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Lunar and Planetary Science XXXIVThe 34th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference was held March 17-21, 2003. Topics included planetary exploration, crater research on Mars, Earth, Moon, and other planets or satellites, imaging techniques and image analysis, age determination, albedo studies, petrographic studies, isotope composition studies, instrument design, sampling methods, landform analysis, asteroids, impact analysis, impact melts, and related research.
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Conference Proceedings
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August 21, 2013
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January 1, 2003
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ISSN: 0161-5297
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Lunar And Planetary Science And Exploration
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Lunar and Planetary Science XXXIV(Houston, TX)
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SubsidiaryMoessbauer Spectroscopy of Mineral Separates from SNC Meteorites20030111588Analytic SubsidiaryResults from the Martian Radiation Environment Experiment MARIE20030110975Analytic SubsidiaryComparison Between Terrestrial Explosion Crater Morphology in Floating Ice and Europan Chaos20030110601Analytic SubsidiaryComparison of Synchrotron MicroXANES Determination of Fe(3+)/Sigma Fe with Moessbauer Values for Clean Mineral Separates of Pyroxene from Martian Meteorites20030111128Analytic SubsidiaryA Study of the Opposition Phase Curve in Low Albedo Media20030111249Analytic SubsidiarySpace Rocks Tell Their Secrets: Space Science Applications of Physics and Chemistry for High School and College Classes20030111370Analytic SubsidiaryElements of the Chicxulub Impact Structure as Revealed in SRTM and Surface GPS Topographic Data20030110757Analytic SubsidiaryDeploying Object Oriented Data Technology to the Planetary Data System20030111070Analytic SubsidiaryAutomated Rock Identification for Future Mars Exploration Missions20030111079Analytic SubsidiaryLarge-Diameter Visible and Buried Impact Basins on Mars: Implications for Age of the Highlands and (Buried) Lowlands and Turn-Off of the Global Magnetic Field20030111573Analytic SubsidiaryPolar Heat Flow on Io20030111237Analytic SubsidiarySecondary Fracturing of Europa's Crust in Response to Combined Slip and Dilation Along Strike-Slip Faults20030111272Analytic SubsidiaryRe-Os Systematics and HSE Distribution in Metal from Ochansk (H4) Chondrite20030110884Analytic SubsidiaryOMEGA Observations of Mars Analogue Rocks20030111320Analytic SubsidiaryThe Optical Properties of Nanophase Iron: Investigation of a Space Weathering Analog20030110994Analytic SubsidiarySolar Particle Events Observed by the Odyssey MARIE Instrument at Mars: Dose and Model Calculations20030110756Analytic SubsidiaryComparative Planetary Mineralogy: Basaltic Plagioclase from Earth, Moon, Mars and 4 Vesta20030110934Analytic SubsidiaryMN Carbonates in the Martian Meteorite Nakhla: Possible Evidence of Brine Evaporation20030110982Analytic SubsidiaryNew Ground-based Spectral Observations of Mercury and Comparison with the Moon20030110782Analytic SubsidiaryXe-126 Excesses: Monoisotopic Anomalies in Regolith Samples?20030111185Analytic SubsidiaryTrace Elements in High-Ca Pyroxene and Plagioclase in the Bilanga Diogenite: Implications for the Magmatic Evolution of Diogenites20030111299Analytic SubsidiaryImpact-generated Tsunamis: An Over-rated Hazard20030111496Analytic SubsidiaryThe Search for Water and Other Volatile-bearing Phases on Mars: Mauna Kea Volcano as an Analog20030111558Analytic SubsidiaryThree-Dimensional Morphological Analysis of ALH84001 Magnetite Using Electron Tomography20030110724Analytic SubsidiaryStudents Work Alongside Scientists to Test Mars Rover20030111578Analytic SubsidiaryEvidence for an 800 km Diameter Impact Structure in Meridiani Planum and Associated Channels and Basins: A Connection with the Origin of the Hematite Deposits?20030111540Analytic SubsidiaryAGE (Argon Geochronology Experiment): An Instrument for Geochronology on the Surface of Mars20030111572Analytic SubsidiaryMass and Size Frequency Distribution of the Impact Debris from Disruption of Chondritic Meteorites20030111523Analytic SubsidiaryThe Mars Underground Mole (MUM): A Subsurface Penetration Device with Infrared Reflectance and Raman Spectroscopic Sensing Capability20030110697Analytic SubsidiaryA Wheel Electrometer to Measure Electrostatic Fields on the Martian Surface20030110792Analytic SubsidiaryApplication of THEMIS Data to an