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Lunar and Planetary Science XXXIThis CD-ROM presents papers presented to the Thirty-first Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, March 13-17, 2000, Houston, Texas. Eighty-one conference sessions, and over one thousand extended abstracts are included. Abstracts cover topics such as Martian surface properties and geology, meteoritic composition, Martian landing sites and roving vehicles, planned Mars Sample Return Missions, and general astrobiology.
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Conference Proceedings
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August 19, 2013
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March 1, 2000
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Publication: Lunar and Planetary Science XXXI
Subject Category
Lunar And Planetary Science And Exploration
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Lunar and Planetary Science XXXI(Houston, TX)
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A Comparison Between Observations and Numerical Simulations20000081303Analytic SubsidiaryA Modified CIPW Norm Calculation for Lunar Mare Basalts20000081159Analytic SubsidiaryMars' "White Rock" Feature Lacks Evidence of an Aqueous Origin20000081007Analytic SubsidiarySpatially Resolved Acid Dissolution of IDPs: The State of Carbon and the Abundance of Diamonds in the Dust20000081615Analytic SubsidiaryPetrology and Geochemistry of an Unusual Ferroan Anorthositic-Troctolite Assemblage from Apollo 1620000081059Analytic SubsidiarySatellite Recoil from a Circumplanetary Disk20000081279Analytic SubsidiaryFerrihydrite Alteration to Magnetite, Maghemite and Hematite; Implications for Iron Oxides on Mars20000081355Analytic SubsidiaryTremolite Decomposition and Water on Venus20000081621Analytic SubsidiaryMOD: An In-Situ Organic Detector for the MSR 2003 Mission20000081190Analytic SubsidiarySeasonal Driving of a Martian Atmospheric Electric Circuit20000080759Analytic SubsidiaryHyperspectral Imaging Experiments in Preparation for Upcoming Mars Surface Missions20000081490Analytic SubsidiaryThe Lunar Orbiter Photographic Atlas Digital Archive20000080672Analytic SubsidiaryThe Mars Pathfinder APXS Sites: New Insights from Improved IMP Calibration and Image Analysis20000081175Analytic SubsidiaryFractionation of Delta-C(13) Values Between the Carbonate Mud-Mounds and the Coeval Adjacent Limestone: Evidence of Microbes?20000081525Analytic SubsidiaryWind-related Modification of the Meteorite Crater Morphology as Key to Wind Regime History on Mars20000080880Analytic SubsidiaryHigh Resolution Calculations of Asteroid Impacts into the Venusian Atmosphere20000080858Analytic SubsidiaryVolcanic Degassing of Hydrogen Compounds on Io20000081201Analytic SubsidiaryX-Ray Absorption near Edge Structure Spectroscopy of Nanodiamonds from the Allende Meteorite20000080605Analytic SubsidiarySpectroscopic Observation of Chemical Interaction Between Impact-induced Vapor Clouds and the Ambient Atmosphere20000081521Analytic SubsidiaryThe Concentration of Oxygen (and Silicon) in Lunar Materials20000080589Analytic SubsidiaryAustralian Paleoflood Systems: An Analogue for Martian Channel Systems20000080758Analytic SubsidiaryMineral Features of EETA79001 Martian Meteorite Revealed by Point-Counting Raman Measurements as Anticipated for In-Situ Exploration on Planetary Surfaces20000081172Analytic SubsidiarySulphur Spring: Busy Intersection and Possible Martian Analogue20000080799Analytic SubsidiaryActive-Passive Microwave Remote Sensing of Martian Permafrost and Subsurface Water20000081341Analytic SubsidiaryGeology of the V28 Quadrangle: Hecate Chasma, Venus20000080595Analytic SubsidiaryMeteorological Control on the Formation of Martian Paleolakes20000080856Analytic SubsidiaryInterpreting NEAR XGRS Results for the Class S Asteroid 433 Eros with an Interactive Meteorite Database20000080732Analytic SubsidiaryMariner 9 