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AIAA/ASME/ASCE/AHS/ASC Structures, Structural Dynamics, and Materials Conference, 34th and AIAA/ASME Adaptive Structures Forum, La Jolla, CA, Apr. 19-22, 1993, Technical Papers. Pts. 1-6Topics addressed include the prediction of helicopter component loads using neural networks, spacecraft on-orbit coupled loads analysis, hypersonic flutter of a curved shallow panel with aerodynamic heating, thermal-acoustic fatigue of ceramic matrix composite materials, transition elements based on transfinite interpolation, damage progression in stiffened composite panels, a direct treatment of min-max dynamic response optimization problems, and sources of helicopter rotor hub inplane shears. Also discussed are dynamics of a layered elastic system, confidence bounds on structural reliability, mixed triangular space-time finite elements, advanced transparency development for USAF aircraft, a low-velocity impact on a graphite/PEEK, an automated mode-tracking strategy, transonic flutter suppression by a passive flap, a nonlinear response of composite panels to random excitation, an optimal placement of elastic supports on a simply supported plate, a probabilistic assessment of composite structures, a model for mode I failure of laminated composites, a residual flexibility approach to multibody dynamics,and multilayer piezoelectric actuators.
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Conference Proceedings
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August 16, 2013
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January 1, 1993
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Structural Mechanics
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impactors19930049970Analytic SubsidiaryShear buckling response of tailored, rectangular, composite plates19930049971Analytic SubsidiaryThermal-mechanical behavior of high precision composite mirrors19930049975Analytic SubsidiaryReliability based structural optimization - A simplified safety index approach19930049977Analytic SubsidiaryISAC - A tool for aeroservoelastic modeling and analysis19930049978Analytic SubsidiaryWing flutter boundary prediction using unsteady Euler aerodynamic method19930049986Analytic SubsidiaryVibration analysis of heated anisotropic plates with free edge conditions19930050066Analytic SubsidiaryOptimal design of imperfect, anisotropic, ring-stiffened cylinders under combined loads19930050068Analytic SubsidiaryGeometrically nonlinear design sensitivity analysis on parallel-vector high-performance computers19930050069Analytic SubsidiarySensitivity analysis of Lyapunov and Riccati equations with application to controls-structures integrated 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loadings19930050101Analytic SubsidiaryShear and compression buckling analysis for anisotropic panels with centrally located elliptical cutouts19930050103Analytic SubsidiaryBuckling response of laminates with spatially varying fiber orientations19930050105Analytic SubsidiaryStiffness, thermal expansion, and thermal bending formulation of stiffened, fiber-reinforced composite panels19930050107Analytic SubsidiaryRecent advances and progress towards an integrated interdisciplinary thermal-structural finite element technology19930050108Analytic SubsidiaryFinite element study of plate buckling induced by spatial temperature gradients19930050111Analytic SubsidiaryThe effects of stress and physical aging on the creep compliance of a polymeric composite19930050119Analytic SubsidiaryDesign of a blade stiffened composite panel by a genetic algorithm19930050121Analytic SubsidiaryOptimal placement of tuning masses on truss structures by genetic algorithms19930050122Analytic SubsidiaryNeurocomputing strategies in decomposition based structural design19930050125Analytic SubsidiaryExtension of a nonlinear systems theory to general-frequency unsteady transonic aerodynamic responses19930050126Analytic SubsidiaryExperimental unsteady pressures at flutter on the Supercritical Wing Benchmark Model19930050127Analytic SubsidiaryUnsteady transonic potential flow over a flexible fuselage19930050134Analytic SubsidiaryThe effect of nonsymmetric pressure stiffness on the dynamic characteristics of Solid Rocket Motors19930050135Analytic SubsidiaryHybrid experimental/analytical models of structural dynamics - Creation and use for predictions19930050136Analytic SubsidiaryAn evaluation of excitation techniques for time domain based flutter data processing19930050137Analytic SubsidiaryEstimating free-body modal parameters from tests of a constrained structure19930050138Analytic SubsidiaryCorrelation of ground tests and analyses of a dynamically scaled space station model configuration19930050139Analytic SubsidiarySimulating flight boundary conditions for orbiter payload modal survey19930050147Analytic SubsidiaryGeometrically nonlinear analysis of stiffened composite panels with various end-support conditions19930050149Analytic SubsidiaryA variable-order laminated plate theory based on the variational-asymptotical method19930050151Analytic SubsidiaryA Vlasov theory for laminated composite circular beams with thin-walled open cross section19930050154Analytic SubsidiaryProbabilistic Assessment of Adaptive Space Truss Configurations for Thermal Buckling Resistance19930050158Analytic SubsidiaryComputational methods for efficient structural reliability and reliability sensitivity analysis19930050160Analytic SubsidiaryDynamics of rotating multicomponent turbomachinery systems19930050161Analytic SubsidiaryForeign object impact assessment of a high-Mach engine inlet19930050162Analytic SubsidiaryAn efficient procedure for cascade aeroelastic stability determination using nonlinear, time-marching aerodynamic solvers19930050163Analytic SubsidiaryExperimental Investigation of Counter-Rotating Propfan Flutter at Cruise