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Lunar and Planetary Science XXXIIThis CD-ROM publication contains the extended abstracts that were accepted for presentation at the 32nd Lunar and Planetary Science Conference held at Houston, TX, March 12-16, 2001. The papers are presented in PDF format and are indexed by author, keyword, meteorite, program and samples for quick reference.
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Conference Proceedings
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August 20, 2013
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January 1, 2001
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Publication: Lunar and Planetary Science XXXII
ISSN: 0161-5297
Subject Category
Lunar And Planetary Science And Exploration
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Lunar and Planetary Science XXXII(Houston, TX)
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IDRelationTitle20010044849Analytic SubsidiaryPresolar Grains in CM2 Chondrites20010045023Analytic SubsidiarySedimentary Hematite on Mars and Its Implications for the Early Martian Environment20010044870Analytic SubsidiaryThe Interior Layered Deposits of Valles Marineris: Layering, Erosional Processes, and Age Relationships20010045301Analytic SubsidiaryReflected Signal Analysis and Surface Albedo in the Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter (MOLA) Investigation20010044362Analytic SubsidiaryEvolution and Erosion of Tyrrhena and Hadriaca Paterae, Mars: New Insights from MOC and MOLA20010044917Analytic SubsidiaryOccurrence and Distribution of Fe-0 Globules in Lunar Agglutinates20010044487Analytic SubsidiaryLunar Crustal Magnetism: Correlations with Geology20010045311Analytic SubsidiaryA Study of Soil and Duricrust Models for Mars20010045489Analytic SubsidiaryMOLA Topography of Small Volcanoes in Tempe Terra and Ceraunius Fossae, Mars: Implications for Eruptive Styles20010044959Analytic SubsidiaryEuropa Surface-Subsurface Material Interchange: Astrobiology Implications of the Session20010044465Analytic SubsidiarySr and Nd Data for Upper Eocene Spherule Layers20010045485Analytic SubsidiaryPhotometric Monitoring of Triton at Sommers-Bausch Observatory in 200020010045308Analytic SubsidiaryTopography and Aeolian Features: Dunes and Streaks Compared with Global and Meso Scale Wind Predictions20010045488Analytic SubsidiaryGeochemical Constraints on the Oxidation States of the Europan Ocean and Mantle20010045189Analytic SubsidiaryFluid Inclusions in Carbonaceous Chondrites20010045266Analytic SubsidiaryMicrobial Mats in the Tswaing Impact Crater: Results of a South African Exobiology Expedition and Implications for the Search for Biological Molecules on Mars20010044665Analytic SubsidiaryMapping Activity Variations for Ru2O3 in Lunar Volcanic Green Glass Analogs Using Differential Pulse Voltammetry20010044529Analytic SubsidiaryThe Porosity of Eros and Implications for Its Internal Structure20010045468Analytic SubsidiaryMineralogical and Chemical Characterization of Lunar Highland Regolith: Lessons Learned from Mare Soils20010044419Analytic SubsidiaryCircumjovian Disk Clearing After Gap-Opening and the Formation of a Partially Differentiated Callisto20010044936Analytic SubsidiaryLate Influx: Evidence from Siderophile Elements in Terrestrial Peridotites and Lunar Breccias20010044602Analytic SubsidiaryGeomorphic Mapping and Analysis of the Eastern Medusae Fossae Region of Mars20010044434Analytic SubsidiaryIn-Situ Oxygen Isotopic Composition of Individual Minerals in Tagish Lake, a Unique Type 2 Carbonaceous Meteorite20010045233Analytic SubsidiaryAstrobiology Science and Technology: A Path to Future Discovery20010044980Analytic SubsidiaryThe 4.5 micron Sulfate Absorption Feature on Mars and Its Relationship to Formation Environment20010044982Analytic SubsidiarySpectra of Martian Andesitic Materials20010044834Analytic SubsidiaryNb-Zr and Hf-W Isotope Systematics: Applications to Early Solar System Chronology and Planetary Differentiation20010045312Analytic SubsidiaryGet