Photoclinometric Analysis of the South Polar Layered Deposits on Mars20000080788Analytic SubsidiaryLacustrine Deltas in Martian Impact Craters: Morphologies, Types, and Significance20000081241Analytic SubsidiaryMars Orbiter Laser Altimeter (MOLA) Topography and Preliminary Analysis of a South Polar Enigmatic Small Volcano20000081025Analytic SubsidiaryFullerenes and Noble Gases in the Murchison and Allende Meteorites20000080946Analytic SubsidiaryBringing Space Science into the Kindergarten Classroom20000080789Analytic SubsidiaryHydrologic and Climatic Significance of Lacustrine Deltas in Martian Impact Craters20000081492Analytic SubsidiaryStrategy and Technology Overview for EVA-Rover Exploration of Subsurface and Challenging Environments on Mars20000081242Analytic SubsidiaryMorphology of Some Small Mars North-Polar Volcanic Edifices from Viking Images and MOLA Topography20000081192Analytic SubsidiaryFractionation of Ar and Ne Isotopes in Martian Atmosphere and Some Implications to S Isotope Studies in SNC Meteorites20000080749Analytic SubsidiaryThe Mars Surveyor Program: Planned Orbiter and Lander for 200120000080874Analytic Subsidiary3.5-cm Imaging of the Mercury North Polar Radar-Bright Features20000080604Analytic SubsidiaryA New View of Ejecta Curtains During Oblique Impacts Using 3D Particle Imaging Velocimetry20000080909Analytic SubsidiaryGenesis Solar-Wind Sample Return Mission: The Materials20000080753Analytic SubsidiaryOrbital Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) for Mars Post Sample Return Exploration20000081148Analytic SubsidiaryEuropa's Opposition Spike: Preliminary Results from Galileo E14 Observations20000080760Analytic SubsidiaryAIMS: A Prototype Visible and Near-IR Imaging Spectrometer for Mars Surface Science20000081461Analytic SubsidiaryAstronaut-Rover Exploration Strategies (ARES) for the Human Exploration of Mars20000081628Analytic SubsidiaryCuration and Handling for a Mars Sample Return Mission20000080704Analytic SubsidiaryThorium Mass Balance for the Moon from Lunar Prospector and Sample Data: Implications for Thermal Evolution20000081289Analytic SubsidiaryCharacterization of Structures and Compositions of Quadrilateral Pyroxenes by Raman Spectroscopy - Implications for Future Planetary Exploration20000080629Analytic SubsidiaryHigh-Resolution Images of Io from Galileo SSI20000080641Analytic SubsidiaryPreliminary Admittance Estimates for the Valles Marineris, Mars20000081026Analytic SubsidiaryUpdate on Terrestrial Ages of Antarctic Meteorites20000081451Analytic SubsidiaryGrain-size Distribution of Apollo 11 Soil 1008420000080754Analytic SubsidiaryMARS Electromagnetic Sounding Experiment (MARSES): Comparative Field Exploration on Devon Island and Other Regions20000080630Analytic SubsidiaryNew Results on Io's Color and Composition20000080623Analytic SubsidiaryA Close-Up View of Io in the Infrared: NIMS Results from the Galileo Fly-Bys20000081236Analytic SubsidiaryRelease of Implanted Noble Gases from Metallic Glass Vitreloy During Pyrolysis20000080752Analytic SubsidiaryThe Distributed Electrometer Chain (DCE) on the Mars 2003 Lander20000080643Analytic SubsidiaryTectonics of the Tharsis Region of Mars: Insights from MGS Topography and Gravity20000080625Analytic SubsidiaryThe SO2 Cycle on Io as Seen by the Near Infrared Mapping Spectrometer20000080776Analytic SubsidiaryA Virtual, Collaborative Web Environment for Mars Landing Site Studies20000080628Analytic SubsidiaryModeling Io's Heat Flow: Constraints from Galileo PPR Data20000081319Analytic SubsidiaryImproved Scheme of Modified Gaussian Deconvolution for Reflectance Spectra of Lunar Soils20000081086Analytic SubsidiaryAstrophysical Constraints on Chondrule Formation Models20000081395Analytic SubsidiaryComparison of Terrestrial Aeolian Rock Textures to Those at the Mars Pathfinder Landing Site20000081041Analytic SubsidiaryObservations of Reflectivity of the Martian Surface in the Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter (MOLA) Investigation20000081548Analytic SubsidiaryDevelopment and Use of a Computer Software for Learning by Observation and Appreciation: A New Way of Planetary Science Education20000081454Analytic SubsidiaryThe Influence of Suspended Metal in Silicate Liquid on Metal/Silicate Partitioning: A Numerical Study20000081042Analytic SubsidiaryGlobal Vertical Roughness of Mars from Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter Pulse-Width Measurements20000081117Analytic SubsidiaryApex-Antapex Cratering Asymmetries on Synchronous Satellites XXXI20000080706Analytic SubsidiaryThe Nature of Mare Basalts in the Procellarum KREEP Terrane20000081295Analytic SubsidiaryThe Distribution of Magnetic Sources on Mars as Related to Surface Geology20000080596Analytic SubsidiaryThe Interior Lowland Plains Unit of Mars: Evidence for a Possible Mud Ocean and Induced Tectonic Deformation20000081112Analytic SubsidiaryGalileo Observations of Callisto's Opposition Effect20000081261Analytic SubsidiaryUsing Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter (MOLA) Data to Assess Impact Crater Modification in the Arrhenius Region of Mars20000081171Analytic SubsidiaryRevisiting the Swaziland Supergroup: New Approaches to Examining Evidence for Early Life on Earth20000081626Analytic SubsidiaryPreliminary Evaluation of Engineering Constraints of Mars Sample Return Landing Sites20000080911Analytic SubsidiaryLUGH, the Proposed Mercury Express Mission, as an Ideal, Current, Low-Cost, Low-Risk Option for Mercury Exploration20000081077Analytic SubsidiaryThe Distribution of Crystalline Hematite on Mars from the Thermal Emission Spectrometer: Evidence for Liquid Water20000081113Analytic SubsidiaryRadar Imaging of the Icy Galilean Satellites During 1999 Opposition20000080723Analytic SubsidiaryMars' Oceanus Borealis, Ancient Glaciers, and the MEGAOUTFLO Hypothesis20000081455Analytic SubsidiaryGeology of the V39 Quadrangle: Taussig, Venus20000080618Analytic SubsidiaryRe-Os Systematics in Pallasites and in Group IIIAB High-Ni Iron Meteorites20000080718Analytic SubsidiaryThe Formation Age of Comets: Predicted Physical and Chemical Trends20000081622Analytic SubsidiaryMars Scout: An Astrobiology Micromission to Investigate Martian Environments20000081468Analytic SubsidiaryElectrochemical Measurement of Activities for NiO, Ru2O3, and ZnO in a Lunar Volcanic Glass Analog20000080649Analytic SubsidiaryInterpreting HSE Contents of Planetary Basalts: The Importance of Sulfide Saturation and Under-Saturation20000081335Analytic SubsidiaryCrust/Mantle Interactions on Venus: Morphostratigraphic, Structural and Geophysical Analyses of the Feronia Corona Area20000081623Analytic SubsidiaryA High-Pressure Hollow Cathode Discharge Source for Ion Mobility Spectrometers for In-Situ Detection of Organic Molecules on Mars20000080726Analytic SubsidiaryTopography of Small Volcanic Edifices in the Mars Northern Polar Region from Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter Observations20000081518Analytic SubsidiaryThe Magnesium Mystery of the Apollo 11 Regolith20000080639Analytic SubsidiaryLithospheric Structure from Mars Global Surveyor Topography and Gravity and Implications for the Early Thermal Evolution of Mars20000080719Analytic SubsidiaryTrapping of Volatiles in Amorphous Water Ice20000081423Analytic SubsidiaryDetectability of Martian Evaporites: Terrestrial Analog Studies with MASTER Data20000081098Analytic SubsidiaryThe Direct Extraction of DNA from Allende20000080869Analytic SubsidiaryEnergy Dissipation by Tides and Librations in Synchronous Satellites20000081210Analytic SubsidiaryFerrous Silicate Spherules with Euhedral Fe,Ni-Metal Grains in CH Carbonaceous Chondrites: Evidence for Condensation Under Highly Oxidizing Conditions20000081089Analytic SubsidiaryChondrules of the Very First Generation in Bencubbin/CH-like Meteorites QUE94411 and Hammadah Al Hamra 237: Condensation Origin at High Ambient Nebular