Conditions19930050164Analytic SubsidiaryUnsteady aerodynamics and flutter of propfans using a three-dimensional Full-Potential Solver19930050165Analytic SubsidiaryOn the static stability of forward swept propfans19930050166Analytic SubsidiaryImplementation of a mesh adaptive scheme based on an element-level error indicator19930050167Analytic SubsidiaryA Lanczos algorithm for vibration, suckling and termal analysis19930050168Analytic SubsidiaryBLASIM - A computational tool to assess ice impact damage on engine blades19930050169Analytic SubsidiaryFinite element procedures for coupled linear analysis of heat transfer, fluid and solid mechanics19930050170Analytic SubsidiaryConfiguration-shape-size optimization of space structures by material redistribution19930050172Analytic SubsidiaryA new sensitivity analysis for structural optimization of composite rotor blades19930050173Analytic SubsidiarySensitivity analysis of aeroelastic response of a wing using piecewise pressure representation19930050174Analytic SubsidiarySensitivity analysis of flutter response of a typical section and a wing in transonic flow19930050175Analytic SubsidiaryRecent developments in equivalent plate modeling for wing shape optimization19930050177Analytic SubsidiarySubstructure system identification and synthesis19930050179Analytic SubsidiaryModel updating based on sensitivities of system matrices19930050182Analytic SubsidiaryMultiple degree of freedom force-state component identification19930050186Analytic SubsidiaryThe cost of model reference adaptive control - Analysis, experiments, and optimization19930050189Analytic SubsidiaryOptimal active vibration absorber - Design and experimental results19930050190Analytic SubsidiaryGravity and suspension effects on the dynamics of controlled structures19930050191Analytic SubsidiaryGeometry 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sublaminate-scaled composite laminates19930050007Analytic SubsidiaryA method for calculating strain energy release rate based on beam theory19930050013Analytic SubsidiaryConstruction concepts for precision segmented reflectors19930050014Analytic SubsidiaryStructural design considerations for the beam transmission optical system19930050015Analytic SubsidiaryDevelopment of a large space robot - A multi-segment approach. I19930050016Analytic SubsidiaryDevelopment of a large space robot - A multi-segment approach. II19930050017Analytic SubsidiaryUtilization of CAD/CAE for concurrent design of structural aircraft components19930050019Analytic SubsidiaryControls-structures integrated design optimization with shape variations19930050022Analytic SubsidiaryStructural/control system optimization with variable actuator masses19930050027Analytic SubsidiarySelection of experimental modal data sets for damage detection via model update19930050028Analytic SubsidiaryDamage detection using experimentally measured mass and stiffness matrices19930050032Analytic SubsidiaryUsing experimental modal data to detect damage in a space truss19930050034Analytic SubsidiaryImproved dynamic analysis method using load-dependent Ritz vectors19930050036Analytic SubsidiaryForced response of mistuned bladed disk assemblies19930050037Analytic SubsidiaryBinary tree eigen solver in finite element analysis19930050038Analytic SubsidiaryProgressive matrix cracking in off-axis plies of a general symmetric laminate19930050039Analytic SubsidiaryProbabilistic simulation of the human factor in structural reliability19930050040Analytic SubsidiaryLifetime Reliability Evaluation of Structural Ceramic Parts with the CARES/LIFE Computer Program19930050041Analytic SubsidiaryA Numerical Round Robin for the Reliability Prediction of Structural Ceramics19930050042Analytic SubsidiaryParallel computing for probabilistic fatigue analysis19930050044Analytic SubsidiaryComputation of strain energy release rates for skin-stiffener debonds modeled with plate elements19930050045Analytic SubsidiaryA new interface element for connecting independently modeled substructures19930050048Analytic SubsidiaryGlobal/local finite element analysis for textile composites19930050050Analytic SubsidiaryA mixed formulation for interlaminar stresses in dropped-ply laminates19930050056Analytic SubsidiaryCompressive behavior of undulations in filament-wound composites19930050062Analytic SubsidiarySensitivity of dual-wall structures under hypervelocity impact to multi-layer thermal insulation thickness and placement19930050203Analytic SubsidiaryVibration control by limiting the maximum axial forces in space trusses19930050204Analytic SubsidiaryVibration control in statically indeterminate adaptive truss structures19930050207Analytic SubsidiaryActuator placement in prestressed adaptive trusses for vibration control19930050208Analytic SubsidiaryOptical pathlength control experiment on JPL phase B testbed19930050210Analytic SubsidiaryMethods for evaluation of the microgravity environment aboard Space Station Freedom19930050211Analytic SubsidiaryAn overview of recent advances in system identification19930050212Analytic SubsidiarySystem identification of the JPL micro-precision interferometer truss - Test-analysis reconciliation19930050215Analytic SubsidiaryEstimation of full modal damping matrices from complex test modes19930050218Analytic SubsidiarySubstructure-based control of flexible structures19930050221Analytic SubsidiarySlewing maneuvers and vibration control of space structures by feedforward/feedback moment-gyro controls19930050244Analytic SubsidiaryVibration localization in mono- and bi-coupled bladed disks - A transfer matrix approach19930050245Analytic SubsidiaryFracture mechanics analyses for skin-stiffener debonding19930049911Analytic SubsidiaryThe Application of Structural Reliability Techniques to Plume Impingement Loading of the Space Station Freedom Photovoltaic Array
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