the Red Out: Removing Diffuse Sky Illumination from Mars Pathfinder Images20010044797Analytic SubsidiarySayama CM2 Chondrite: Fresh but Heavily Altered20010044971Analytic SubsidiaryScattering Properties of Candidate Planetary Regolith Materials20010045427Analytic SubsidiaryEffects of Palagonitic Dust Coatings on Visible, Near-IR, and Mossbauer Spectra of Rocks and Minerals: Implication for Mineralogical Remote Sensing of Mars20010044411Analytic SubsidiaryComposition and Mineralogy of the Martian North Polar Dune Deposits: Constraints from TES and HST Observations20010045061Analytic SubsidiaryThe Mars Microbeam Raman Spectrometer (MMRS)20010044647Analytic SubsidiaryImplications of a Gravity Survey for the Formation Mechanisms and Stage of Evolution of Topographic (Stealth) Coronae20010044595Analytic SubsidiaryStatus of Mars Global Surveyor Science Data Archives20010044857Analytic SubsidiaryRadar Observations of Near-Earth Asteroids 2000 UG11 and 2000 UK1120010044977Analytic SubsidiaryCompositions of Low Albedo Intracrater Materials and Wind Streaks on Mars: Examination of MGS TES Data in Western Arabia Terra20010044459Analytic SubsidiaryChicxulub Ejecta Dynamics20010044472Analytic SubsidiaryGravity/Topography Admittances and Lithospheric Evolution on Mars: The Importance of Finite-Amplitude Topography20010044940Analytic SubsidiaryRhenium and Iridium Partitioning in Silicate and Magmatic Spinels: Implications for Planetary Magmatism and Mantles20010044445Analytic SubsidiaryTemperature Dependence of Cryogenic Ammonia-Water Ice Mixtures and Implications for Icy Satellite Surfaces20010044381Analytic SubsidiaryThe Role of Giant Planets in Terrestrial Planet Formation20010045278Analytic SubsidiaryChronology and Composition Puzzles in Portales Valley20010044700Analytic SubsidiaryAvailability of Heat to Drive Hydrothermal Systems in Large Martian Impact Craters20010045242Analytic SubsidiaryOlivine Weathering: Abiotic Versus Biotic Processes as Possible Biosignatures20010045186Analytic SubsidiaryPetrographic Studies of Fine-grained Rims in the Yamato 791198 cm Carbonaceous Chondrite and Comparison to Murchison and ALH8100220010045457Analytic SubsidiaryEvolution of the Basaltic Eucrite, Haraiya 627720010045102Analytic SubsidiaryChronology: An Important (and Potentially Accessible) Parameter in Understanding Europa Surface-Subsurface Material Interchange, Burial, and Resurfacing Processes20010044858Analytic SubsidiaryRadar Observations of Binary Asteroid 2000 DP10720010045081Analytic SubsidiaryInterpreting Low Spatial Resolution Thermal Data from Active Volcanoes on Io and the Earth20010044441Analytic SubsidiaryThe Curious Case of the Lunar Magnesian Granulitic Breccias20010045248Analytic SubsidiaryCarbonates of the Gunflint Banded Iron Formation as Analogs of Martian Carbonates20010044815Analytic SubsidiaryChemistry and Vent Pressure of Very High-Temperature Gases Emitted from Pele Volcano on Io20010044821Analytic SubsidiaryA Comparison of MOC and MOLA Observations of Northern Plains "Contacts" with Coastal Landforms of the Bonneville Basin, Utah20010044395Analytic SubsidiaryNear-Nadir Radar Scattering from Venus20010044826Analytic SubsidiaryValley Network Morphology and Topographic Gradients on Mars20010045432Analytic SubsidiaryMn-Fe Systematics in Pyroxene from Planetary Basalts: An Indicator of Planetary Parentage20010044645Analytic SubsidiaryAn Updated Database of Coronae on Venus20010044877Analytic SubsidiaryThe Australian Paleoflood Model for Unconfined Fluvial Deposition on Mars20010045255Analytic SubsidiaryLow-Resolution Spectroscopy of Primitive Asteroids: Progress Report for SARA/VSU Survey20010045260Analytic SubsidiaryModeling Coma Gas Jets in Comet Hale-Bopp20010045243Analytic SubsidiaryGeometries and Facies Distributions in Yellowstone's Siliceous Hotsprings: Implications for Martian Exploration20010045424Analytic SubsidiaryCalculating Chemical Evolution on the Web20010044651Analytic SubsidiaryGlobal Admittance Estimates of Elastic and Crustal Thickness of Venus: Preliminary Results from