Temperatures20000080790Analytic SubsidiaryHydrology in the Durius Valles Region: Evaluation of Possible Correlation with Volcanism and Magnetic Anomalies20000081427Analytic SubsidiaryCarbonate and Magnetite Parageneses as Monitors of Carbon Dioxide and Oxygen Fugacity20000080654Analytic SubsidiaryChondrites Under Stress: What Can They Tell Us About Core Formation Processes?20000081458Analytic SubsidiaryMore New Names for the Features on Venus: A Review of the 1999 Progress20000080955Analytic SubsidiaryInteractive Graphics Tools for Analysis of MOLA and Other Data20000080806Analytic SubsidiaryMapping of the Lunar Crustal Magnetic Field by Lunar Prospector20000081101Analytic SubsidiaryA 3.8 b.y. History of Bacterial Biofilms and Their Significance in the Search for Extraterrestrial Life20000081237Analytic SubsidiaryProduction of Short-lived Radionuclides by Protons and Neutrons in Fe and Ni Targets: Cross Sections Needed for Cosmic Ray Studies20000081096Analytic SubsidiaryThe Microbiological Contamination of Meteorites: A Null Hypothesis20000081244Analytic SubsidiaryIdentifying Martian Hydrothermal Sites: Geological Investigation Utilizing Multiple Datasets20000081280Analytic SubsidiaryThermal and Evolved Gas Analysis of Hydromagnesite and Nesquehonite: Implications for Remote Thermal Analysis on Mars20000080927Analytic SubsidiaryToward an In Situ Organic and Atomic Microprobe with Laser TOF-MS20000080627Analytic SubsidiaryMyriads of Small, Hot Eruptions on Io20000081290Analytic SubsidiaryRemote Raman System for Planetary Landers: Data Reduction and Analysis20000081227Analytic SubsidiaryForsteritic Olivine Grains in Unequilibrated Ordinary Chondrites: Additional Evidence for a Link Between Ordinary and Carbonaceous Chondrites20000081070Analytic SubsidiaryA Large Population of Possible Buried Impact Basins on Mars Revealed by MOLA Topographic Data20000081167Analytic SubsidiaryThe Martian Surface Boundary Layer20000081278Analytic SubsidiaryDifferential Scanning Calorimetry of Volatile-bearing Iron Minerals Under Mars-like Pressures: New Insights into Energetics and Mechanisms of Thermal Decomposition20000080626Analytic SubsidiaryEruption Evolution of Major Volcanoes on Io: Galileo Takes a Close Look20000081247Analytic SubsidiaryFar-Field Rock Size-Frequency Distribution at the Mars Pathfinder Landing Site and Comparison to the Near Field20000081122Analytic SubsidiaryVenusian Coronae with Variable Elastic Thickness as a Function of Wavelength20000081225Analytic SubsidiaryThermoluminescence Sensitivity and Thermal History of Unequilibrated Ordinary Chondrites: Review and Update20000080619Analytic SubsidiaryNew Applications of the Re-187 - Os-187 and Pt-190 - Os-186 Isotope Systems to the Study of Iron Meteorites20000081428Analytic SubsidiaryRaman Mapping of Carbonates in ALH84001 Martian Meteorite20000080920Analytic SubsidiaryMALDI for Europa Planetary Science and Exobiology20000081019Analytic SubsidiaryComparative FeNi and Silicate Chronology in Portales Valley20000081173Analytic SubsidiaryMicrobial Life in the Deep Subsurface: Deep, Hot and Radioactive20000081235Analytic SubsidiaryCosmogenic Ne-21 Production Rates in H-Chondrites Based on Cl-36 - Ar-36 Ages20000080746Analytic SubsidiaryPost-Impact Hydrothermal Activity at the Haughton Impact Structure, Devon Island, Nunavut, Canada20000080795Analytic SubsidiaryNew Evidence that the Valles Marineris Interior Layered Deposits Formed in Standing Bodies of Water20000081342Analytic SubsidiaryCoronae of Parga Chasma, Venus: Implications for Chasma and Corona Evolution20000080679Analytic SubsidiaryCriteria for Remote Sensing Detection of Sulfate Cemented Soils on Mars20000081169Analytic SubsidiaryThe Density Structure of the Martian Thermosphere from MGS Drag Measurements During SPO20000080571Analytic SubsidiaryModels of the Thermal Evolution of an Initially Hot Solar Nebula: Implications for Planetary Material20000081104Analytic SubsidiaryFormation of Adsorbed Oxygen Radicals