Investigation of a Long Lava Flow in the Tharsis Montes Region of Mars20030111064Analytic SubsidiaryZeolite Formation and Weathering Processes Within the Martian Regolith: An Antarctic Analog20030110822Analytic SubsidiaryLeonid Dust Spheres Captured During the 2002 Storm?20030111484Analytic SubsidiaryDiffusion of Siderophile Elements in Fe Metal: Application to Zoned Metal Grains in Chondrites20030111057Analytic SubsidiaryTrace Element Distribution Between Olivine and Kirschsteinite in Angra Dos Reis20030110904Analytic SubsidiaryA Test of Maxwell's Z Model Using Inverse Modeling20030110810Analytic SubsidiaryEffect of Levee and Channel Structures on Long Lava Flow Emplacement: Martian Examples from THEMIS and MOLA Data20030111433Analytic SubsidiaryNew Model for Agglutinitic Glass Formation from LSCC Data20030111559Analytic SubsidiaryAn Extraction and Curation Technique for Particles Captured in Aerogel Collectors20030110870Analytic SubsidiaryAn Automated Approach for Acquiring Onboard Rover Science20030111359Analytic SubsidiaryMars Redox Chemistry: Atacama Desert Soils as a Terrestrial Analog20030110767Analytic SubsidiaryMagnetite-Magnesioferrite Phase Relations and Application to ALH8400120030110735Analytic SubsidiarySPADE: A Rock Crushing and Sample Handling System Developed for Mars Missions20030110936Analytic SubsidiaryComparing Run-Out Efficiency of Fluidized Ejecta on Mars with Terrestrial and Martian Mass Movements20030110656Analytic SubsidiarySpectroscopy and Photometry of the Earth Grazer 2002 NY4020030110604Analytic SubsidiaryA Near-Infrared (NIR) Global Multispectral Map of the Moon from Clementine20030111522Analytic SubsidiaryThe Enhancement of Water Ice Content in the Local Area Northeast of Arcadia Planitia: Evidence from Neutron Data from HEND (Mars Odyssey) and Elevation from MOLA (MGS)20030110805Analytic SubsidiaryOxygen Isotopic Composition of Individual Chondrules in an Enstatite Chondrite Yamato 79181020030110700Analytic SubsidiaryEndemic Ru Isotopic Anomalies in Iron Meteorites and in Allende20030110868Analytic SubsidiaryThe Apollo 16 Mare Component: Petrography, Geochemistry, and Provenance20030111596Analytic SubsidiaryCrystal Size Distributions from Porphyritic Olivine Chondrules: Insights into Formation Conditions20030111453Analytic SubsidiaryMaking a Regolith Breccia20030111666Analytic SubsidiarySpatial and Temporal Patterns of Tidal Dissipation in Synchronous Satellites20030111621Analytic SubsidiaryRb-Sr and Sm-Nd Study of the D'Orbigny Angrite20030111273Analytic SubsidiaryMartian Plains Volcanism in Syria Planum and Tempe Mareotis as Analogs to the Eastern Snake River Plains, Idaho: Similarities and Possible Petrologic Contributions to Topography20030111581Analytic SubsidiaryHigh Cooling Rates of Type-II Chondrules: Limited Overgrowths on Phenocrysts Following the Final Melting Event20030111598Analytic SubsidiaryGeologic Mapping Applications Using THEMIS Data for the Medusae Fossae Formation, Mars20030111243Analytic SubsidiaryMorphological Evidence for an Exclusively Inorganic Origin for Magnetite in Martian Meteorite ALH8400120030111188Analytic SubsidiaryThermal Emission Spectrometer Mosaics of Impact Craters: Progress on Shocked Plagioclase Detections20030111612Analytic SubsidiaryMars Exploration Rover Landing Site Boulder Fields20030111450Analytic SubsidiaryFurrow Topography and the Elastic Thickness of Ganymede's Dark Terrain Lithosphere20030111047Analytic SubsidiaryGap-Opening, Disk Clearing, and the Survival of the Regular Satellites of Jupiter and Saturn20030110814Analytic SubsidiaryMars Odyssey Science: The First Year and Beyond20030111662Analytic SubsidiaryMicro-Spectroscopy as a Tool for Detecting Micron-Scale Mineral Variations Across a Rock Surface: An Example Using a Thin Section of Martian Meteorite ALH 8400120030110607Analytic SubsidiaryMicrobial Fossils Detected in Desert Varnish20030111245Analytic SubsidiaryAbiotic Earth - Establishing a Baseline for Earliest Life, Data from the Archean of Western Australia20030110970Analytic SubsidiaryMolybdenum Isotopic Composition of Iron Meteorites, Chondrites and Refractory Inclusions20030111156Analytic SubsidiaryEffects of Microsecond Pulse Laser Irradiation on Vis-NIR Reflectance Spectrum of Carbonaceous Chondrite Simulant: Implications for Martian Moons and Primitive Asteroids20030111407Analytic SubsidiaryReuniting the Solar System: Integrated Education and Public Outreach Projects for Solar System Exploration Missions and Programs20030111520Analytic SubsidiaryIn Situ Heating Behavior by Infrared Microspectroscopy of Organic Components in Tagish Lake Meteorite20030110658Analytic SubsidiaryMartian