Top and Bottom Loading Models20010045285Analytic SubsidiaryExposure History of Shergottites Dar Al Gani 476/489/670/735 and Sayh Al Uhaymir 00520010044732Analytic SubsidiaryMagnetite and Carbonate Textures in ALH84001: Experimental Insights20010045333Analytic SubsidiaryProposed Wind Tunnel Studies of Ventifact Formation on Mars and Earth20010045486Analytic SubsidiaryUse of SNC Meteorites to Constrain the Role of Oxidants in the Martian Regolith20010045226Analytic SubsidiaryPartitioning of Nd, Tb, Lu, and Hf Between Garnet and Ordinary Chondrite Melt at 5 to 9 GPa: Applications to Martian Differentiation20010045235Analytic SubsidiaryOrganic Matter in SNC Meteorites: Is It Time to Re-Evaluate the Viking Biology Experimental Data?20010044983Analytic SubsidiaryThermal Infrared Spectroscopy of Experimentally Shocked Anorthosite and Pyroxenite20010044648Analytic SubsidiaryTopographic Corona Gravity Survey Results20010044743Analytic SubsidiaryTransmission Electron Microscopy of the Matrix Minerals in the Tagish Lake Carbonaceous Chondrite20010045477Analytic SubsidiaryRaman Spectroscopy of Opaque Minerals and Applications to EETA79001 Martian Meteorite20010045244Analytic SubsidiarySulfur/Carbonate Springs and Life in Glacial Ice20010045490Analytic SubsidiaryEruption Constraints for a Young Channelized Lava Flow, Marte Vallis, Mars20010045390Analytic SubsidiaryThe Kaidun Meteorite: A Large Albite Crystal - Fragment of an Alkaline Rock20010044741Analytic SubsidiaryMagnetic Effects on Bjurbole (L4) Chondrules Moving from Space to Terrestrial Environments20010045179Analytic SubsidiarySurvivability of Meteorite Projectiles - Results from Impact Experiments20010044615Analytic SubsidiaryTopographic and Morphologic Evidence for Flooding of Ganymede's Resurfaced Terrains by Low-Viscosity Water-Ice Lavas20010044679Analytic SubsidiaryComplex Cooling Histories of Lunar Troctolite 76535 and Stillwater Orthoyroxenite SC-93620010045280Analytic SubsidiaryCr Isotope Systematics in the Pallasite Eagle Station: Chronology and Evidence for a Genetic Link to Carbonaceous Chondrites20010045070Analytic SubsidiaryField Ion Microscopy and Atom Probe Tomography of Metamorphic Magnetite Crystals20010044450Analytic SubsidiaryAn Experimental Investigation of Fe-Si Alloy Corrosion in the Solar Nebula20010044490Analytic SubsidiaryBasin Contributions to the Stratigraphy of the Apollo 16 Landing Site20010045284Analytic SubsidiaryThe Search for Meteorites with Complex Exposure Histories Among Ordinary Chondrites with Low He-3/Ne-21 Ratios20010044721Analytic SubsidiaryA Parent Magma for the Nakhla Martian Meteorite: Reconciliation of Estimates from 1-Bar Experiments, Magmatic Inclusions in Olivine, and Magmatic Inclusions in Augite20010044904Analytic SubsidiaryRaman Spectroscopic Detection of Graphitic Carbon of Biogenic Parentage in an Ancient South African Chert20010045113Analytic SubsidiaryBimodal TiO2 Contents of Mare Basalts at Apollo and Luna Sites and Implications for TiO2 Derived from Clementine Spectral Reflectance20010044462Analytic SubsidiaryMeasurement of Oblique Impact-generated Shear Waves20010044876Analytic SubsidiaryRelationships Between the Medusae Fossae Formation (MFF), Fluvial Channels, and the Dichotomy Boundary Southeast of Nicholson Crater, Mars20010044564Analytic SubsidiaryConstraints on Gusev Basin Infill from the Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter (MOLA) Topography20010044779Analytic SubsidiaryCan Distributed Volunteers Accomplish Massive Data Analysis Tasks?20010044583Analytic SubsidiaryMars' Volcanic Surface Compositions: Distributions and Boundaries Examined Using Multiple Orbiter Datasets20010044851Analytic SubsidiarySelective Laser Extraction of Xe-H from Xe-HL in Meteoritic Nanodiamonds: Real Effect or Experimental Artifact?20010044991Analytic SubsidiaryAstro-Mineralogy: The Comparison of Infrared Spectra from Astrophysical Environments with those from Interplanetary Dust Particles (IDPs)20010045044Analytic SubsidiaryUsing Scaled Visual Texture for Autonomous Rock