on Minerals at the Martian Surface and the Decomposition of Organic Molecules20000081204Analytic SubsidiaryNoble Gas Incorporation into Graphitic "Smokes"20000081260Analytic SubsidiaryDetailed Topographic Structure of the Isidis Impact Basin from MOLA Data20000081405Analytic SubsidiaryZr and Mo Isotopic Constraints on the Origins of Unusual Types of Presolar SiC Grains20000081281Analytic SubsidiaryThermal and Evolved Gas Analyses at Reduced Pressures: A Mineral Database for the Thermal Evolved Gas Analyzer (TEGA)20000080668Analytic SubsidiaryTungsten Partitioning in Silicates. A Key to Understanding the Early Evolution of the Moon20000080805Analytic SubsidiaryStrong Magnetic Anomalies on the Lunar Near Side20000081097Analytic SubsidiaryElectron Microscopy Studies, Surface Analysis and Microbial Culturing Experiments on a Depth Profile Through Martian Meteorite Nakhla20000080681Analytic SubsidiaryIdentification of Crystalline Minerals in Volcanic Alteration Products and Applications to the Surface of Mars20000081424Analytic SubsidiaryH2O Adsorption Kinetics on Smectites20000081262Analytic SubsidiaryMid-Latitude Simple to Transitional Impact Craters on Mars: From Viking Images and Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter (MOLA) Topographic Data20000081396Analytic SubsidiaryThermal Emission Spectroscopy of Synthetic Coesite and Stishovite20000081069Analytic SubsidiaryGlobal Distribution of On-Set Diameters of Rampart Ejecta Craters on Mars: Their Implication to the History of Martian Water20000081291Analytic SubsidiaryEffect of Grain Size and Grain Orientation on the Raman Spectra of Minerals20000081109Analytic SubsidiaryEruption Conditions of Pele Volcano on Io Inferred from Chemistry of Its Volcanic Plume20000080637Analytic SubsidiaryLatest Results from the Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter (MOLA)20000080693Analytic SubsidiaryPreliminary Examination of Sahara 99555: Mineralogy and Experimental Studies of a New Angrite20000081519Analytic SubsidiaryOn the Relationship Between Site Geology and the Distribution of Surface Regolith Compositions at the Apollo Sites20000081266Analytic SubsidiarySmall Crater Populations on Mars: Studies of MOC Images20000081605Analytic SubsidiaryThermally-Labile Trace Elements in Enstatite Meteorites20000080587Analytic SubsidiaryFluvial Valley and Ocean Formation on Mars: Insights from MGS20000081095Analytic SubsidiarySurvival of Bacillus Subtilis Spores and Deinococcus Radiodurans Cells Exposed to the Extreme Acceleration and Shock Predicted During Planetary Ejection20000081233Analytic SubsidiaryThe Interpretation of Natural Thermoluminescence Data for Meteorites: Theoretical Basis and Practical Application20000081023Analytic SubsidiaryExposure History of Separated Phases from the Kapoeta Meteorite20000080818Analytic SubsidiaryChinguetti: Terrestrial Age and Pre-Atmospheric Radius20000080804Analytic SubsidiaryAn Empirical Relation Between the Lunar Prospector Gamma-Ray and Soil Sample Th Abundances20000081170Analytic SubsidiaryMineralogy of approximately 1-10 Micrometer Iron Spheres Within 3.4 Ga Rocks (Towers Formation, Warrawoona Group, Northwestern Australia)20000081218Analytic SubsidiaryAqueous Processing in Planetesimals of Interstellar Species20000080708Analytic SubsidiaryThe Distribution of Mare Source Regions: Evidence Using Remotely Sensed Data20000080716Analytic SubsidiaryProbable Geologic Composition, Thermal History, and Meteorite Affinities for Mainbelt Asteroid 349 Dembowska20000081287Analytic SubsidiaryGeological Characterization of Remote Field Sites Using Visible and Infrared Spectroscopy: Results from the 1999 Marsokhod Field Test20000080944Analytic SubsidiaryStudent Participation in Mars Sample Return Rover Field Tests, Silver Lake, California20000081406Analytic SubsidiaryToward Complete Isotopic Analysis of Individual Presolar Silicon Carbide Grains: C, N, Si, Sr, Zr, Mo, and Ba in Single Grains of Type X20000080992Analytic