Buried Basins and Implications for Characteristics of the Burial Layer and Underlying Surface20030111386Analytic SubsidiaryLarge Impact Features on Saturn's Middle-sized Icy Satellites: Global Image Mosaics and Topography20030110989Analytic SubsidiaryCarbonaceous Chondrite Fragments in the Polymict Eucrite Yamato 79183420030111539Analytic SubsidiaryExperimental Study of the Angle of Repose of Surrogate Martian Dust20030110628Analytic SubsidiaryVisible/Near-Infrared Spectra of Experimentally Shocked Plagioclase Feldspars20030111334Analytic SubsidiaryPlanetesimal Break-Up and the Feeding of Solids to the Satellite Disk: Consequences for the Formation Timescale and Composition of the Satellites of Jupiter and Saturn20030111182Analytic SubsidiaryDetermining the Biogenicity of Microfossils in the Apex Chert, Western Australia, Using Transmission Electron Microscopy20030111303Analytic SubsidiaryShock Heating and Subsequent Cooling of Basaltic Shergottites: The Cases for QUE94201 and Dhofar 37820030110837Analytic SubsidiaryMars Oxidant and Radical Detector20030111173Analytic SubsidiaryThe Mars Express/NASA Project at JPL20030111127Analytic SubsidiaryUsing MGS TES Data to Understand Water Cycling in Mars' North Polar Region20030110811Analytic SubsidiaryGish Bar Patera, Io: Geology and Volcanic Activity, 1996-200120030111536Analytic SubsidiaryCosmogenic Records in 18 Ordinary Chondrites from the Dar Al Gani Region, Libya20030110992Analytic SubsidiaryEarly Results from the Odyssey THEMIS Investigation20030111298Analytic SubsidiaryMars: Always Cold, Sometimes Wet?20030110896Analytic SubsidiaryDepth and Distribution of CO2 Snow on Mars20030110879Analytic SubsidiaryNumerical Simulations of Cosmogenic Neutron Production and Transport in Planetary Surfaces20030111270Analytic SubsidiaryPaterae on Io: Volcanic Activity Observed by Galileo's NIMS and SSI20030110942Analytic SubsidiaryNanophase, Low-Ni Metal Grains in Fine-grained Rims in the Murchison CM2 Chondrite: Insights into the Survival of Metal Grains During Aqueous Alteration20030111293Analytic SubsidiaryThe Initial W-182/W-183 and Hf-182/Hf-180 of the Solar System and a Consistent Chronology with Pb-Pb Ages20030110727Analytic SubsidiarySouth Pole-Aitken Sample Return Mission: Collecting Mare Basalts from the Far Side of the Moon20030110827Analytic SubsidiaryVolcanic Origin of Alkali Halides on Io20030110940Analytic SubsidiaryNumerical Simulations of Non-Newtonian Convection in Ice: Application to Europa20030111178Analytic SubsidiaryCautionary Notes on Cosmogenic W-182 and Other Nuclei in Lunar Samples20030111247Analytic SubsidiaryLunar Mare Basalts as Analogues for Martian Volcanic Compositions: Evidence from Visible, Near-IR, and Thermal Emission Spectroscopy20030110696Analytic SubsidiaryThe Licancabur Project: Exploring the Limits of Life in the Highest Lake on Earth as an Analog to Martian Paleolakes20030111584Analytic SubsidiaryDynamic Crystallization Experiments on LEW97008: Experimental Reproduction of Chondroid Textures20030110623Analytic SubsidiaryI-Xe Ages and Trapped Xe Compositions20030110773Analytic SubsidiarySeasonal CO2 Observations on North and South of Mars as Seen by HEND (Mars Odyssey) and MOLA (MGS)20030111211Analytic SubsidiarySpectral Properties of Hydrated Salts at Low Temperature: Implications for Europa Mission Spectrometer Design20030110887Analytic SubsidiaryExploring the Solar System Activities Outline: Hands-On Planetary Science for Formal Education K-14 and Informal Settings20030111089Analytic SubsidiaryCombined Carbon, Nitrogen, and Oxygen XANES Spectroscopy on Hydrated and Anhydrous Interplanetary Dust Particles20030110944Analytic SubsidiaryMartian and Terrestrial Rock Abrasion from Wind Tunnel and Field Studies20030111223Analytic SubsidiaryElectrospray Ionization/Ion Mobility Spectrometer/Cylindrical Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer System for In-Situ Detection of Organic Compounds20030111639Analytic SubsidiaryAriadnes-Gorgonum Knob Fields of North-Western Terra Sirenum, Mars20030111392Analytic SubsidiaryA New Measurement of the Absolute Spectral Reflectance of the Moon20030110932Analytic SubsidiaryA Study of Olivine Alteration to Iddingsite Using Raman Spectroscopy20030111206Analytic SubsidiaryOsmium Isotope Constraints on the Proportion of Bolide Component in Chicxulub Impact Melts20030110774Analytic SubsidiaryExamining Topography of Mars Impact Basins to Determine If Impact Basins Have Topographic Characteristics of a Crater20030111369Analytic SubsidiaryExperimental Determination of Spinel/Melt, Olivine/Melt, and Pyroxene/Melt Partition Coefficients for Re, Ru, Pd, Au, and