Clustering20010044728Analytic SubsidiaryTextures of Secondary Alteration Zones in Nakhla20010044518Analytic SubsidiaryAmazonian Faulting: Is Mars Tectonically Active Today?20010044532Analytic SubsidiaryFractal Analyses of Small Scale Features on Eros20010045097Analytic SubsidiaryOn the Clustering of Europa's Small Craters20010044898Analytic SubsidiaryInvestigations into the Contamination of Lunar Return Material20010044510Analytic SubsidiaryConstraints on Sources of Strong Crustal Magnetism in the Southern Highlands of Mars20010045077Analytic SubsidiaryAerogel as a Sample Collector and Sample Mount for Transmission XRD Analysis20010045342Analytic SubsidiaryA Proposal for an Integrated Geophysical Strategy to "Follow the Water" on Mars20010045455Analytic Subsidiary2001 Mars Odyssey: Geologic Questions for Global Geochemical and Mineralogical Mapping20010044511Analytic SubsidiaryInterpretation of a Magnetic Map of the Valles Marineris Region, Mars20010044766Analytic SubsidiaryThe Orbital Distribution of Meteorites Based on High Temperature Thermoluminescence20010045078Analytic SubsidiaryGenesis Discovery Mission: Science Canister Processing at JSC20010045180Analytic SubsidiaryAirborne Geomagnetic Investigations at the Haughton Impact Structure, Devon Island, Nunavut, Canada20010045304Analytic SubsidiaryThermal Inertia of Rocks and Rock Populations20010045487Analytic SubsidiaryMars Atmospheric Oxidant Sensor (MAOS): An In-Situ Heterogeneous Chemistry Analysis20010044939Analytic SubsidiaryThe Effect of Core-Mantle Differentiation on V, Cr, and Mn: Experimental Metal/Silicate Partitioning Results20010045491Analytic SubsidiaryLava Tube Flow Models at Alba Patera, Mars: Topographic Constraints on Eruption Rates20010045403Analytic SubsidiaryTrace-Element Concentrations in Northwest Africa 03220010045028Analytic SubsidiaryEffects of Palagonitic Dust Coatings on Thermal Emission Spectra of Rocks and Minerals: Implications for Mineralogical Characterization of the Martian Surface by MGS-TES20010045277Analytic SubsidiaryThe Possible Determination of Internal Isochrons for Iron Meteorites20010044773Analytic SubsidiaryPreliminary Results of the NEAR Gamma-Ray Spectrometer20010044996Analytic SubsidiaryAtmospheric Entry Heating of Micrometeorites Revisited: Higher Temperatures and Potential Biases20010044813Analytic SubsidiaryIo's Diverse Styles of Volcanic Activity: Results from Galileo NIMS20010044922Analytic SubsidiaryCentral Remnant Craters on Mars - Localization of Hydrothermal Alteration at the Edge of Crater Floors?20010045283Analytic SubsidiaryA Complex Exposure History of the Gold Basin L4-Chondrite Shower from Cosmogenic Radionuclides and Noble Gases20010045471Analytic SubsidiaryShock Magnetic Field and Origin of the Earth20010045056Analytic SubsidiaryPreliminary Engineering Constraints and Potential Landing Sites for the Mars Exploration Rovers20010044531Analytic SubsidiaryPreliminary Impact Crater Dimensions on 433 Eros from the NEAR Laser Rangefinder and Imager20010044867Analytic SubsidiaryCompositional Variability Associated with Stickney Crater on Phobos20010044364Analytic SubsidiarySmall Martian North Polar Volcanoes: Topographic Implications for Eruptive Styles20010044667Analytic SubsidiaryCosmic-Ray-Produced C-14 and Be-10 in Lunar Rock 7427520010045057Analytic SubsidiaryUsing MOC and MOLA Data to Assess Landing Site Safety20010044509Analytic SubsidiaryLithospheric Thickness Variations from Gravity and Topography in Areas of High Crustal Remanent Magnetization on Mars20010045309Analytic SubsidiaryComposition and Color of Martian Soil from Oxidation of Meteoritic Material20010044861Analytic SubsidiaryImpact on Comets and Asteroids20010045073Analytic SubsidiaryInterpretation of Fe-XANES Pre-Edge Spectra: Predictions Based on Co and Fe Optical Spectra20010045013Analytic SubsidiaryIceland as a Model for Chemical Alteration on Mars20010044781Analytic SubsidiaryAnnouncing the Availability of the MIT SMASS and SMASSIR Data Sets20010044561Analytic SubsidiaryThe Modification of Mars Fluvial Surfaces20010045185Analytic