rovers20020045593Analytic SubsidiaryPlanetary Accretion in the Inner Solar System: Dependence on Nebula Surface Density Profile and Giant Planet Eccentricities20020046076Analytic SubsidiaryDual Source Mass Spectrometer and Sample Handling System20020045692Analytic SubsidiaryEvolution of the Uzboi-Ladon-Margaritifer Valles Meso-Scale Outflow System, Mars20020045965Analytic SubsidiaryGeological Interpretations of the Topography of Selected Regions of Venus from Arecibo to Goldstone Radar Interferometry20020046053Analytic SubsidiaryThe Study of Martian and Terrestrial Rock Abrasion from Wind Tunnel Studies: Preliminary Results20020046539Analytic SubsidiaryThe SNOOPY Angle of Repose Experiment: Calibration of an Instrument to Determine the Angle of Repose of Martian Dust20020046372Analytic SubsidiaryPasamonte Eucrite: Subsolidus Thermal History20020046189Analytic SubsidiaryCompositional and Oxidation State Zoning in Martian Pyroxene: Paradox or Process Indicator