Pt20030111537Analytic SubsidiaryThe Astrobiology Matrix and the "Drake Matrix" in Education20030110867Analytic SubsidiaryElectron Energy-Loss Spectroscopy (EELS) of Fe-bearing Sheet Silicates in CM Chondrites20030111264Analytic SubsidiaryHeavy Ion Flux Comparison of MARIE and ACE/CRIS Instruments20030111040Analytic SubsidiaryChiral Determination of Amino Acids Using X-Ray Diffraction of Thin Films20030111021Analytic SubsidiaryUse of an Ultrasonic/Sonic Driller/Corer to Obtain Sample Powder for CHEMIN, a Combined XRD/XRF Instrument20030111367Analytic Subsidiary3D Simulations of Comet Impacts into the Atmospheres of Titan and Venus20030110997Analytic SubsidiaryThermal Conductivity Studies of Sedimentary Materials from Central Australia and the Implications for Mars20030111212Analytic SubsidiaryThe Pulse of the Volcano: Discovery of Episodic Activity at Prometheus on Io20030110807Analytic SubsidiaryNo Nd-142 Excess in the Early Archean Isua Gneiss IE 715-2820030110723Analytic SubsidiaryThe Broken Belt: Meteorite Concentrations on Stranded Ice20030111635Analytic SubsidiaryAge and Petrogenesis of Picritic Shergottite NWA1068: Sm-Nd and Rb-Sr Isotopic Studies20030111036Analytic SubsidiaryEvidence for Coordination and Redox Changes of Iron in Shocked Feldspar from Synchrotron MicroXANES20030111144Analytic SubsidiaryA Blind Test of Hapke's Photometric Model20030110788Analytic SubsidiaryCrystallization and Alteration Ages of the Antarctic Nakhlite Yamato 00059320030110776Analytic SubsidiaryKinetic Fractionation of Stable Isotopes in Carbonates on Mars: Terrestrial Analogs20030110857Analytic SubsidiaryType II Migration and Giant Planet Survival20030110886Analytic SubsidiaryMars Hematite Site: Potential for Preservation of Microfossils20030110599Analytic SubsidiarySpring Deposits on Mars: Physical Processes from Terrestrial Analogs20030110682Analytic SubsidiaryMars Digital Image Model 2.1 Control Network20030111042Analytic SubsidiaryAr-39 - Ar-40 Evidence for an Approximately 4.26 Ga Impact Heating Event on the LL Parent Body20030111202Analytic SubsidiaryThe Petrography of Meteoritic Nano-Diamonds20030111587Analytic SubsidiaryCratering Rates in the Outer Solar System20030110875Analytic SubsidiaryExpanded Citations Database in the NASA ADS Abstract Service20030111483Analytic SubsidiaryObservations of Periodic Comet 2P/Encke: Physical Properties of the Nucleus and First Visual-Wavelength Detection of Its Dust Trail20030110821Analytic SubsidiaryObliquity, Ice Sheets, and Layered Sediments on Mars: What Spacecraft Observations and Climate Models are Telling Us20030111656Analytic SubsidiaryNumerical Modeling of Shatter Cones Development in Impact Craters20030111447Analytic SubsidiaryDetermination of Planetary Basalt Parentage: A Simple Technique Using the Electron Microprobe20030111096Analytic SubsidiaryA First Attempt to Simulate the Natural Formation of Meteoritic Organics20030111092Analytic SubsidiaryA Mechanism for Recent Production of Liquid Water on Mars20030111627Analytic SubsidiarySurface Material Analysis of the S-type Asteroids: Removing the Space Weathering Effect from Reflectance Spectrum20030110654Analytic SubsidiaryComparison of Ridges on Triton and Europa20030110765Analytic SubsidiaryImpact Tsunami Calculations: Hydrodynamical Simulations vs. Linear Theory20030111605Analytic SubsidiarySolar System Observing with the Space Infrared Telescope Facility (SIRTF)20030111501Analytic SubsidiaryAnalysis of Multispectral Galileo SSI Images of the Conamara Chaos Region, Europa20030110812Analytic SubsidiarySize-dependent Measurements of the Scattering Properties of Planetary Regolith Analogs: A Challenge to Theory20030111097Analytic SubsidiaryLaser-Ablation ICP-MS Analyses of Meteoritic Metal Grains in Lunar Impact-Melt Breccias20030111529Analytic SubsidiaryTransmission Electron Microscopy of Non-Etched Presolar Silicon Carbide20030110858Analytic SubsidiaryThe Size Distribution of Jupiter-Family Cometary Nuclei20030111428Analytic SubsidiaryInvestigating the Martian Gullies for Possible Brine Origin: A Preliminary Search for Evaporite Minerals Using THEMIS Data20030111527Analytic SubsidiarySearch for Far-Side Deep Moonquakes20030111282Analytic SubsidiaryMartian Buried Basins and Implications for Characteristics of the Burial Layer and Underlying Surface20030111286Analytic SubsidiaryMeasurement of Mars Dust Particle Size and Electrostatic Charge Distributions Using the E-SPART Analyzer20030110974Analytic SubsidiaryHigh-Resolution Electrospray Ionization/Ion Mobility Spectrometer for Detection of Abiotic Amino Acids20030110923Analytic SubsidiaryThe Parameterization of Solid Metal-Liquid