SubsidiaryIn Situ Observation of Carbonaceous Material in the Matrices of CV and CM Carbonaceous Chondrites: Preliminary Results from Energy Filtered Transmission Electron Microscopy20010045239Analytic SubsidiaryA High-Pressure Hollow Cathode Ionization Source for In-Situ Detection of Organic Molecules20010044803Analytic SubsidiaryThe I-Xe System in Magnetic Fractions from CV3 Meteorites20010045042Analytic SubsidiaryA Global Electric Circuit on Mars20010044738Analytic SubsidiaryThe Formation of Igneous CAIs and Chondrules by Impacts?20010045199Analytic SubsidiaryMineralogy and Petrology of Yamato 86029: A New Type of Carbonaceous Chondrite20010045476Analytic SubsidiaryPreliminary Raman Spectroscopic Survey on a Martian Meteorite - Los Angeles20010044521Analytic SubsidiaryThe Chemical Composition of Asteroid 433 Eros: End of Mission Results of the NEAR Shoemaker X-Ray/Gamma-Ray Spectrometer20010044670Analytic SubsidiaryProduction of Na-22 and Other Radionuclides by Neutrons in Al, SiO2, Si, Ti, Fe and Ni Targets: Implications for Cosmic Ray Studies20010045257Analytic SubsidiaryThe Near-Earth Space Surveillance (NESS) Mission: Discovery, Tracking, and Characterization of Asteroids, Comets, and Artificial Satellites with a Microsatellite20010044829Analytic SubsidiarySome Ground Water Considerations Regarding the Formation of Small Martian Gullies20010045071Analytic SubsidiaryQuantifying X-Ray Pleochroism Effects in Synchrotron Micro-XANES Microanalyses of Elemental Oxidation States: Feldspar and Biotite20010044354Analytic SubsidiaryRb-Sr and Sm-Nd Isotopic Constraints on the Genesis of Lunar Green and Orange Glasses20010044622Analytic SubsidiaryRadar Observations of the Icy Galilean Satellites During 2000 Opposition20010045215Analytic SubsidiaryA Henry's Law Test for Experimental Partitioning Studies of Iron Meteorites20010045017Analytic SubsidiaryMultiple Emission Angle Surface-Atmosphere Separations of MGS Thermal Emission Spectrometer Data20010044389Analytic SubsidiaryTrace Element Distribution in an Al-rich Chondrule from the Mokoia CV3 Chondrite20010044771Analytic SubsidiaryThe Porosity of 433 Eros20010044424Analytic SubsidiaryMineralogy of Tagish Lake, a Unique Type 2 Carbonaceous Chondrite20010044950Analytic SubsidiaryCratering Rates on Europa20010044934Analytic SubsidiaryOsmium Isotopic Compositions of Chondrites and Earth's Primitive Upper Mantle: Constraints on the Late Veneer20010044892Analytic SubsidiaryEarly Thermal History of Eucrites by Ar-39-Ar-4020010045291Analytic SubsidiaryREE and Strontium Partition Coefficients for Nakhla Pyroxenes20010044683Analytic SubsidiaryInfluence of a Fluid Lunar Core on the Moons Orientation20010044409Analytic SubsidiaryHellas as a Possible Site of Ancient Ice-covered Lakes20010044514Analytic SubsidiaryMorphology of Wrinkle Ridges on Lunae and Solis Plana, Mars from MOLA Topography: Implications for Their Kinematic Development20010044901Analytic SubsidiaryA Hypothesis for the Abiotic and Non-Martian Origins of Putative Signs of Ancient Martian Life in ALH8400120010044427Analytic SubsidiaryNoble Gas Isotopic Signatures and X-Ray and Electron Diffraction Characteristics of Tagish Lake Carbonaceous Chondrite20010045150Analytic SubsidiaryMapping the Inner Zodiacal Light with Clementine20010044837Analytic SubsidiaryHigh Pressure Anhydrous Phase Relations of Homestead L5: An Analog for Martian Mantle20010045080Analytic SubsidiaryMapping of the Chaac-Camaxtli Region of Io20010044692Analytic SubsidiaryOblique Impact Ejecta Flow Fields: An Application of Maxwells Z Model20010044905Analytic SubsidiaryThe Combined Detection of Morphological and Molecular Biomarkers: Implications for Astrobiology20010045331Analytic SubsidiaryThe Orbital Distribution of Meteorites Based on High Temperature Thermoluminescence20010044843Analytic SubsidiaryBarium Isotopes in Single Presolar Grains20010045246Analytic SubsidiaryProbable Carbonate Fossilization Processes Within Dead Sea Microbial Remains20010044881Analytic SubsidiaryThe Keck "Mars 2000" Project: Using Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter Data to Assess Geological Processes and Regional Stratigraphy Near Orcus Patera and Marte Vallis on Mars20010044624Analytic SubsidiaryArecibo to Goldstone Radar Interferometric Topography of Selected Regions of Venus20010045106Analytic SubsidiaryTidal and Librational Energetics of Europa20010044886Analytic SubsidiarySpectra of Angrites and Possible Parent Bodies20010044921Analytic SubsidiaryNew Evidence for Impact-induced Hydrothermal Alteration at the Lunar Crater, India: Implications for the Effect of Small Craters on the Mineralogical and Chemical Composition of the Martian Regolith20010045003Analytic SubsidiaryRemote Pulsed-Laser Raman Spectroscopy System for Mineral Analysis20010045369Analytic SubsidiaryA Model for Properties of Basin Ejecta Deposits and Secondary Crater Densities20010044782Analytic SubsidiaryFrom Binary Notation to Gravitational Waves: Rocket Science Made Easy20010045045Analytic SubsidiaryFIDO Prototype Mars Rover Field Trials, May 2000, Black Rock Summit, Nevada20010045146Analytic SubsidiarySerpentine by Hydrogenation of Fe-rich Ferromagnesiosilica PCs in Aggregate IDPs20010044772Analytic SubsidiaryThe Composition of 433 Eros: A Mineralogical-Chemical Synthesis20010045297Analytic SubsidiaryAge of EET79001B and Implications for Shergottite Origins20010045037Analytic SubsidiaryNeutron-Capture Kr-80 and Ar-36 in the Martian Atmosphere and Regolith20010045027Analytic SubsidiaryLaboratory Measurements of Radar Transmission Through Dust with Implications for Radar Imaging on Mars20010044933Analytic SubsidiaryCounting Craters on MOC Images: Production Functions and Other Complications20010044856Analytic SubsidiaryNear-Earth Asteroid Sample Return Missions20010045087Analytic SubsidiaryPlume Models and Pyroclastic Flow on Io20010044780Analytic SubsidiaryOn-Line Literature Search and Full Articles in the NASA ADS20010045201Analytic SubsidiaryPetrography, Mineralogy and Petrology of Two New HED Meteorites: Diogenite GRA98108 and Howardite GRA9803020010044376Analytic SubsidiaryElectrostatic Enhancement of Coagulation in Protoplanetary Nebulae20010044494Analytic SubsidiaryRe-Os in Lunar Soils and Meteoritic Siderophiles on the Lunar Surface20010045237Analytic SubsidiaryIntegrated Micro-Chip Amino Acid Chirality Detector for MOD20010044812Analytic SubsidiaryInfrared Spectral Signatures for Io's Dark and Green Spots20010044957Analytic SubsidiaryEuropa Orbiter Exploration Strategies20010044484Analytic SubsidiaryExposure Histories of Lunar Meteorites Northwest Africa 032 and Dhofar 08120010044693Analytic SubsidiaryNumerical Simulation of Oblique Impacts: Impact Melt and Transient Cavity Size20010045336Analytic SubsidiaryTopographic Feature Names on Venus: Progress in 2000, Review of 1997-2000 Development, Current State, and Prospective20010044985Analytic SubsidiaryAqueous Alteration of Mars-Analog Rocks Under an Acidic Atmosphere20010045282Analytic SubsidiaryCosmogenic Radionuclides in the Campo Del Cielo Iron Meteorite20010044827Analytic SubsidiaryMetastability of Liquid Water on Mars20010044671Analytic SubsidiaryPetrology and Geochemistry of Lunar Regolith Particle 65903,16-7: Evidence for Extreme Reduction and Oxidation20010045265Analytic SubsidiaryMn-Oxide Minerals from a Terrestrial Cave Environment: Biomarkers for the Search for Life on Mars?20010044720Analytic SubsidiarySystematics of Ni, Co, Cr and V in Olivine from Planetary Melt Systems: Martian Basalts20010044467Analytic SubsidiaryHighly Shocked Low Density Sedimentary Rocks from the Haughton Impact Structure, Devon Island, Nunavut, Canada20010045181Analytic SubsidiaryIntegrated Geologic, Hydrologic, and Geophysical Investigations of the Chesapeake Bay Impact Structure, Virginia, USA: A Multi-Agency Program20010044935Analytic SubsidiaryHighly Siderophile Elements in Shocked and Unshocked Chondrites20010044846Analytic SubsidiaryAbundances of Linear Carbon-Chain Molecules in Supernovae20010045065Analytic SubsidiaryGeophysical Exploration of Asteroids: The Deep Interior Mission