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IGARSS '92; Proceedings of the 12th Annual International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium, Houston, TX, May 26-29, 1992. Vols. 1 & 2
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Conference Proceedings
Williamson, Ruby E.
(Houston Advanced Research Center Woodlands, TX, United States)
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August 16, 2013
Publication Date
January 1, 1992
Subject Category
Earth Resources And Remote Sensing
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The case of a sunflower canopy19930063959Analytic SubsidiaryEstimation of photosynthetic capacity using polarization19930063960Analytic SubsidiarySatellite aerosols retrieval over land surfaces using the structure functions19930063963Analytic SubsidiaryAn explicit canopy BRDF model and inversion19930063968Analytic SubsidiaryParameterization of surface heat fluxes above a forest with satellite thermal sensing19930063969Analytic SubsidiaryEstimation of effective aerodynamic roughness with altimeter measurements19930063976Analytic SubsidiaryComparison of radar backscatter from Antarctic and Arctic sea ice19930063980Analytic SubsidiaryGlobal distribution of hand-held photographs of ocean and coastal regions taken during space shuttle missions - 1981-199119930063981Analytic SubsidiaryMapping continental-scale biomass burning and smoke palls from the space shuttle19930063982Analytic SubsidiaryAnalysis of lightning flash videos from the Space Shuttle using blob and morphological techniques19930063983Analytic SubsidiaryIce patterns and hydrothermal plumes, Lake Baikal, Russia - 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Nonuniform sampling of reflected shortwave radiation19930064011Analytic SubsidiaryPolarimetric and multifrequency SAR signatures of wet snow19930064016Analytic SubsidiaryDirection angle sensitivity of agricultural field backscatter with Airsar data19930064018Analytic SubsidiaryMapping sub-tropical vegetation using multi-frequency, multi-polarization SAR data19930064019Analytic SubsidiaryEye-safe visible wavelength lidar19930064024Analytic SubsidiaryInsights into microwave radiative transfer in rain from TRMM-1 observations19930064025Analytic SubsidiaryPassive microwave precipitation mapping and retrieval simulation19930064026Analytic SubsidiaryMultiparameter radar and advanced microwave precipitation radiometer observations of tropical convection19930063678Analytic SubsidiarySoil moisture needs in earth sciences19930063680Analytic SubsidiaryESTAR - A synthetic aperture microwave radiometer for measuring soil moisture19930063681Analytic SubsidiarySoil moisture verification study of the ESTAR microwave radiometer - 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New technology, new information19930063727Analytic SubsidiaryThe NASA/JPL three-frequency polarimetric AIRSAR system19930063728Analytic SubsidiaryCyclops - The JPL AIRSAR synoptic processor19930063732Analytic SubsidiaryData fusion and data compression research in the space sciences - An overview of selected NASA investigations19930063739Analytic SubsidiaryC-band measurement of radar backscatter from the ocean surface during SWADE19930063746Analytic SubsidiaryThe effect of spatial resolution upon cloud optical property retrievals. I - Optical thickness19930063750Analytic SubsidiaryTropical intercontinental optical measurement network of aerosol, precipitable water and total column ozone19930063753Analytic SubsidiaryInferring total canopy APAR from PAR bidirectional reflectances and vegetation indices in tallgrass prairie19930063888Analytic SubsidiaryMapping biomass for a northern forest ecosystem using multi-frequency SAR data19930063893Analytic SubsidiaryAtmospheric effects on the NDVI - Strategies for its removal19930063894Analytic SubsidiaryEffects of temperature-dependent molecular absorption coefficients on the thermal infrared remote sensing of the earth surface19930063896Analytic SubsidiaryPassive microwave signatures of simulated pancake ice and young pressure ridges19930063897Analytic SubsidiaryEffective permittivity of saline ice under thermal variation19930063898Analytic SubsidiaryExamination of the physical, electrical, and microwave evolution of sea water into young ice19930063900Analytic SubsidiaryApplication of theoretical models to active and passive remote sensing of saline ice19930063903Analytic SubsidiaryMultispectral, multialtitude observations of the KUREX-91 experiment site from a helicopter platform19930063904Analytic SubsidiaryAtmospheric correction and calibration during KUREX-9119930063905Analytic SubsidiaryRadar backscatter measurements as a part of KUREX-9119930063906Analytic SubsidiaryAnalysis of the dielectric properties of trunk wood in dominant conifer species from New England and Siberia19930063907Analytic SubsidiarySAYANI'91 - A joint United States/Commonwealth of Independent States field campaign to investigate forest decline damage in the Krasnoyarsk region of southcentral Siberia19930063908Analytic SubsidiaryMorphological, anatomical, and chemical characteristics of needle and branch samples of Siberian fir (Abies Siberica)19930063910Analytic SubsidiaryIn-flight radiometry of an airborne multispectral sensor19930063911Analytic SubsidiaryImplementation and performance of the Magellan digital correlator subsystem19930063917Analytic SubsidiaryERS-1 and Almaz ocean wave monitoring experiments19930063927Analytic SubsidiaryError analysis applied to several inversion techniques used for the retrieval of middle atmospheric constituents from limb-scanning MM-wave spectroscopic measurements19930063928Analytic SubsidiaryWater vapor profiling over ocean surface with 90 GHz and 183 GHz measurements under clear and cloudy conditions19930063934Analytic SubsidiaryDual-polarization characteristics of the radar ocean return in the presence of rain19930063938Analytic SubsidiaryInteractive explorations of hierarchical segmentations19930063940Analytic SubsidiaryRefining image segmentation by integration of edge and region data19930063945Analytic SubsidiaryAn SSM/I radiometer simulator for studies of microwave emission from soil19930063946Analytic SubsidiaryMillimeter-wave imaging radiometer for cloud, precipitation and atmospheric water vapor studies19930063952Analytic SubsidiaryAn investigation of surface parameter estimation from surface models19930064028Analytic SubsidiaryHydrometeor discrimination in melting layer using multiparameter airborne radar measurement19930064029Analytic SubsidiaryRadar depolarization signatures of rain in cumulus clouds measured with a dual-frequency air-borne radar19930064030Analytic SubsidiaryA comparison of airborne and ground-based radar observations with rain gages during the CaPE experiment19930064033Analytic SubsidiaryHydrologic applications of SAR derived soil moisture19930064034Analytic SubsidiaryEstimation of bare soil evaporation using multifrequency airborne SAR19930064036Analytic SubsidiaryL-band radar scattering from grass19930064040Analytic SubsidiaryDiffraction from sharply peaked waves as an ocean surface scattering mechanism19930063591Analytic SubsidiaryAnalysis of scattering behavior and radar penetration in AIRSAR data19930063594Analytic SubsidiaryThe NASA Electronic Still Camera system19930063595Analytic SubsidiaryRecent developments in space shuttle remote sensing, using hand-held film cameras19930063596Analytic SubsidiaryCataloging and indexing - The development of the Space Shuttle mission data base and catalogs from earth observations hand-held photography19930063597Analytic SubsidiaryGround support for Space Shuttle earth observations by the NASA environment remote sensing analysis facility (ERSAF)19930063598Analytic SubsidiaryAnalysis of video imagery of the reentry and breakup of the STS-31 external tank19930063608Analytic SubsidiaryTesting the Li-Strahler four-component canopy reflectance model in the HAPEX-Sahel shrub savanna sites using ground reflectance data
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