Metal Partitioning of Siderophile Elements20030111592Analytic SubsidiaryH2O-Silicate Microphysics in Ascending Volcanic Plumes on Mars20030110705Analytic SubsidiaryMulti-Wavelength Observations of the Mercury Transit of November 199920030111098Analytic SubsidiaryMolecular Isotopic Characterization of the ALH 85013.50 Meteorite: Defining the Extraterrestrial Organic Compounds20030111353Analytic SubsidiaryCharacterization of the Effects of Precursor Mineralogy on Hematite Spectra: Application to Martian Hematite Mineralization20030110815Analytic SubsidiaryGeometric Properties of Possible Volcanoes in the South Polar Region, Mars20030111516Analytic SubsidiaryHydrothermal Alteration on Basaltic Mauna Kea Volcano as a Template for Identification of Hydrothermal Alteration on Basaltic Mars20030110742Analytic SubsidiaryLight Lithophile Elements in Natural and Experimental Phases in Martian Basalts: Implications for the Degassing of Water from Martian Magmas20030111200Analytic SubsidiaryCreation and Distribution of CAIs in the Protoplanetary Nebula20030110634Analytic SubsidiaryInitial Assessment of the Excavation and Deposition of Impact Lithologies Exposed by the Chicxulub Scientific Drilling Project, Yaxcopoil, Mexico20030110667Analytic SubsidiaryMineralogical Characterization of Lunar Highland Soils20030110711Analytic SubsidiaryCharacterization of Martian Rock Shape for MER Airbag Drop Tests20030110620Analytic SubsidiaryA Search for Impact Debris in the Pliocene Age Sirius Group, Transantarctic Mountains20030111107Analytic SubsidiaryLaboratory Hydrothermal Alteration of Basaltic Tephra by Acid Sulfate Solutions: An Analog Process for Martian Weathering20030110768Analytic SubsidiaryLaboratory Simulation of Space Weathering: ESR Measurements of Nanophase Metallic Iron in Laser-irradiated Olivine and Pyroxene Samples20030111388Analytic SubsidiaryMagnetic Analysis Techniques Applied to Desert Varnish20030110587Analytic SubsidiaryThe Influence of Abrasion on Martian Dust Grains: Evidence from a Study of Antigorite Grains20030111518Analytic SubsidiaryIsotopic Composition of Molybdenum and Barium in Single Presolar Silicon Carbide Grains of Type A+B20030111284Analytic SubsidiaryGlobal Characterization of Polygonally Fractured Terrain on Venus and Implications for a Climate Change Origin20030111644Analytic SubsidiaryMars Analog Research and Technology Experiment (MARTE): A Simulated Mars Drilling Mission to Search for Subsurface Life at the Rio Tinto, Spain20030111033Analytic SubsidiaryA Fluorescent Aerogel for Capture and Identification of Interplanetary and Interstellar Dust20030111480Analytic SubsidiaryGamma Rays in a Spectrum from the Mars Odyssey Gamma-Ray Spectrometer20030111276Analytic SubsidiaryMeter-Scale 3-D Models of the Martian Surface from Combining MOC and MOLA Data20030110695Analytic SubsidiaryDetermining Possible Building Blocks of the Earth20030111362Analytic SubsidiaryExploring with PAM: Prospecting ANTS Missions for Solar System Surveys20030111472Analytic SubsidiaryCharacterization of Martian Soil Fines Fraction in SNC Meteorites20030110725Analytic SubsidiaryDevelopment of a Digital Meteorite Identification Program at University of New Mexico (UNM) (Institute of Meteoritics) and Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute (SIPI)20030111035Analytic SubsidiaryManifestations of Strike-Slip Faulting on Ganymede20030110625Analytic SubsidiaryMigration of Asteroidal Dust20030110606Analytic SubsidiaryVapor Pressure, Vapor Composition and Fractional Vaporization of High Temperature Lavas on Io20030111005Analytic SubsidiarySuccessful Capture, Extraction and Identification of Hypervelocity CM2 Meteorite Fragments Shot by Light-Gas Gun20030111139Analytic SubsidiaryRegolith in the South Pole-Aitken Basin is Mainly Indigenous Material20030111542Analytic SubsidiaryProduction Rates of Noble Gases in the Near-Surface Layers of Europa by Energetic Charged Particles and the Potential for Determining Exposure Ages20030111304Analytic SubsidiaryAdmittance Survey of Type 1 Coronae on Venus: Implications for Elastic Thickness20030110893Analytic SubsidiaryHRTEM and EFTEM Observations of Matrix in the Oxidized CV3 Chondrite ALH 84028: Implications for the Origins of Matrix Olivines20030111576Analytic SubsidiarySurvey for Life-related Species During a Planetary Surface Exploration; System Type I - UV Stimulated Fluorescent Sensor20030110701Analytic SubsidiaryHighest Resolution Topography of 433 Eros and Implications for MUSES-C20030111172Analytic SubsidiarySelection of the Final Four Landing Sites for the Mars Exploration Rovers20030110913Analytic SubsidiarySearching for Surficial