Concept20010044822Analytic SubsidiarySurface Drainage on Mars20010045033Analytic SubsidiaryExtreme Rock Distributions on Mars20010045402Analytic SubsidiaryOn the Systematics of Lunar Regolith Compositions20010044926Analytic SubsidiaryGeothermal Heating, Convective Flow and Ice Thickness on Mars20010044414Analytic SubsidiarySnow and Ice Melt Flow Features on Devon Island, Nunavut, Arctic Canada as Possible Analogs for Recent Slope Flow Features on Mars20010044522Analytic SubsidiaryCould 433 Eros have a Primitive Achondritic Composition?20010044473Analytic SubsidiaryAnalyses of Mars Topography, Gravity and Aroid: Implications for Tharsis and Hellas20010045058Analytic SubsidiaryGSSR Mars Delay-Doppler Data Available for MER Landing Site Assessment20010044942Analytic SubsidiaryChondrites Under Stress: Physical Processes and Geochemical Signatures at Slow Experimental Strain Rates20010045031Analytic SubsidiaryMulti-Technique Study of a Martian Aeolian Sand Analog20010045076Analytic SubsidiaryThe Bloomsburg University Goniometer (B.U.G.) Laboratory: An Integrated Laboratory for Measuring Bidirectional Reflectance Functions20010044859Analytic SubsidiaryAsteroids: Does Space Weathering Matter?20010044530Analytic SubsidiaryBrazil Nuts on Eros: Size-Sorting of Asteroid Regolith20010045269Analytic SubsidiaryHematite Mineralized Bacterial Remnants: Implications for Martian Hematite Deposits20010045009Analytic SubsidiaryPhotodecomposition of Carbonates on Mars20010045310Analytic SubsidiaryN-Dimensional Visualization and Spectral Mixture Analysis Applied to Imager for Mars Pathfinder Data: Detection and Mapping of Rocks and Soils20010044519Analytic SubsidiaryA Very Large Population of Likely Buried Impact Basins in the Northern Lowlands of Mars Revealed by MOLA Data20010045238Analytic SubsidiaryUltra High-Resolution Electrospray Ionization/Ion Mobility Spectrometer System for In-Situ Detection of Organic Compounds20010044799Analytic SubsidiarySolid State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Studies of the Murchison Organic Macromolecule20010044668Analytic SubsidiaryDust Particle Charging near Surfaces in Space20010044817Analytic SubsidiaryDynamics and Evolution of SO2 Gas Condensation Around Prometheus-like Volcanic Plumes on Io as Seen by the Near Infrared Mapping Spectrometer20010044420Analytic SubsidiaryGalilean Satellite Surface Non-Ice Constituents: New Results from the Cassini/Huygens VIMS Jupiter Flyby in the Context of the Galileo NIMS Results20010045448Analytic SubsidiaryNeutron-Capture Gamma-Ray Data for Obtaining Elemental Abundances from Planetary Spectra20010044584Analytic SubsidiaryMars: Chronological Studies of the Large Volcanoes in Tharsis20010044919Analytic SubsidiarySpace Weathering Effects on Lunar Cold Traps20010044900Analytic SubsidiaryChains of Magnetite Crystals in the Meteorite ALH84001: Evidence of Biological Origin20010044908Analytic SubsidiaryGlobal Context for Lunar Nonmare Rock Types: Sample and Remote-Sensing Perspectives20010044899Analytic SubsidiaryTruncated Hexa-Octahedral Magnetites: Biosignatures in Terrestrial Samples and Martian Meteorite ALH8400120010045010Analytic SubsidiaryWeathering of Martian Evaporites20010045068Analytic SubsidiaryResults from a Prototype Multi-Element CdZnTe Gamma-Ray Detector for Planetary Missions20010044854Analytic SubsidiaryOn an Interstellar Origin for N-15 Fractionation in Meteorites20010045062Analytic SubsidiaryCan We Detect Carbonate and Sulfate Minerals on the Surface of Mars by Raman Spectroscopy?20010045147Analytic SubsidiaryHeat-Treatment of MgSiO Smokes of Astrophysical Interest: Possible Implications for Olivine-Pyroxene-Silica Assemblages in Chondritic Aggregate IDPs20010044631Analytic SubsidiaryStratigraphy and Observations of Nepthys Mons Quadrangle (V54), Venus20010044404Analytic SubsidiaryIdentification of Polygonal Patterns on Venus Using Mathematical Morphology20010044471Analytic SubsidiaryMOLA Science Team A Mars' Year of Topographic Mapping with the Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter20010044805Analytic