SubsidiaryMagmatic-Tectonic Evolution of Tharsis20000081152Analytic SubsidiaryFreezing of Oceanic Water on Europa: Theoretical Modeling20000081382Analytic SubsidiaryThe YORP Effect and the Spin of Small Asteroids20000080720Analytic SubsidiaryCollisional Processing of Proto-Comets in the Primordial Solar Nebula20000081110Analytic SubsidiaryFlooding of Smooth Terrain on Ganymede by Low-Viscosity Aqueous Lavas: Direct Evidence from VGR-GLL Stereo Synergism20000080940Analytic SubsidiaryProbing Below the Surface of Mars: Bringing a Mars Mission into the Classroom20000080566Analytic SubsidiaryPetrologic History of a Complex Pyroxenite Xenolith in the EETA79001 Martian Meteorite20000080711Analytic SubsidiaryBulk Compositional Trends in Meteorites: A Guide for Analysis and Interpretation of NEAR XGRS Data from Asteroid 433 Eros20000081431Analytic SubsidiaryField Emission Gun Scanning Electron (FEGSEM) and Transmission Electron (TEM) Microscopy of Phyllosilicates in Martian Meteorites ALH84001, Nakhla, and Shergotty20000080640Analytic SubsidiaryLocalized Gravity/Topography Admittances on Mars20000081142Analytic SubsidiaryNitrogen Isotopic Signatures: Tracers of Relationships Among Meteorite Groups20000081176Analytic SubsidiaryA Preliminary ToF-SIMS Assessment of Preservation Potential of Organic Biomarkers in Modern Siliceous Sinter and Core, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming20000080688Analytic SubsidiaryRe-Examination of Al-26 - Mg-26 Systematics in the Piplia Kalan Eucrite20000080997Analytic SubsidiarySources of Magnetic Anomalies on Mars and Their Implications20000081182Analytic SubsidiaryMicrobial Alteration of Maskelynite: Implications for ALH 8400120000080995Analytic SubsidiaryMartian Wrinkle Ridge Topography: Evidence for Subsurface Faults from MOLA20000081445Analytic SubsidiaryThe Influence of Degassing on the Emplacement of Lava Flows: Implications for Planetary Modeling Studies20000081384Analytic SubsidiaryVesta as Seen by IUE and HST: Correlations in UV Brightness with Topography and Composition20000080651Analytic SubsidiarySimilar Early Differentiations for the Moon and Mars20000081618Analytic SubsidiaryEstimation of Soil Thermal Conductivity from a Mars Microprobe-type Penetrator20000080807Analytic SubsidiaryComparison of Possible Sources of Lunar Polar Hydrogen Deposits20000081437Analytic SubsidiaryNAI Education and Public Outreach20000080945Analytic SubsidiaryAddressing the Misconceptions of Middle School Students About Becoming a Scientist or Engineer20000081595Analytic SubsidiaryTemperature Dependence of Individual Absorptions Bands in Olivine: Implications for Inferring Compositions of Asteroid Surfaces from Spectra20000081383Analytic SubsidiaryReanalysis of the Galileo SSI/NIMS-derived Spectra of Asteroid 951 Gaspra20000081452Analytic SubsidiaryThe Origin of Fullerenes in the 65 Myr Old Cretaceous/Tertiary Boundary20000081066Analytic SubsidiaryGlobal Geometric Properties of Martian Impact Craters: An Assessment from Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter (MOLA) Digital Elevation Models20000080692Analytic SubsidiaryZag (b): A Ferroan Achondrite Intermediate Between Brachinites and Lodranites20000080928Analytic SubsidiaryMEMS-based Ultra-Spectrometer (MEMUS): Status Report20000080935Analytic SubsidiaryArrays of Encapsulated CdZnTe Gamma-Ray Detectors for Planetary Missions20000080971Analytic SubsidiaryOxygen Isotopes of CAIs from Unequilibrated Enstatite Chondrites: Characteristics and Implications20000080907Analytic SubsidiaryThe Effect of Alkalis and Titanium on the Fe-Mg K(sub D) Between Olivine and Liquid20000081558Analytic SubsidiaryWavelength Dependence of the Coherent Backscattering Induced Phase Curve in Simulated Planetary Regolith Material20000080633Analytic SubsidiaryDegradation and Deformation of Scarps and Slopes on Io: New Results20000080983Analytic SubsidiarySolar Wind Interaction with Lunar Crustal Magnetic Fields: Relation to