Deposits on Venus Using Multi-Polarization Radar20030110594Analytic SubsidiaryPristine Impact Crater Populations of Mars20030111590Analytic SubsidiaryGeochemistry and Impact History at the Apollo 16 Landing Site20030110657Analytic SubsidiaryVolatile-rich Crater Interior Deposits on Mars: An Energy Balance Model of Modification20030110722Analytic SubsidiaryMapping the Concentration of Iron, Titanium, and Thorium in Mare Basalts in the Western Procellarum Region of the Moon20030110977Analytic SubsidiaryThe Panoramic Camera (Pancam) Investigation on the NASA 2003 Mars Exploration Rover Mission20030110686Analytic SubsidiaryThe Genesis Solar Wind Collection Mission: Current Status20030110779Analytic SubsidiaryVolatiles Inventory to the Inner Planets Due to Small Bodies Migration20030111140Analytic SubsidiaryThe Mars Microbeam Raman Spectrometer: An Improved Advanced Brassboard20030111094Analytic SubsidiaryA Solar System Survey of Forced Librations in Longitude20030110766Analytic SubsidiaryContinued Studies of Stardust in IDPs20030110630Analytic SubsidiaryLocating Stardust-like Particles in Aerogel Using X-Ray Techniques20030110828Analytic SubsidiaryMoessbauer Spectroscopy on the Martian Surface: Predictions20030111266Analytic SubsidiaryThe Status of Cross Section Measurements for Neutron-induced Reactions Needed for Cosmic Ray Studies20030110791Analytic SubsidiaryNorthwest Africa 1401: A Polymict Cumulate Eucrite with a Unique Ferroan Heteradcumulate Mafic Clast20030111554Analytic SubsidiaryCosmogenic Records in 18 Ordinary Chondrites from the Dar Al Gani Region, Libya20030110794Analytic SubsidiaryModern Microbial Fossilization Processes as Signatures for Interpreting Ancient Terrestrial and Extraterrestrial Microbial Forms20030110980Analytic SubsidiaryFullerenes and the Nature of Planetary Gases20030111668Analytic SubsidiaryMorphological Analysis of Annual Recurrence of Dark Dune Spots on Southern Polar Region of Mars20030111643Analytic SubsidiaryIo's Thermal Regions and Non-SO2 Spectral Features20030111329Analytic SubsidiaryShades of Grey: Iapetus' Secrets Aren't Just Black and White20030110790Analytic SubsidiaryGlobal Distribution of Shallow Water on Mars: Neutron Mapping of Summer-Time Surface by HEND/Odyssey20030111250Analytic SubsidiaryMagma Reservoirs Feeding Giant Radiating Dike Swarms: Insights from Venus20030111586Analytic SubsidiaryClassification of Mars Pathfinder Rock Surfaces Using Quantitative Morphologic Indices20030111256Analytic SubsidiaryAirborne Radar Study of Mars Analogs in the Southwestern United States20030110803Analytic SubsidiaryFossil Al-26 and Mn-53 in D'Orbigny and Sahara 99555 and the Timescale for Angrite Magmatism20030110781Analytic SubsidiaryCarbon Isotopic Heterogeneity of Graphite in the San Juan Mass of the Campo Del Cielo IAB Iron Meteorite20030111449Analytic SubsidiaryHydrocarbons in the Haughton Impact Structure, Devon Island, Nunavut, Canada20030111010Analytic SubsidiaryCompositions of Partly Altered Olivine and Replacement Serpentine in the CM2 Chondrites QUE93005 and Nogoya: Implications for Scales of Elemental Redistribution During Aqueous Alteration20030111102Analytic Subsidiary3-Dimensional Topographic Models for the Classroom20030110647Analytic SubsidiaryInitial Measurement of the Vapor Pressures of Simple Refractory Materials: Cu and Fe20030110900Analytic SubsidiaryEvidence for a Thick Mantle of Volatile-rich Materials in the Utopia Basin, Mars, Based on Crater Depth/Diameter Measurements20030111164Analytic SubsidiaryWater Ice Clouds in the Martian Atmosphere: A Comparison of Two Methods20030110673Analytic SubsidiaryMapping of the Culann-Tohil Region of Io20030111682Analytic SubsidiaryAn Impact Ejecta Behavior Model for Small, Irregular Bodies20030110749Analytic SubsidiaryTen-Meter Scale Topography and Roughness of Mars Exploration Rovers Landing Sites and Martian Polar Regions20030111393Analytic SubsidiaryImino Acids in the Murchison Meteorite: Evidence of Strecker Reactions20030111567Analytic SubsidiaryLunar Regolith Albedos Using Monte Carlos20030111663Analytic SubsidiaryMartian Xenology: Indigenous, Radiogenic and Fission Components20030111420Analytic SubsidiaryVertical Analysis of Martian Drainage Basins20030111461Analytic SubsidiaryElectron- and Photon-stimulated Desorption of Alkali Atoms from Lunar Sample and a Model Mineral Surface20030111177Analytic SubsidiaryRock Size-Frequency Distributions at the Mars Exploration Rover Landing Sites: Impact Hazard and Accessibility20030111025Analytic SubsidiaryVanadium, Cr, Si, and the Mg/Si Ratio of the Earth20030110808Analytic SubsidiaryGrooved Terrain on Ganymede: A Galileo-based