SubsidiaryThermal Analysis of Labile Trace Elements in CM and CV Carbonaceous Chondrites Using Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometry20010045219Analytic SubsidiaryPressure Distribution in Inflated Lava Flows20010045236Analytic SubsidiaryBiomorphes in Carbonaceous Chondrites20010044830Analytic SubsidiaryEphemeral Dark Spots Associated with Martian Gullies20010045198Analytic SubsidiaryA Prolific Meteorite Stranding Surface: The Allan Hills Revisited20010044891Analytic SubsidiaryFormation of Mesosiderites: Fragmentation and Reaccretion of a Large Differentiated Asteroid20010045108Analytic SubsidiaryA Hydrothermal Origin for the Sulfate-rich Ocean of Europa20010044711Analytic SubsidiaryDust Ejection Induced by Small Meteoroids Impacting Martian Surface20010045209Analytic SubsidiaryAr-39/Ar-40 and Space Exposure Ages of the Unique Portales Valley H-Chondrite20010044987Analytic SubsidiaryNano-Diamonds in Chondritic Interplanetary Dust Particles20010044810Analytic SubsidiaryIo: Heat Flow and Surface Age20010044913Analytic SubsidiaryA Hybrid Method for Calculating TiO2 Concentrations Using Clementine UVVIS Data, and Verified with Lunar Prospector Neutron Spectrometer Data20010044835Analytic SubsidiaryCore-Formation Models and Extinct Nuclides20010045262Analytic SubsidiaryMicrofabrics in Siliceous Hotsprings: Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming20010044597Analytic SubsidiaryGlobal Digital Image Mosaics of Mars: Assessment of Geodetic Accuracy20010044563Analytic SubsidiaryProlonged Ponding Episode in C-Newton Crater in Recent Geological Times on Mars20010044588Analytic SubsidiaryPossible Hydrovolcanic Landforms Observed in MOC NA Imagery: A Preliminary Survey20010044442Analytic SubsidiaryChemical Variation of Silicate Mineral Phases in Lunar Feldspathic Granulitic Impactites: Implications for Thermal Histories and Provenances20010045240Analytic SubsidiaryMars Immunoassay Life Detection Instrument for Astrobiology (MILDI)20010044814Analytic SubsidiaryPower Outputs and Volumetric Eruption Rates for Ionian Volcanoes from Galileo-NIMS Data20010045050Analytic SubsidiaryU.S. Participation in the Mars Express Mission20010044372Analytic SubsidiaryExtinct Radioactivities and the R-Process Jet20010045387Analytic SubsidiaryEmplacement of a Debris Ocean on Mars by Regional-Scale Collapse and Flow at the Crustal Dichotomy20010044928Analytic SubsidiaryThe History of Water Discharge in the Margaritifer Sinus Region of Mars20010044784Analytic SubsidiaryGRIDVIEW: Recent Improvements in Research and Education Software for Exploring Mars Topography20010045307Analytic SubsidiaryEvidence of Strong Change in Seasonal Wind Pattern for Ultimi Lobe, Southern Polar Layered Deposits, Mars20010044769Analytic SubsidiaryDiscovery of the First D-Asteroid Spectral Counterpart: Tagish Lake Meteorite20010044556Analytic SubsidiaryApplication of Terrestrial Geomorphic Threshold Theory to the Analysis of Small Channels on Mars20010044895Analytic SubsidiarySimultaneous Production of Reduced Nitrogen Compounds and Hydrocarbons Using Amorphous Iron Silicate Smokes as a Catalyst20010044906Analytic SubsidiaryThe Fe-Isotope System and Its Applicability as a Biosignature20010044831Analytic SubsidiaryRecent Aqueous Environments in Impact Craters and the Astrobiological Exploration of Mars20010044927Analytic SubsidiaryPaleotopographic Reconstruction of the Tharsis Magmatic Complex Reveals Potential Ancient Drainage Basin/Aquifer System20010044804Analytic SubsidiaryCompositional Zoning and Mn-Cr Systematics in Carbonates from the Y791198 CM2 Carbonaceous Chondrite20010045030Analytic SubsidiaryStudy of a Martian Aeolian Sand Analog with MECA Microscopy20010044816Analytic SubsidiaryEruption Mechanisms for Loki, Io: Inferences Based on Galileo and Groundbased Data20010045079Analytic SubsidiaryJSC Curation and Future Sample Return Missions20010044526Analytic SubsidiaryThermo-Reflectance Spectra of Eros: Unambiguous Detection of Olivine
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