Albedo Swirls20000080934Analytic SubsidiaryX-Ray Imaging Applied to Problems in Planetary Materials20000081073Analytic SubsidiaryPulses of Magmatic Activity Through Time: Potential Triggers for Climatic Variations on Mars20000080826Analytic SubsidiaryDefining the Petrology of Pseudotachylytes in Ordinary Chondrites: An Experimental and Deductive Approach20000081435Analytic SubsidiaryA Cometary Origin of the Amino Acids in the Orgueil Meteorite?20000080617Analytic SubsidiaryPositive Ru-98 and Ru-99 Anomalies in Iron Meteorites20000080982Analytic SubsidiaryThe KREEP Components of the Apollo 12 Regolith20000081292Analytic SubsidiaryImaging Mars with 3.5 cm Radar20000080761Analytic SubsidiaryDifferential Scanning Calorimetry and Evolved Gas Analysis at Mars Ambient Conditions Using the Thermal Evolved Gas Analyser (TEGA)20000081248Analytic SubsidiaryAnalyses of Rock Size-Frequency Distributions and Morphometry of Modified Hawaiian Lava Flows: Implications for Future Martian Landing Sites20000081187Analytic SubsidiaryThe Search for Life on Mars in Surface Samples: Lessons from the 1999 Marsokhod Field Test20000080699Analytic SubsidiaryLunar Power Dissipated by Tides and Core-Mantle Interaction20000081014Analytic SubsidiaryRe-Examination of Anomalous I-Xe Ages: Orgueil and Murchison Magnetites and Allegan Feldspar20000081520Analytic SubsidiarySiderophile Element Concentrations in Two Metal Fragments from the Apollo 16 Regolith20000080763Analytic SubsidiaryVisible to Near-IR Imaging Spectroscopy of Mars Using HST20000081407Analytic SubsidiaryPresolar SiC of Type A+B: Grains of an Enigmatic Origin20000081188Analytic SubsidiaryGeophysics of an Oceanic Ice Shell on Snowball Earth20000081608Analytic SubsidiaryCharacterization of Terrestrial Analog Sites for Mars Mission Engineering Development Activities20000081194Analytic SubsidiaryResults of the Imager for Mars Pathfinder Windsock Experiment20000080976Analytic SubsidiaryProduction of Agglutinates in the Lunar Regolith20000081327Analytic SubsidiaryThe First Confirmed Videorecordings of Lunar Meteor Impacts20000081234Analytic SubsidiaryNoble Gases in the Monahans Chondrite and Halite: Ar-39 - Ar-40 Age, Space Exposure Age, Trapped Solar Gases, and Neutron Fluence20000080899Analytic SubsidiaryMagnetism of Carbonados20000080621Analytic SubsidiaryI-Xe Record of Cooling in K-Feldspar Inclusion from the Colomera (IIE) Iron20000081161Analytic SubsidiaryGlobal Distribution of Dissected Duricrust on Mars20000080594Analytic SubsidiaryAge of Martian Impact Crater Lakes: The Morphological Evidence for Recent Lacustrine Activity20000080565Analytic SubsidiaryExperimental Constraints on the Cr Content, Oxygen Fugacity, and Petrogenesis of EETA79001 Lithology A20000080740Analytic SubsidiaryChicxulub High-Altitude Ballistic Ejecta from Central Belize20000081183Analytic SubsidiaryMartian Soil Plant Growth Experiment: The Effects of Adding Nitrogen, Bacteria, and Fungi to Enhance Plant Growth20000081426Analytic SubsidiaryStatistical Analyses Comparing Prismatic Magnetite Crystals in ALH84001 Carbonate Globules with those from the Terrestrial Magnetotactic Bacteria Strain MV-120000080884Analytic SubsidiaryUsing 3-D PIV in Laboratory Impact Experiments20000081298Analytic SubsidiaryOn the Origin of Nonmare Materials at the Apollo 12 Landing Site20000080937Analytic SubsidiaryAn Impact Tool for In Situ Planetary Geology20000081616Analytic SubsidiaryMars Oxidant Instrument (MOI): An In-Situ Heterogeneous Chemistry Analysis20000081000Analytic SubsidiaryOrigin of Magnetic Linear Pattern on Mars20000080568Analytic SubsidiaryRe-Os Isotopic Evidence for Early Differentiation of the Martian Mantle20000080984Analytic SubsidiaryRegional Mapping of the Lunar Crustal Magnetic Field: Correlation of Strong Anomalies with Curvilinear Albedo Markings20000080615Analytic SubsidiaryWeathering and Secondary Minerals in the Martian Meteorite Shergotty
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