Synthesis20030111095Analytic SubsidiaryCompositional Evidence for Launch Pairing of the YQ and Elephant Moraine Lunar Meteorites20030110888Analytic SubsidiaryA Future Moon Mission: Curatorial Statistics on Regolith Fragments Applicable to Sample Collection by Raking20030111155Analytic SubsidiaryThe Tagish Lake Meteorite as a Possible Sample from a T or D Type Asteroid20030110823Analytic SubsidiaryAl-rich Chondrules: Petrologic Basis for Their Diversity, and Relation to Type C CAIs20030111145Analytic SubsidiarySpace Weathering: An Ultraviolet Indicator20030110796Analytic SubsidiaryA Statistical Analysis of Corona Topography: New Insights into Corona Formation and Evolution20030111085Analytic SubsidiaryMars Data Visualization and E/PO with Marsoweb20030111332Analytic SubsidiaryAutonomous Sciencecraft Experiment (ASE) Test Operations in 200320030111409Analytic SubsidiaryEvidence for a Second Generation of Magnesite in Martian Meteorite Allan Hills 8400120030111680Analytic SubsidiaryThe I-Xe Age of Orgueil Magnetite: New Results20030111429Analytic SubsidiaryThermal Analysis of Acicular Shaped Magnetite20030111360Analytic SubsidiaryThe Variability of Transverse Aeolian Ripples in Troughs on Mars20030110909Analytic SubsidiaryThe Formation of Life-sustaining Planets in Extrasolar Systems20030111233Analytic SubsidiaryCan Low Water/Rock Hydrothermal Alteration of Impact Materials Explain the Rock Component of the Martian Soil?20030111510Analytic SubsidiaryPalagonitic Mars from Rock Rinds to Dust: Evidence from Visible, Near-IR, and Thermal Emission Spectra of Poorly Crystalline Materials20030111577Analytic SubsidiaryFe-Ti-Cr-Oxides in Martian Meteorite EETA79001 Studied by Point-counting Procedure Using Raman Spectroscopy20030110662Analytic SubsidiaryWhy are There So Few Magnetic Anomalies in Martian Lowlands and Basins?20030111475Analytic SubsidiaryGalileo PPR at Io: High Resolution Scans Taken in Conjunction with SSA and NIMS Data20030111506Analytic SubsidiaryInternal Rb-Sr Age and Initial Sr-87/Sr-86 of a Silicate Inclusion from the Campo Del Cielo Iron Meteorite20030111081Analytic SubsidiaryEvidence for Buried "Pre-Noachian" Crust Pre-Dating the Oldest Observed Surface Units on Mars20030110899Analytic SubsidiaryStrain Histories Among Alba and Syria Planum, Mars20030111235Analytic SubsidiaryIdentification of Presolar Spinel Grains from a Murray Residue by Multi-Detection Raster Imaging20030111001Analytic SubsidiaryMound Spring Complexes in Central Australia: An Analog for Martian Groundwater Fed Outflow Channels?20030111423Analytic SubsidiaryMars: Detaching of the Free Water Signature (FWS) Presence Regions on the Base of HEND/ODYSSEY Data and Their Correlation with Some Permafrost Features from MOC Data20030111271Analytic SubsidiaryIsotopic Composition of Silicon Carbide in the CO3 Chondrite Colony20030110898Analytic SubsidiaryGone But Not Forgotten: The Aeolian Modification of Fluvial Surfaces on Mars: Preliminary Results from Central Australia20030111625Analytic SubsidiaryDetermining D/L Ratios of Amino Acids Found in Ice Above Lake Vostok Using ESI/CIT Mass Spectroscopy20030111649Analytic SubsidiaryThe Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter Archive: Final Precision Experiment Data Record Release and Status of Radiometry20030111351Analytic SubsidiaryNorthwest Africa 773: Lunar Mare Breccia with a Shallow-formed Olivine-Cumulate Component, Very-Low-Ti Heritage, and a KREEP Connection20030111571Analytic SubsidiaryEvaporation Loss of Light Elements as a Function of Cooling Rate: Logarithmic Law20030110925Analytic SubsidiaryThe Osmium Isotopic Composition of Tagish Lake and Other Chondrites, Implications for Late Terrestrial Planetary Accretion20030110995Analytic SubsidiarySMASS Near-Earth Object Survey: An Album of Results20030110973Analytic SubsidiaryEstimates of the Lunar Surface Composition with Clementine Images and LSCC Data20030110948Analytic SubsidiaryImpact Craters of Venus with D Greater Than 5 km Classified Based on Degree of Preservation of the Associated Radar-Dark Deposits20030111352Analytic SubsidiaryEstimating the Average Diameter of a Population of Spheres from Observed Diameters of Random Two-Dimensional Sections20030111030Analytic SubsidiaryObservational and Data Reduction Techniques to Optimize Mineralogical Characterizations of Asteroid Surface Materials20030111073Analytic SubsidiaryMars Pathfinder Near-Field Rock Distribution Re-Evaluation20030111368Analytic SubsidiaryCompositional Grading in an Impact-produced Spherule Bed, Barberton Greenstone Belt, South Africa: A Key to Condensation History of Rock Vapor Clouds20030111022Analytic SubsidiaryMineralogy and Textural Characteristics of Fine-grained Rims in the Yamato 791198 CM2 Carbonaceous Chondrite: Constraints on the Location of Aqueous Alteration20030111255Analytic SubsidiaryDawn Mission: A Journey in Space and Time20030111398Analytic SubsidiaryOlivine-Orthopyroxene Equilibrium in Metal-rich Systems: Applications to Achondrites and Equilibrated Chondrites20030110871Analytic SubsidiaryA Critical Examination of Relative Concentrations of Volume-correlated and Surface-correlated Submicron Globules of Pure Fe-0 in Lunar Soils20030111322Analytic SubsidiaryThe Kaidun Meteorite: Where Did It Come From?20030111395Analytic SubsidiaryScientific Benefit of a Mars Dust Sample Capture and Earth Return with SCIM20030110640Analytic SubsidiaryA New Antibody for Category 1 Biomarker Detection20030110877Analytic SubsidiaryAnalysis of MGS TES Data over Acidalia Planitia and Cydonia Mensae: Compositional Evidence for Hydrovolcanic Activity?20030111617Analytic SubsidiaryThe Origin of Chondrites: Metal-Silicate Separation Experiments Under Microgravity Conditions, Experiment 220030111413Analytic SubsidiaryRaman Spectroscopic Characterization of the Feldspars: Implications for Surface Mineral Characterization in Planetary Exploration20030110617Analytic SubsidiaryThermal Emission Spectra of Altered Tephras and Constraints on the Composition of Martian Dust20030111382Analytic SubsidiaryApplicability of Complexity Theory to Martian Fluvial Systems: A Preliminary Analysis20030111654Analytic SubsidiaryAr-39-Ar-40 Ages of Eucrites and the Thermal History of Asteroid 4-Vesta20030110694Analytic SubsidiaryElectrical Breakdown in a Martian Gas Mixture20030110710Analytic SubsidiaryAbout Tagish Lake as a Potential Parent Body for Polar Micrometeorites; Clues from their Hydrogen Isotopic Compositions20030110600Analytic SubsidiaryLava Flows on Io: Modelling Cooling After Solidification20030111313Analytic SubsidiaryImpact Melting of Ordinary Chondrite Regoliths and the Production of Fine-grained Fe(sup 0)20030111216Analytic SubsidiaryA Liquidus Geothermometer for SNC, Lunar, and Eucritic Magmas20030110629Analytic SubsidiaryMilton: A New, Unique Pallasite20030110671Analytic SubsidiaryAxial Surface Mapping of Wrinkle Ridges on Solis Planum, Mars from MOLA Topography: Constraints on Subsurface Blind Thrust Geometry20030110608Analytic SubsidiaryA Preliminary Assessment of the Organic Content of Interplanetary Dust Particles20030111628Analytic SubsidiaryOsmium Isotope and Highly Siderophile Element Compositions of Lunar Orange and Green Glasses20030111060Analytic SubsidiaryTharsis-triggered Flood Inundations of the Lowlands of Mars20030111111Analytic SubsidiaryNumerical Simulations of Silverpit Crater Collapse20030110669Analytic SubsidiaryMantle Metasomatism in Mars: Evidence from Bulk Chemical Compositions of Martian Basalts20030111068Analytic SubsidiaryWater Ice Albedo Variations on the Martian Northern Polar Cap20030111067Analytic SubsidiaryDiscrimination of Hydrovolcanic Tephras from Volcanic and Non-Volcanic Backgrounds in Hyperspectral Data of Pavant Butte and Tabernacle Hill, Utah: Relevance for Mars20030111679Analytic SubsidiaryThermal Emission Spectra of Silica-coated Basalt and Considerations for Martian Surface Mineralogy20030110885Analytic SubsidiaryPhysical Characteristics of Asteroid-like Comet Nucleus C/2001 OG108 (LONEOS)20030110991Analytic SubsidiaryThermal Modeling of Permafrost Melt by Overlying Lava Flows with Applications to Flow-associated Outflow Channel Volumes in the Cerberus Plains, Mars20030111414Analytic SubsidiaryManganese-Chromium Isotope Systematics of Ivuna, Kainsaz and Other Carbonaceous Chondrites20030110907Analytic SubsidiaryExploring Asteroid Interiors: The Deep Interior Mission Concept20030111215Analytic SubsidiaryMelt Redistribution in Dynamic Systems: Applications to Core Formation20030111024Analytic SubsidiaryA Method of Estimating Transient-Cavity Diameters for Impact Craters Formed in Dry Sand20030110714Analytic SubsidiaryMoessbauer Spectroscopy on the Martian Surface: Constraints on Interpretation of MER Data20030110750Analytic SubsidiaryMedusae Fossae-Elysium Region, Mars: Depression in the HEND/Odyssey Map of Mars Epithermal Neutrons20030110915Analytic SubsidiaryThree Dimensional Characterization of the Mundrabilla Meteorite20030110897Analytic SubsidiaryMonte Carlo Simulations of the Response of the MARIE Instrument20030111008Analytic SubsidiaryFirst Results of the Expedition to the Highest Lake on Earth: Studying a Martian Paleolake in Bolivia and the Survival Strategies Developed by Living Organisms
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